Mossaidis, Executive Director of AHEPA, Responds to Arthur Dimopoulos’ Article in TNH

Mike Manatos, Basil Mossaides, Nick Larigakis and the participants in the National Hellenic Society Heritage America Program. Photo: National Hellenic Society

I read with great interest the commentary submitted by National Hellenic Society Executive Director Arthur Dimopoulos titled, “National Hellenic Society Programs Changing Lives” (Aug. 8).
Arthur provides a thought-provoking premise that “bricks and mortar” organizations that have long-standing traditions or legacies likely are on the path to extinction. He cites Sears as an example from the world of commerce, and AHEPA, as a service organization, from the nonprofit sector.

He writes, “What Sears faced is not much different than what a host of once heralded mainstream non-profit service, ethnic, and community organizations face today: Masons, Shriners, Elks, Moose, Knights Templar, Daughters of Job, Jaycees, Daughters of the American Revolution, Rotary, Lion’s Club, Kiwanis and yes, AHEPA too face dramatic challenges in retaining and recruiting members.”

Arthur is not only a colleague, but a close friend of mine. He is a Past Supreme Counselor and member of AHEPA Chapter 438 in Falls Church, Virginia. It was great to see him and his wife at our Supreme Convention last month. We have worked on many projects together. AHEPA is an organizational member of NHS. NHS has supported AHEPA’s Journey to Greece program, which, established in 1968, was a forerunner to today’s study/travel abroad programs. NHS’s students enjoy an evening reception on the rooftop of AHEPA Headquarters (note the “bricks and mortar” irony) prior to their departure on the Heritage Greece Program.

Yes, AHEPA’s “business model” is not without its challenges, especially in membership recruitment and retainment. However, what business model—whether its “bricks and mortar” or online/virtual, or one that relies heavily on grant funding—goes without the fundamental challenge of revenue generation? Or remaining relevant?

Living in a virtual world does not ensure success. For every Facebook, there’s a MySpace, which is still alive, but not what it once was. For every Google, there’s an Ask Jeeves. and, seemingly great business ideas, failed.

However, recently, Wayfair announced it will opening its first physical store this fall. So, too, Barnes & Noble, which had been closing stores, has plans to open five prototype stores in fiscal year 2019.

Arthur raises a great point. Innovation and adaption are keys to survival, especially for membership-based organizations such as AHEPA, and the others he cited.

During the last 10 years, AHEPA has seen growth and expansion of chapters throughout Europe. There, Hellenes are embracing AHEPA’s mission and the core concepts of volunteerism and community. Here, in North America, yes, a challenge exists—competing for individuals’ most valuable commodity—time—in an every-busy 24/7 world. This is why AHEPA is placing additional resources into digital media communications and exploring “virtual” levels of membership. Our challenge will be to see if we can make both tracks—the chapter-based model and the virtual model—work concurrently.

However, I can’t help to believe that perhaps, in the end, people value interaction with people. A human touch. Camaraderie. Fellowship. Fraternity. Traits AHEPA has provided individuals for nearly 100 years.

Basil N. Mossaidis
Executive Director
Order of AHEPA
(202) 232-6300


  1. These are both good men and have devoted their lives and careers to things Greek, as have men like Nick Larigakis, Gene Rossides, Leon Stavrou, Andy and Mike Manatos, John Sitilides, and the late Tim Maniatis, to name a few.

    Although nearly everyone of them would argue differently with me, I have tried to point out through the years that the abject failure of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, its archdiocese and its overseas patriarchate, as well as the church in the “Motherland”, has seriously disadvantaged all of their causes whether they will admit it or not. You can’t separate Hellenism and Orthodoxy. You are not going to be Methodist and a member of any of their organizations or policy groups. Greek Orthodoxy failed in America to become “universal” ( as the Nicean Creed warrants that we are), diverse, inclusive, evangelical, and fully American and Western with a deep sense of the values and promise of philHellenism.

    We remain, as Pew Research calls us, an obscure Eastern European religion and at statistically zero, numerically. We are and remain a Greek Island ghetto Church of Souvlaki. We are not a major American force, like the Mormons are, who were less than us when we all started out here in the 20th century.

    When the core is rotted, like the Church is, there are no Societies, Assiciations, Policy Groups that can save the day. I am sorry to inform everyone that the future is indeed very, very bleak, even with some short term successes. And it’s not because all of you didn’t try, it’s because the core is rotted and corrupt, both here and in Greece. You can’t “fellowship” around those facts, believe me.

