Washington Must Say “Oxi” to Turkey

In this July 25, 2018 photo, Andrew Craig Brunson, an evangelical pastor from Black Mountain, North Carolina, arrives at his house in Izmir, Turkey. Brunson, who had been jailed in Turkey for more than one and a half years on terror and espionage charges was released and will be put under house arrest as his trial continues. (AP Photo/Emre Tazegul)

Decades of history reveal U.S.-Turkey relations having gone through various crises, which however returned to the typical very good state of affairs with the United States capitulating because it considers Turkey to be a precious ally.

However this time, something has changed; the crisis in their relations deepens more and more.

The latest events – which have gone under-noticed – can only be characterized as dramatic. In particular, the Treasury Department, recently and uncharacteristically, imposed sanctions against the Turkish Interior and Justice …

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  1. Mr. Diamantaris…again honors us…with his brilliant revelations and truths, as to why their is a change in U.S.- Turkish relations….and features a picture of an accused Terrorist and Espionage…Pastor Andrew Brunson, of the Evangelical church, who Mr. Diamantaris and his followers of TNH….have pointed to , as the model for what the Greek Orthodox church and the orthodox clergy should aspire to, in replacing Archbishop Demetrios!

    In all likely hood ….Evangelical mission work and gospel reading …has been littered by evangelical C.I.A operatives in foreign countries…and he is not the first or last! He is no different than the operatives who man the journalistic positions in CNN and Fox News, to spread their campaigns of misinformation to incite both domestic and international chaos and unrest!

    Mr. Diamantaris , following his can’t wait to hear…. mantra on the importance of Sovereigty., can’t seem to communicate why it is Turkey….who has already said OXI! …to the empire! Something, Mr. Tsipras cannot bring himself to do!

    You See, Mr. Diamantaris representing Greek Secret Societies made up of Mason and Birchers….who live for the Glory of America…at any cost , both economically, politically, and militarily are the strongest supporters of the sovereignty of America over the entire world!

    And that is the rub for Mr. Diamantaris and his aristocratic followers….who would like you to believe….that the economic sanctions by the U.S.against the leaders of Turkey…..has to be for bad behavior by the leaders of Turkey! He would like you to believe….that the U.S. should stand up to Turkey for their crimes!

    What he does not tell you…is that the crisis and deterioration between the degenerates in Washington and the degenerates in Turkey….has to do ….with the meddling of the United States in the affairs of Turkey!
    Just like Mr. Tsipras and the State department have accused Russia of doing in Greece and America, without any evidence!

    Specifically, Turkey is guilty of protecting their sovereignty and representing the interest of the people of Turkey and their country, which is unfortunately compliant to the demands of the Empire of the United States and Nato!

    Therefore, Turkey, unlike Greece, is now an enemy of the empire …joining other sovereign nations like Russia , China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela , Bolivia, Cuba , North Korea, the Philippines , Yemen, Somalia etc etc who dare to control their economic , military and political policies!

    Turkey is guilty of now being part of a Peace initiative and plan with Russia, Iran, Syria, to bring an end to the suffering and devastation of the people of Syria, in light of the fact that the Russian and Syrian government has Liberated almost all of the territories of Syria…..except the final part occupied by the U.S. coalition forces and ISIS!
    ONLY THE EMPIRE CAN START WARS AND END THEM ….ON THEIR TERMS! Unfortunately, the promoter with Saudi Arabia, Qatar , UAE and the United States and Nato of the proxy terrorist rebel forces of Sunni Muslim Brigades to destroy Syria…. Turkey…has seen the light ….that the United States has been defeated in Syria by Mr. Assad….and has joined Syria …in representing Turkey’s interests to eliminate the Kurdish element of the U.S coalition …who not only was hired by the U.S . to try to salvage part of Syria , as a future base, but represent a threat to Turkey! So Turkey….has failed to divorce itself from an alliance designed to end the reign of terror by Saudi Arabia and the U.S. , and therefore, is now an enemy of the U.S and it secret society government of Mr. Diamantaris best friends of Aristocrates!
    Secondly, they dared to buy military equipment from Russia, an exclusive enemy of the United States, because they too…. failed to stop attacking the Proxy armies of the United States in Syria…and exercised their sovereign right to do so! Again…. unlike Mr. Tsipras and the corrupt government of Greece…they have defied the empire!
    Finally, they had the audacity to dismiss the appointed leaders of the Jewish Lobby from the aparthied state of Israel from their country….for the war crimes murder of 61 unarmed civilians in Palestine…including a medical student attempting to help the wounded at the site of the crimes!
    Now that what I call ….demonstrating sovereignty…..and that is the last straw for the degenerates of Washington and Tel Aviv!

    Now Mr. Diamantaris….that is what you call a leader who actually represents his people….and of course…you will not remind your readers …..that a recent election in Turkey…confirms that!

    The economic sanctions reflect a Tyranical government losing a grip on their control of the world, and the sovereignty of their countries, and is just the continued war on the world ….in the form of economic power, to put the in place…just like they did with Russia, Iran, China, even the entire EU….if they continue to do business with Iran…in fulfilling their obligations under the negotiated disarmament agreement with Iran!
    All these ecomonic sanctions reflect a preplanned strategy to dictate to all the countries of the world …who is in charge…or as Donald Trump said…’.If the EU countries trade with Iran….including not buying needed oil, the will not be able to trade with America!’ NOW….THAT IS SOMETHING YOUR GREEK AHEPA FRAUDS….WITH THEIR MASONS AND BIRCHERS CAN RALLY AROUND ! AND EVERY READER SHOULD UNDERSTAND ….”THEY ARE A SECRET SOCIETY” WITH SECRET AGENDA’S THAT CANNOT BE QUESTIONED BY ANYBODY.!

