Flooded With Syrian Refugees, Greece Resumes Business With Assad

FILE - In this photo dated Friday, May 4, 2018 migrants and refugees wait outside UNHCR offices for their papers, inside the camp of Moria on Lesbos, Greece. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

While Greece is struggling to deal with more than 64,000 refugees and migrants, most from war—torn Syria, the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA-led coalition is helping prop up Syrian President Bashar-as Assad by reviving phosphate imports from mines near the ancient city of Palmyra.

Sales of the mineral — mainly used as a fertilizer — are critical to Assad because international sanctions are restricting his access to hard currency that could be eased with Greek purchases, the news site Politico reported.

Phosphate shipments to Europe — heading almost exclusively to Greece — are resuming and more than tripled between December 2017 to April 2018, although remain relatively small overall.

Syria is being able to export again because Russian investors have resurrected the Palmyra mines, which Islamic State militia captured in 2015. Assad awarded these reserves to the Russians last year after Moscow helped him turn the tide against ISIS.

One market observer with knowledge of the Russian investment told Politico the shipments are heading to Greece from the port of Tartus, home port of Russia’s Mediterranean fleet. “Availability is about 60,000 tons for export per month,” he said.

Before the war, Greece was a big importer of Syrian phosphates and in 2012 under a New Democracy government was the main opponent to European Union sanctions on Syrian phosphates.

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  1. Well, Syriza…must be drinking a lot of ouzo and Metaxa…to muster up the courage…to demonstrate that they still have some sovereignty left in Greece…to defy the empire in Washington and Brussels…. the new Soviet Block of tyrants …who haven’t found a war they didn’t like…..and are currently breaking all records….with the war crimes bombing of the people of Yemen….which amount to one bomb every 12 seconds on some country of the world!

    Apparently, MR. Diamantaris …who just educated us…on his definition of Greek Sovereignty ….seem to suggest that Syriza… is doing something wrong … in helping to “Prop Up” …and let me remind Mr. Diamantaris….The legitimately elected Syrian President Bashar – as Assad , representing the country of Syria and it people, who has just defeated the most heinous war criminals in history ….funded , recruited, and trained brigades of Sunni Muslim religious fanatics who with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, United States and Nato…invaded his country to overthrow their government …like they did in Iraq, Afganistan , libya, Somalia, Yemen, and currently setting their sites on Iran! TNH….insults informed Americans, by continuing to sell your Narratives …reserved to discredit the leader of Sovereign Nation…in order to justify to the public …the slaughter of innocent civilians and soldiers of the country of Syria!

    What Mr. Assad has done….is nothing less ….than Spartan King Leonidas….standing up to the most powerful armies of the Persian empire and the world ….seeking to take the “Land and Water” of Sparta….or as we describe it today…..taking over the sovereignty of Sparta!

    However….the name of this hord of murderers and nation killers….who have a world wide Caliphate mission …is the United States and their Persian brothers called Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordon ….who invaded Syria ….but have been stopped by the leader of Syria…who by the way…unlike these other degenerates…actually can say….Freedom of Religion Exist in his country….and Greek Orthodox and other Christian citizens, represent over 10% of the population… pray for him every day!

    TNH… stop lying to the Public….that you with your Aristocratic war criminals in the Swamp of Washington, D.C. are seeking to help the people of Syria…when all you have done …is support the extension of the war…by allowing the United States to obstruct the prosecution of their proxy armies by Russia and Syria…and interfere with the peace alliance between Turkey, Russia ,Syria, Iran, .who are attempting to liberate the remaining occcupied territories of Syria… and guess who …is occupying ….The new Persion empire…the United States and ISIS! Both these groups …are considered invaders by International laws …but TNH won’t tell you that…because they are hoping to salvage a piece of Syria…where …you guessed it …their are oil fields!

    For once Syriza….is doing the right thing, not only in receiving shipment of needed phosphate from Syria, but helping Russia and MR. Assad… finish off the other part of the degenerates war games …the economic war games …to starve the people of Syria….like they starved in Iraq, Yemen, libya…just to overthrow their governments.

    More importantly, Mr. Assad….has cleared and liberated the destroyed cities of Syria from …you know…the people who have bombed the Nato cities of Europe…and is attempting to reassure those same Migrants, occupying parts of Greece…. that it is safe to come home!

    Isn’t that Novel…. it is Syriza…leading the way …in normalizing the economic stability of Syria…and in so doing …what the migrants in Lesbos need to leave Greece and return to their homes!
    TNH….should explain to the people of Greece and America….why Syria is an enemy of Greece? Why, TNH…should Greece …not have a relationship with the people of Greece, especially, since, the government of Syria…is a hundred times more connected with the people of Greece….both religiously, socially, culturally, and historically….than any of these Anglo White Supremacist colonialist …they currently deal with from England and the United States, or their so called allies in Nato….Germany and Turkey…. who distinguish themselves in history…being genocidal murderers of the world…and represent the only two countries to invade, occupy and murder Greeks in modern times…. Greece…or has Mr. Diamantaris forgotten!

    It is time …for the people of America…to stop putting our names …to their foreign Policy of perpetual wars, funded by raping our treasury, and making us complicit to the attrocities of a bunch of degenerates , who have hijacked our country! Shame , on us, and as “CHRISTIANS”…..we allow these people to subvert our moral concious, and remain silent to what will ultimately, be our own suicide.

    No one should allow ….the blackmail economic warfare and sanctions against the countries of the world …who are not enemies of the American people or Greece, just enemies of a degenerate minority of demented members of a secret society …that now run our country!

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