    And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Good luck to each of you, you’ll need both Lady Luck and the Flaming Sword of the Holy Spirit !

    1. One of the biggest problems/issues of the Archdiocese is that its leaders and laity really believe you can’t have Orthodoxy without Hellenism. If you can’t get over seeing that as a fallacy then you are doomed. And, this from a first generation born here Greek-American who is fluent in Greek, spoken and written, and much more so than the great majority of his contemporaries.

  2. So I will conclude …that Dean…you are one of the Masons of Ahepa… who have violated your oath of membership… not to reveal the inner secrets of the secret society cult of Ahepa!

    While this will subject you to banishment by what …another reader calls……the “TACO SUPREME PRESIDENT’ OF THE PEOPLES TEMPLE OF AHEPA, for letting all know …who is to blame for the failures of Ahepa!

    Unfortunately for Deano….calling the Greek Orthodox Church corrupt and rotten ……which would include… clergy, Sunday School teachers, Greek School teachers, Board members , and stewardship members of a ….and demeaning them ….as being …let me get this…..part of a “Greek Island Ghetto Church of Souvlaki….which by the way …is one of the most popular Greek foods in America and my favorite….. an insult to the lovers of Souvlaki with Pita!

    Importantly, while your new age Ahepa frauds and mason….have no descipline to restrain from attacking or destroying anybody…..who cannot comply with their values…..and their desire to show you the wary….to be a true patriot of America….by doing everything the American way….as highligted by Tammy and James Baker …the made for T.V evangelist …who are doing time for fraud and embezzilment in the process of spreading their evangelical words…which they later admitted…never included ever reading the Bible!

    However…. I can assure you…. representing and exposing the Ahepa’s anti -Orthodox Rants and perception ….is neither productive….since…it is this same corrupt church ….who provides the church hall for your cult meetings, allows you to parade into the altar with your chains of power …on Ahepa day…to demonstrate to the stewardship members of the church…how important you are to the Church and membership, then you are allowed to preach to the members of there corrupt church….and recruit the uninformed suckers to your cult of ….. to the Glory of America….nothing different to what the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany ranted…”Glory to Germany”, in prosecuting anyone who did not ….do it the German way!

    Your anti church rantings and demeaning description of my faith and what I have taken from the church….in order to justify the failures of a ….self appointed caretaker of the Hellenic values of Greek Americans, who only contribution was to …help…in doing what the mormon church did not do for those Greeks in early 1900’s, nor the Ahepa …..and that was not only providing the spiritual home of the Greek immigrants, but the only place ….that did not discriminate against them or exploit and take advantage of them!

    And to this day, this church, still provides this …as they were …created…. stay true to the sacraments and gospels of the original church of Christ….not some sort of reformed, reborn, re- Americanized to th political correct version of christianity …which we see tainting society by the media demigods of the world…who know what best for our church!

    Deano…I have a scoop for you….Rolls Royce…does not change it product …because it only represents less than 1 % of car sales in the world! They don’t deviate or cheapen their cars …. to get more purchases of their Rolls Royce product!

    What you and your Ahepa Masons would like …is to turn the finest, most elegant and highest quality restarant menu….into a cheap Fast Food menu….that fast, quick, and with little Nutrition ….like your universal evangelical religious franchises…littered all over America !

    I now understand….how the self appointed caretaker of Greek Hellenism and Culture….. Basil Mossaidis…who saw no problem in continuing to endorse , promote and support a competitive airline to Greek Airliners called UAE airlines owned by the United Arab Emirates government ..who is acknowledged to have sponsored with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar the Sunni Muslim religious fanatic brigades called Al Quiea, ISiS, and Al nustra…who invaded Syria to overthow their government….and didn’t have a problem murdering , raping, and burning the homes and Church of Greek , Coplic , Syrian orthodox Christians in Syria!

    The mason of Ahepa…had no problem …in taking 30 pieces of Silver …from a government and country…who by law…does not allow the display of crosses on any buildings! A country who is currently being charged with War Crimes bombing in participating in the killing of Non-Sunni MUslim civilians in Yemen. A Country who has been accussed by the U.N. in the Torturing of foreign prisoners, and get this …the illegal subsiding of their UAE airlines, which get you those cheap tickets to pay for their crimes against humanity and the Greek Orthodox Church and their clergy…who bravely, have never left their churches and abandoned their flock !

