US State Dept. Welcomes Return of Greek Servicemen

(Photo: Public Domain)

WASHINGTON – US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert welcomed the return of the two Greek servicemen in Greece and congratulated the Greek people and the Greek Foreign Ministry in a post on her personal twitter account

“We welcome the news of the long-awaited homecoming for Greek soldiers Dimitris Kouklatzis and Angelos Mitretodis. Congratulations to the people of Greece and to the Greek Foreign Ministry”.

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  1. Hilarious….like the state department of the United States…did anything to gain their release for the last 2 months! The leader of Nato ….allowed the Turkish Government to hold …Two Soldiers of Nato…let me repeat that….the two greek soldiers …were also Nato soldiers…who at any time , would have been required to defend Turkey..if attacked by a Non Nato country!

    The only response…to this despicable exploitation of Greek Soldiers…. from Brussel…was that it was not their problem!
    Get out of Nato…and free Greece from this purveyor of wars!

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