    So Mr. Diamantaris…you again have distinguished yourself and your newspaper ….as an other member of those “false News” media outlets…which we are reminded of everyday…by none other than the President of the United States

  2. Turkey is a threat to Greece and does not recognize international agreements they signed which actually favored them and gave them all of Asia Minor and most of Thrace. They either killed the Christians there which were half the population 100 years ago or sent them on death marches. They Committed genocide and pretend it never happened. They are funding Islamic schools in the Balkans. They occupy Cyprus with no end in site. I have no sympathy for them with their whining and crying. They play the west against Russia because they know how to play idiots against other idiots. I really hope Mr.Trump does not back down from his recent change in policy towards turkey as other useless presidents who were all tools have done in the past.

    1. Niko….Your assessment of Turkey…is absolutely right on, including playing the West against Russia, because they know how to play….and who, I will call the degenerates of Washington against other degenerates of Turkey!

      However, you and I know ….that these charges against Turkey… are nothing new to the boys in Washington D.C. and Brussels…….while being a strategic ally and partner in Nato! Importantly…they have rewarded Turkey…by providing them with the most advanced military hardware in the world , including storing 4 Nuclear warheads, training their army…and making them one of the largest military forces in Europe and the middle east!

      Therefore, before you and I feel good about …watching anybody punish Nato ally Turkey for something… by economic sanctions and currency exchange manipulation with the collaboration of
      the same banksters of the Empire, who taught the people of Greece a lesson for threatening to throw Nato out and close U.S Bases in Greece, and maintain unauthorized foreign relationships by the..now acknowledged Global Rulers of the world … the United States.and Nato…. did you ever ask yourself….what the U.S. was saying No! to Turkey about …this time!

      You see this time…. Turkey has forgotten ….that the enemy of the United States…are automatically, …the enemies of the world! So, based on those Totalitarian and Fascist rules……it was alright to allow Sunni Muslim jihadist brigades called ISIS, Al Queda, and Al Nustra sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, the United States and Nato …to pour thru the borders of Turkey …to overthrow the Government of Syria… a designated enemy of the United States! It was alright for Turkey to shoot down a Russian fighter attacking ISiS positions on the border of Syria and Turkey…because Russia is an enemy of the elitist in D.C. Hence, whatever were in the interests of the empire…made all the bad things you described….okay!

      Understanding this, it was not okay…to find out ….that Nato ally Turkey was cheating on the Elitist degenerates of Washington D.C…..and actually in sleep;ing with the “ENEMIES” of America, not those of the rest of the world…..
      How dare they….join an alliance of countries considered enemies of the United States ….like Russia, Iran, Syria, to initiate a peace agreement and plan to finish off ISIS, and end the conflict in Syria…and spare the people Syria ….further suffering! A plan …that has liberated 95% of the Territories of Syria from these Sunni Muslim fanatics, thru military and diplomatic intervention with the fanatics to surrender their weapons and leave Syria! However, this is not good for the Empire…since, the only remaining territory…to be liberated is occupied by U.S. forces and ISIS!
      Turkey.. not only publicly confessed that the United States was supporting ISIS, but had now joined the real enemies of the United States …not ISiS! Bad Behavior!

      It just gets worst for the boys in D.C. … these guys in Turkey….are now buying Russian military weapons from the stated enemy….. and cannot be tolerated by the Military Industrial Complex….this is big dollars!

      What’s that….Turkey is not going to boycott Iranian oil and gas exports….as demanded , because the United States , like Niko said about Turkey….does not recognize International Agreements, which they signed with their signature. with Iran! Again…doesn’t Turkey realize ….what we are capable of doing to those …who do not support the enemies of the United States…not Greece, Not Turkey, Not Spain or the world…just the United States!

      Finally, we have to get rid of this guy in Turkey….let just set up a coup…and do what we do best…replace those governments…who fail to surrender their soverignty to our government…and now become an enemy!

      Oh! No!…on top of losing our war on the government of Syria…we just failed in overthrowing the Government of Turkey! What’s next…we can;t start another war militarily…they have our own weapons and nuclear warheads…and we are already dropping 1 bomb every 12 minutes on those stupid peasant countries …who just don’t get it…..we own their sovereignty…and until they understand it we will kill every human on the face of the earth! And we and saud Arabia …are proving it in Yemen, or let me see….yea…14 other countries too!

      The point Niko…. we should cheer the actions of Donald Trump…not because it is some form of legitimate effort to bring justice to the world…but merely, because it is legitimately and actual enemy of Greece, and not because it is an enemy of the United States!

      Because the Net Net…what we are really witnessing…is that their is no legitimate reason to say No to Turkey….since, the have not done anything against the United States, other than , exercising their sovereign right to choose who their enemies are ….and who they are not! And that in the end…is why Greece…is no longer a sovereign nation of the world!

  3. Brunson is a real Christian and must be defended, unlike the pagan Bart who gives vaskania to our seminarians

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