    Deano….the only thing the Greek Orthodox church needs to do….is expel all Ahepa members from using their church hall for meeting or anything else! And decree..that any member of the church board …cannot be a member of any Secret organization or cult…since, their allegiance to the independent administration of the church operations…and could be perceived as bias to the advantage of a Secret organization!
    It is clear, by the UAE despicable violation of Hellenic values…that any Ahepa Board member…cannot server two master….one that serves the church of God…or one that serves the God of money! and power!

    1. I’m afraid that you concluded wrongly and missed my point entirely. Take a deep breath.

      Strength and success, growth and evangelism, permanency and long term church health and effects are all interlocked. Only the uninformed would try to inanely defend the actions, decisions and outcomes of the patriarchate, the archdiocese, the synods, and councils to date, or to seemingly blame AHEPA ,or any other group, for the US church’s death spiral. Leave the Sunday school out of this, it’s irrelevant.

      You cannot ignore or deflect the profound problems that are leading the church to the point of dissolution— financial, membership, and leadership—not to mention the out and out malfeasance or possible criminality. And that has nothing to do with AHEPA, or anybody else, it has to do with the church itself. And again, my point is a WEAK church means a weak culture, weak fellowship, and a bleak future for all these fraternal and social organizations. We are all interlocked in a way.

      For the record, I joined a local AHEPA chapter and paid the dues for that year, as a much younger man, about 30 years ago. I went to one meeting and have not attended or paid since. Nor am I a Mason, Shriner, or Scottish Rite member or ever have been. Your accusations are misplaced and take up lots of space in your response.

      “Church of Souvlaki” is meant to convey that are only lasting impression on the American Public Square that we seem to have made as a Faith group, since Iakovos walked with MLK in Selma 60 years ago, seems to be our church Souvlaki, because they sure don’t know us for any other issues, like war, peace, abortion, our theology, or the important issues of the day. They know us only by our “chickens”. (And Chobani, America’s most popular Greek yogurt, is Turkish owned, how did you let that happen, Mike?)

      When you want to have a serious discussion on confronting the problems that confront us, I can help you unbundle the topics one at a time. This AHEPA MASONS tirade is nonsensical and adds nothing to the discussion.

      Enjoy your corrupt archdiocese with your Souvlaki for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if you like. Chicken is the only thing remaining ,for the minute, because here in the US the Iranians, Afghans, Iraqis, Lebanese, Moroccans and others are boldly appropriating that, too. Soon we’ll be left with only Loukomades as our calling card, but somewhere I recall, someone else was doing that, too !

  3. Get em, Michael….

    To me in America these Greek organizations have really meant nothing, growing up you heard about them at church, maybe a few words at the greek festival….oh they raise money for greece etc..So their impact and power was in their minds not in their deeds…growing up on the West Coast, in a more spread out community, yes had a Greek Church to go to thankfully, but still felt isolated, we didn’t grow up speaking greek as second generation Greek Americans, our love for greece was still strong as our grandparents were from the old country even like most they left greece as teenagers..Still believe greece is in you or not, speaking greek doesn’t just make you greek, its a connection but not a blood tie, I grew up with greece being an icon, a beacon of hope..yes very romanticized version of greece..but I was always reading learning more, about the problems the amateur way the country has been run since day one, but to state the inadequacies of greece in church or any group of greeks always brought rebuke, your not greek your a turk? The same thing happens in greece today stick their heads in the sand. Michael yes speak your mind, tell the truth about them, but don’t let the “Tacos” get to you, Our real fight is in Greece, and its continued existence, 4,000 years wiped away as hordes invade daily and stay, names given away as pretext to culture then land Skopje wants Thessaloniki as their front porch and the Aegean as their swimming pool. Greece has lost control of its ports, railways, power supply, etc in fire sales.Turks bully greece on everything, Cyprus continues to be occupied..We need to help greece ourselves not old groups, not governments, but a parallel government that no matter what group of nuts run greece, things still get done, time for American GREEKS To return and take over..

    No EU.
    No Euro.
    No NATO.
    No SYRIZA, Pasok, ND, etc.

