National Sovereignty Supersedes All

FILE - The building of the Russian Foreign Ministry, center, is seen in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, March 28, 2018. (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin)

My readers know that I often do not have the opportunity to agree with the decisions of the current Greek administration.

And that is not because I do not want to, but because, just how do I agree with what the administration says and does?

But I have found a decision with which I agree and wish to praise. And that is regardless of my position on FYROM.

I am referring to the war of reprisals that has broken out between Greece and …

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  1. Antonis H. Diamataris…… honors himself and his now debunk journalistic fraternity of Fake News collaborators….who have distinguished themselves in selling elections, selling wars, concealing war crimes and crimes against humanity, selling heinous military budgets, inciting hate crimes against the citizens of foreign nations and possibly evoking war on the American people, and promote the overthrow of legitimate governments of the world, including the current president of the United States……to now share with us …his indisputable defense of the government of Greece, in protecting the sovereignty of Greece against ‘the’enemies” of his international band of Aristocrates running our government and the media.

    While Mr. Diamantaris….defines the importance of sovereignty, above all else, but has remained silent in supporting the destruction of the sovereignty of Syria, Iraq, libya, Yemen, Afganistan, Cyprus, Somalia, Ukraine, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Bolivia, ….and some of the great dismembership projects like Yugoslavia’s sovereignty by the Secret Societies of Republican hords of fascist, Neo Cons, and demented members of our government and media, who now collaborate to impose a global plan to capture all the sovereignty of the countries of the world….including Russia

    The Helsinki summit….fully highlighted how the media and this group of degenerates…. made every attempt to demean and discredit Russia and Mr. Trump…. and portray them as criminal accomplices in rigging the election of Donald Trump, AND VIOLATING THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE UNITED STATES!

    Forget about the fact…..that they were actually attempting to incite a war with Russia, by demanding a confession to allegeded collusion and meddling by the Russian leader, and without any evidence to date!
    What were they going to do …..induce a confession, and arrest him!

    Mr. Diamantaris ……. enforcement of the sovereignty of Greece……is merely his contribution to .punishing Russia for being an enemy of these so called patriots of America….for interfering in their Global Plans to capture the sovereignty of countries like Syria….where Russia has stepped up to the challenge of stopping the foreign policy of regime change by the United sTates and Nato….which they allowed in Yugoslavia, libya, Iraq, Somalia, but because of Russia have failed in Syria! Today, Iran , Venezuela, North Korea….are on the hit list among others including Russia and China!

    Today, we know that the bombing of Syria….based on another false narrative by these media degenerates, based on alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians of Douma, Syria by Syria and Russia…..which almost ignited world war 3….was a hoax! The OPCW investigators file an interim report on their findings of the site….and based on other agencies…the whole thing was staged by the funded White Helmets observers operated and funded by the United States and England…and their is no evidence of chemical warfare!

    Mr. Diamantaris and his fraternity of journalist ….beginning with CNN, Washington post etc…should now be accountable for their distortions and false narratives….which leads to the murder of millions of people , and in the case of Greece….the destroying of relations with a foreign country…who is a permanent member of the U.N.Security council with enormous veto powers in deciding on International approved actions….like defending Greece…in a threatened attack by the real enemy of Greece…. Nato ally Turkey!

    Mr. Diamantaris….it is time ….that legal prosecution of media heads and newspapers be initiated to make accountable journalist who conspire to distort and misrepresent information to the people of America…which threatens to incite hostile relationships and destroy international relationships …which can jeopardize the peace and security of the people of America and Greece!

    Testimony to these criminal behavior and collusion between Mr. Diamantaris and his Republican Aristocrates , his newspaper represents…..and threatens our democracy….is from none other than the President of the United States….who reminds us correctly and accurately…… that the most dishonest profession outside of our political establishment …is the “False News” media!

    The only thing Mr. Diamantaris and his fraternity of false news group …is now doing…is attempting to ban anyone on Google, Tweeter, Facebook and any alternative news outlets….who questions their narratives or those of the totalitarian governments of America and Greece!

    Ask TNH….about what they have done to …..Juliane Assage….to prevent him from exposing the lies of this cabal of Global Terrorists!

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