Mykonos: Party Island for the Rich and Famous

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Alexandros Georgiadis)

NEW YORK – Mykonos is one of the most famous islands in Greece, but if your wallet is not bulging with cash, it might be best to take a ferry elsewhere, the Business Insider reported. While celebrities from every corner of the globe flock to the island in summer, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Branson, Bella Hadid, and Stavros Niarchos III, the average traveler may find the high prices and the crowds a bit daunting.

It should be noted that virtually anywhere a camera is pointed on Mykonos will yield incredible photos of the stunning views of the gorgeous water, the beaches, the iconic windmills, and crowds of people partying well into the early morning hours and beyond.

Business Insider’s Harrison Jacobs wrote, “While generally I had a fine time during my few days in Mykonos, it felt like a completely different place than it would if I were spending thousands of dollars. That could be said of lots of holiday destinations, but I’ve never felt that way in New York, Paris, the Caribbean islands, or other places I’ve visited.

He continued, “If you are a millionaire, billionaire, or even just a wealthy person who doesn’t care about blowing $5,000 or more on a night out, the island opens itself up in ways that just isn’t the case for a regular Joe. Staff at the hotels and restaurants seem primed to ignore you unless they identify you as a high roller.”

Jacobs added that “The top spots on the island are littered with reviews espousing a pretentious and exclusive attitude for even people on a modest luxury budget. That said, maybe exclusive isn’t the right way to describe it. If you have the money to spend, you can get in anywhere, which just isn’t the case in certain rarefied places in New York or Miami.”

Besides being very expensive, Mykonos, the “island of the winds,” is ideal for kitesurfing and other water sports if the crowded beaches and the many yachts moored just off the coast don’t act as a deterrent to your fun. Finding a sunbed and umbrella is also a trying experience in the middle of summer, unless you have plenty of cash to fork over for the privilege of being seated in the prime beach locations, closest to the water.

After spending time at the various clubs on Mykonos and enjoying the delicious, fresh seafood, lovely views, and people-watching, Jacobs later took the advice of a local who told him to hop on a ferry and visit another island and found that nearby Tinos was half the price and just as beautiful, like many other, perhaps less well-known Greek islands. He noted that the “bohemian vibe” the rich and famous used to seek out on Mykonos was longer there.

So, in case you are not toting a Louis Vuitton bag while sporting the latest high-end watch of the moment, and are not particularly into the club scene, another, slightly quieter, Greek island might be the right choice for your summer vacation.