    Bring back the Drachma.
    Liberate Kypros, then Enosis.
    Industrialization of greece so that 80%-90% of products greeks need and used are actually made im greece…
    Green Power Only with Solar and Wind Greece is energy independent.
    Etc etc, these must be our goals funded from us for them…to make change we must be the change.
    We fund ourselves yearly with $1-3. Billion donation/investment to give back what ellas has given us, not just stories, temples, battles, but hope that we can and our grandchildren be true greeks and continue to be greeks around the world but for sure in greece for another 4,000 years. I am greek by spirit, not just by language and for damn sure not by any organization membership. Fight Michael Fight.

  4. Hey Mr. Diamantaris….wouldn’t it be novel … for you to reprint this post by Pavlo….. in a response to the Editor …concerning the Greek Secret Society you feature and support!

    In all the articles i have read from your distinguished independent newspaper…..non of them capture, like Pablo,,,the heart and soul ….why we of Greek Blood and ancestry ….have an obligation to not only the Greek immigrants who provided us ….with the gift of a culture that …. which had been nurtured, protected, and passed on by …the people of Greece …which is a passion for life….that overcomes all the adversity and challenges …one faces in life…and manifested over 4000 years of history!

    This is why 32 million tourist want to come to Greece….because Greeks are so passionate about it…and the people of the world , love what other people are passionate about….and remind them of what they are not!

    It is this passion …. that has been instilled into the generation of Greek families….and represents the foundation of what Pablo accurately describes …a spirit that runs into the blood of those of Greek ancestry… which even after 100 years….still runs hot ….and demands action …to preserve a culture and way of life…which even today… reminds the world …of what really matters and what was once good in elevating humanity…not destroying it!

    Greece does not need the EU…..who would like to turn Europe into a big regional blob of compliant countries with no identify and sovereignty….and that should be incompatible to any Greek !
    On the contrary …..the EU needs Greece! Because whether Greece, is part of the EU or not ….build it ….and they will come, just like they do now! All Greece needs…is to get the political prostitutes out of their way…. and they will do the rest! They were right in rejecting a bailout package from the EU, and getting out ! They knew they were t being blackmailed to give up …there passions and independence!.

    Unlike the Governor of Nato…. Tsipras…. The real Greeks would take the hits, and go to there strength of passion and …. …restore Greece, to a democracy that is sovereign enough to dictate their future, not those of foreign Aristocrates and their brothers in Greece and America!

    Greece is a Gold mine…and am planning to return to Greece, as recommended by Pavlo….and still filled with that !00 % Spartan Blood! I only hope …all Spartans and Greeks follow the road map…that Pavlo has layed out!

    Mr. Diamantaris….the ball is in your court…and I think Pavlo….has made a real case for what , most Greek Americans would support ….I do!

    The secret society of Ahepa…does not represent Greek Americans…only people who are self appointed…and not elected by Greek Americans! You should not represent them as the purveyors of GreeK American by promoting their secret Society!

    Pavlo post ….clearly highlights what real Greek American would …demand and move ahead with…and it would be biased and derelict to reprint his road map for the restoration of Greece to recapture her sovereignty, culture, and future!

    As I said Antonios …. this post by Pavlo…is worthy of publication….and you can take out my name or reference to me! It is about time…someone reminds us ….of our obligations and moral duty to future generations…to never forget ….who we are, and who we want our children to be!

  5. Michael their safe here, you and me are the only ones in the comment sections of all the TNH stories. Like I said I am from the West Coast in a Hellenic desert, and years ago heard about TNH English version after getting the regular greek paper, even subscribed to it for a few years, got it weekly in the mail..Yes it was NYC as the hub of the greek world? But soon tired of all the Awards, Banquets, Dinners, honoring people never heard of for just being greek, and alive? This guy owns grocery stores, this one owns car dealership etc…O.K. their greek and maybe they gave money to the church ( Aren’t you suppose to if your a member ) my attitude changed. Was I jealous, no just wanted more…as this was the early 1990’s Greeks in America then as now were doing alright. It was Greece itself that yes not the mess it is in now but still needed much needed help…And lets face facts lots of people in greece don’t care a bit about American Greeks, I remember after 9/11 watching ANT1 not understanding a word they were interviewing greeks on the streets asking what they thought they shrugged their shoulders like who cares all of them! I was so ashamed..Anyway TNH is a local NY paper catering to the tastes of greeks who think their stars in the sky…And that’s ok…

