Letter to the Editor: On Dennis Mehiel’s Resignation

Left to right: Dennis Mehiel, Eugene Rossides, Cypriot Ambassador Leonidas Pantelides. (Photo by TNH/Bill Petros)

To the Editor:

In response to the article Dennis Mehiel Resigns from St. Nicholas Investigative Committee which appeared on August 4, it’s a bit troubling when one resignation follows another so closely. I’m sure Mr. Mehiel went into the special investigative committee with the best of intentions, as I’m sure Mr. Michael Psaros also did when he became the Treasurer for the Archdiocese, but unfortunately, it seems to be difficult even for the most successful businessmen to work with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Negotiating deals with the sharks of the business world is apparently a breeze compared to dealing with the hierarchs of the church. Maybe everyone should take a course in teamwork because it seems like nobody is on the same page when it comes to fixing the problems facing the church.

I wish the best for Mr. Mehiel and the church, but the entire situation doesn’t seem to be improving even after prominent businessmen have taken a shot at helping out.

Christos Chrisomallis

Minneapolis, MN


  1. perhaps the Archdiocese should investigate retaining a deal making businessman more akin to their current finacial situation and the events that have led to the current situation….donal trump……a master in deceipt , lying and concealment…….

    1. You wish you had President Trump to finish the St Nicholas mess like he did the Wollmann Rink in Central Park, Vlaka.

      Who is your hero? Che Guevara De Blasio and his band of Marxists who have ruined our city?

    2. You are right Spiro. Many Greek-Americans have lost the self-sufficient spirit of our forefathers and think everything should be a handout, for free. President Trump reflects the values that once made America great and which can make her great again.

    3. The President would be glad to help resolve the mess, as long as he got a piece of the action. Everything he does he profits from, personally. That we have this man as president indeed shows how far this country has sunk. Immoral, unethical, adulterer, extraordinary liar, uncouth boor, lascivious……….

  2. When will people ever learn…..? The archbishop is a micro-manager and nothing gets done at the archdiocese without his knowledge and consent. Nothing!!! Mr. Meheil and others have walked away because the archbishop most likely didn’t like the direction the committee’s investigation was taking. God forbid the coverup actually be blown up. Who pushed that button on a computer to transfer all that money from the St. Nicholas and clergy pension funds? Why is that being kept secret? Anyone who thinks/believes those transfers were made without the knowledge and consent of the archbishop is living in a parallel universe. The buck doesn’t just stop at the archbishop’s desk, it begins its journey at his desk.

    1. The archbishop would not approve of fire and waterproof cabinets that the Dept of Registry insisted on for the basement files. When the pipes burst during a recent super cold winter, the records were flooded and water-logged.

      Then, you read that certain companies had the files to “digitize” them. Not true, those companies were expensive document reconstruction companies used by the FBI among others. They were hired to put the mess back together.

      They were never paid and for all we know, are still holding the files.

      Demetrios lied about not knowing what was going on. This is one of many examples. He’s a liar plain and simple, I don’t care how many prayers he chants. A liar is a liar.

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