An Uncle’s Lesson on Immigration

Senior Advisor Stephen Miller. (Photo by Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia)

As one of countless immigrants to this country, I watch with enormous vexation and concern for America’s future, the thoughtless political exploitation of foreign-born persons by President Trump.

Are there are bad among them, as the president reminds us almost every day? Of course there are; there always were.

But the good ones, the honest, hardworking, law-abiding ones, who have contributed a lot and continue to contribute to the development of this country, overwhelmingly outnumber the bad, and consequently, we cannot throw …

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  1. Its not legal immigrants; never has been, our parents immigrated legally and became citizens and prospered ; Its the illegal immigrants. Again a sweeping conclusion by you that ignores the real problem.So common among the fake news.

    1. There have been many, many, illegal Greek immigrants. Just like every other ethnic group. The Greeklish term the early ones used was tzambotis, jump the boat. And, yes, some of them weren’t nice people but most were, just like those of other ethnic groups.
      What rock did Stephen Miller crawl out from under? Senior advisor? 30 something with absolutely no real experience? Just like Omarosa. Young, no experience, senior advisor? Daughter and son in law,
      young no experience? Dr. Ben Carson, by most accounts a gifted vascular surgeon, appointed to housing? Get the picture? The president has surrounded himself with sycophants.

  2. Dr. Glosser makes the same mistake our president is often accused of making. Emphasizing the extreme. Most people who want to come to the United States are not gang members or otherwise hardened criminals. But their plight is also not nearly as dire as Joseph’s (the man to whom Dr. Glosser refers in his Politico piece).

    Some simply can’t find a good job in their country, and want to come to the “land of opportunity” they’ve always heard about. That was nice when cheap labor was needed to build this nation. Now, the nation is built. Letting people in by the tens of thousands is commendable from a humanitarian perspective, but philanthropy can only go so far before money and space run out.

  3. kmorros….you have stated the obvious….. but as you said …. that is not the narrative….approved by the ruling elite ….whose interests are represented by the fake news cabal Today, the approved Narratives.of deceit , distortion and suppression of information are reserved for those identified by the secret society of financial elitist…. as their enemies, but in no way are enemies of the people of America!

    The economic, political , and military control of the nations of the world is now one of the core Global interests of these…White Supremacist…which demands thru economic or military warfare..the erasing of the sovereignty and cultures of the independent countries of the world….and compliance to the interests of these degenerates! They now own the government, and have finished off the ..iindependence to report the truth…and now promoting narrative of lies by now making the elitist aristocracy of the press compliant partners…

    Therefore, while Kmorros…you may rightfully be puzzled by how the obvious , is not understood by the masses…and how can they be so easily fooled, you ignore , what is right in front you…. because the obvious…. is suppressed and controlled by the new collaborators of bi partison Globalist and thier media army!
    They have only one purpose….to lie, lie , lie….until the public actually believes them …..and defies logic. This is the new order in Washington….which is rapidly moving to be finallly ….recognized as a totalitarian government….and which we are going to be impotent to stop!

    These traitors to truth and freedom of the press….have been relegated to propaganda machines….to impose whatever of the Aristocratic financial elite…. wish in destroying anyone who get in the way with their Global Plans.

    Yesterday, the former Director of the C.i,A…. John Brennan ….. a leader and under control of the Secret societies and swampster, with other members of the C.I.A to fabricate the perpetual wars against countries that had not threatened or represented a threat to Americans….and is the architect of the RussiaGate and meddling charges which based on the media…you would never know …are all debunked…and are bold face lies and commitiing a hoax on the American people….and reveal that it was not Russia hacking the DNC, but leaks from John Podesta ….and the media ….are fully aware of it….but choose to do what is in the interest of degenerates in both the Democratic and Republican parties…not the people of America

    Brennan is an NBC News talking head last February.

    ,US broadcast and cable channel employ a virtual army of former government and military officials – paid to lie and otherwise deceive viewers, not responsibly inform them about vital world and national issues.

    Virtually all undemocratic Dems are fierce Trump critics, most often for the wrong reasons – Brennan one of the worst, a despicable character belonging in prison, not profiting from his persona.

    Following July Putin/Trump Helsinki summit talks, Brennan outrageously accused the US president of “treason,” along with suggesting Russia may be blackmailing him – scandalous remarks media scoundrels failed to denounce.

    Washington’s political system is too debauched to fix. It’s on a slippery slope toward totalitarian rule the way things are heading – with support from the nation’s bipartisan criminal elite.

    Rule of thumb now…If a media outlet publishes a story accusing a foreign country of some crime…like the Recent false flag and deranged rantings….that Russia went into Britain to poison a former double agent for Russia and Britain…who 7 years ago was released by the Russia government , on espionage charges….do you think they are going to launch of chemical weapons attack on a nato country…and more importantly, their is no evidence …that Russia even manufactured this chemical! To top it off…one of the victims…of this alleged attack . the daughter of the Russian agent killed…has recovered…and is planning to go home to Russia! You will never know that….because the media… the main actor in this charade…continues to give only a narrative….that demands complete acceptance , without questions, of a belief …not supported by any evidence!

    The next step …is to finish their narrative…and then provide the justification …to embark on military war or economic war of Russia…which is their goal!

    The immigration issue…is black and white…all you have to do … take a ride to Ellis Island…and see what the procedure was to…. invite people …you needed to supply the labor to grow at that time to the benefit of America! They wanted these people …to get in…. and yet …they were not stupid…the world had proven…their are very dangerous people …who would not think twice …of harming anyone

    The lesson to be learned…. that we no longer have an ethical independent press…only the equivalent of a state sponsored dictorship of the press…but the dictators are not the sponsorers…but a group of financial elitist…who now own not only our government, but the media to fool the American people….and you know that now…when even the obvious is trashed!

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