    But greece needs help real help. And now not tomorrow…I was for a time kinda mad my grandparents left greece in the early 1900’s and came here (of course I wouldn’t be here) but then researching what greece was like or not like I don’t blame them it was as messed up then as now…I have come to believe all the best greeks left greece years ago, and it has been left with the stupid, timid, and traitorous….the ones that left during the crisis when they were really needed F-them they shouldn’t be allowed back…Every bit of greece is run by amateur political butt buddies, and not competent professionals..from Fire Service Astynomia, Military Etc, 700k civil servants that can’t even spell their own names, yet their political side won they get a job for life if they show up or not, and through successive governments Right, Center Left, Now a confused Commie/Fascist…they all sucked, The Goose Stepping Generals Lost Cyprus, The Red Tide Gave Away To FYROM, ND Mitsotakis wants to be PM because his daddy was, F-him Too. Already had 3 stooges Papandreou’s Run greece into the ground enough already. Time the grandchildren of Zeus went home to claim our birthrights and take over from these fake greeks….Michael you can be PM, Just let me flatten athens except for our ancient sites of course and rebuild Atlantis right this time…..Vote Michael Greek PM 2019.

  6. Hey Deano…please accept apology who for not having a serious discussion with someone who apparently, hands over hard earned money to a Secret Society called the Ahepa, and without even understanding what their scam was….. become a member, to apparently fulfill what unfortunately, a lot of secret society elitist desire…a place to belong! You then go to one meeting ….and then run and hide from the Ahepa….but bless us …with your unique knowledge , as to what ails the Ahepa, and why they are good guys!

    I don’t think you are worthy…or creditable to refute anything I have written about the Taco Order of the Ahepa in my previous posts and others! But then again…that is how these secret organizations operates!

    The only organizations that are corrupt and need to be changed …is the U.S Government, and their supporters …. The secret societies of Elitist degenerates, called the swamp, deep state, shadow governments who are their financial benefactors….and now control all the narratives of lies and distortions spit out by TNH and the Mainstream media….who promote this acknowledged Corrupt government!

    You are confused, Deano…. it is not the Greek Orthodox Church …who is on the Brink of dissolution , because of their financial, membership and leadership decline….it is the fraudulent Secret society of these Greek Secret societies….who have failed to to anything , but try to build up their personal ego and connections to ….benefit them … not Greeks, or their own membership! It is not The Greek Orthodox church clergy and administration…..who border on criminal charges! No , Deano, it is the members of Ahepa…like Senator Robert Menendez. of New Jersey…who was indicted on 14 counts of Bribery, fraud etc etc. in representing the interests of some of your favorite Jewish organizations, like the Ahepa! Now that is corruption and criminality…by a member of the Ahepa…serving his everybody else, but the Greeks of America! This Ahepa member gets paid …$600,000 a year from other secret societies and lobbies ..who now own our country! To my knowledge..Deano, has any member of our Clergy or leadership …been indicted for the corruption …you and your Mason brothers from TNH have written about !

    But let me help you ….. and your evangelical masons of the Greek Orthodox Church…. I would recommend that you cough up …about 1 million dollars to fund a Marketing consulting company…to put together the plans…to promote what the Greek Orthodox Church does…on a National level….so that they can meet your lofty expectations …to be celebrities …like Tammy and James Baker of the Evangelical preachers doing time in prison …for getting people like you …to buy thier religious cloths and tee Shirts!

    You see…it is not the Greek Orthodox church failing to ….be known for something….but the Evangelical controled fake news media….who suppresses what they do….and promotes everything …that the religious right..demands and pays for!

    However, all you have to do…to find out what this church and it affiliates like the Philoptohos do…just become a member of the church…and receive your copy of the Greek Orthodox Observer…which you can pass on to mainstream media of this Anglo country of white supremacist…manifesting itself in satelite groups like the Ahepa and Mason!

    So stop your wining…and go to confession this week …and receive communion…and hopefully, stop denegrating our church , like your brothers from TNH….and helping to build it!…

  7. Mike, this proves you’ve been abducted by aliens, not the Masons or The staff of TNH !

    Are you at Area 51 in Nevada or Roswell, NM?

    Hang on, help is on the way. The Metropolitans are on the Black Helicopters as we speak.

    Theo Dino

    1. Uncle Dino… are you another Uncle of Mr. Diamantaris….referred to …in another one of his … revelations on the subject of immigration! If so, I am looking forward to him…. telling us why you handed over your hard earned money… to the secret society of Ahepa and their coalition of Mason and Birchers….attending your first meeting …. and never to return? I think everyone would still like to know…..if you just didn’t like their TACO SNACKS during there meeting break? Or if you were ….scared by the sword ….used in their initiation ritual of this cult?
      By the way….could you also provide us with your address….so we can redirect the metropolitans in their Black Helicopters to your location …. to not provide you with communion….but to now save your soul….with a professional application of an Exorcism! Additionally….they should send both you and Mr. Diamantaris…and autographed Photo of Archbishop Demetrios…. my alien mentor on earth!

  8. The Orthodox Church in America, as well as Greece, is more than just religion, it has become a part of our culture, from birth to death, from religious days, festivals, blessing of homes, new businesses, etc. In American it is where we pray, and meet other greeks to share friendships, hopes dreams, helping the church, our community, greece, and America…we are part of America, as we are a part of Greece…and as we are part of any town or city we live and work in…..the church is our cultural bond…yes many troubles on funds, and administration of our church, all need to be open and rectified, not concealed and passed over..for every member of the church is the rightful owners of it, not the elite, not the well to do donors…the ones that say so much about the church how it runs etc, then if so consumed why not be a priest, a bishop etc….if it means that much to you then be the church, not above the church…..the amount of money you give or say you have given does not give you ownership… should give out of faith, love, and respect…not to have yourself be praised, but to praise god….the church is for all who come, not for those that come for themselves…Don’t try and destroy what is not yours….a complete revamp of our church is necessary and long overdue…From fund raising, funds distributed correctly….our school, our future….The cooked books say we have 3 million Greeks & Greek Orthodox? the actual books then say where’s the money? With that many greeks and church members we should have $100’s of millions paid in dues yearly….yet churches beg, eliminate programs, send even less to the Archdiocese, Our churches, are for prayer, guidance, culture enrichment, language, community, a common good a common future…Do I need a building, a school, an organization, or even a priest for me to believe No, I have read and studied and everywhere I am the real church in my heart is there….tear us down, our churches, our ideals, our dreams…….faith is not a building, a book, or person…once you know the truth, and for each individual their truth is different…but mine is strong, mine is powerful, best of all it is mine….go ahead try and be big shots….I am going to help my church, help my fellow man, greek or not…Orthodox or not.

    I was not born in the church,

    The church was born in me………

    God Bless Everyone…

    1. Hey, Mr. Diamantaris….I would like to add another post of Pablo Serritas…to your publishing in …letters to the Editor pages representing what real Greeks ….believe….and on behalf of the Greek community…not your promoted Greek Financial Aristocrates parading around in the Ahepa….and all your other imposters to whats best for Greeks!

      In 1903….my Great Grandfather landed in New Orleans …with nothing , but his 6 year old son, because he could not afford to bring the rest of his children and wife from Greece, until he became a citizen and had the financial ability to pay for their passage and a home! The Greek Orthodox Church …was the home of the immigrants…and the poor! It is they who ….provided them with the spiritual teaching of Christ …and nurtured how we should live our lives for real happiness! It was this bond…that showed future generations of Greek Orthodox faithful….that all the money in the world …cannot buy what the church provides ….for those who wish to partake in our religion…which is unique to Greeks! Calling this church corrupt and rotten…that needs to be destroyed .and re-invented ….is an act of futility…. because what you have to destroy… and cannot destroy…is where the church home … resides….and as Pablo eloguently described…in his heart!
      I need not comment any further…. just read his post… as to why…. a church built by the poor…can never be overtaken by those who would like to destroy our little secret….to satisfy the need of a bunch of Aristocrates….. to do what they do best…. take over the sovereignty of the administration of our church…protected by our lord and the clergy who are the designated caretakers…and ultimately will have to answer …for their failings …. far more important than TNH and their cabal of self righteous prosecutors!
      Our job…is to build and nurture the unique gifts of what the church means….for the benefit of the next generation of Greeks…and to celebrate with their families…. It is up to us…to preserve…what the purveyors of fame and power would like to use to feel important to the world…. and that is following a path…that has been passed down for generations…which I know ..has served me and my family …very well!

      Pablo…you have revealed the best kept Secret of Greeks and Christians….and that in the end…is what we are obligated to share with fellow Greeks and Chistians….I hope Mr. Diamantaris ….see his obligation …to inform his readership….of what the real Greeks know!

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