The Transfiguration of Christ Celebrated in Corona and Jackson Heights

The faithful attended a prayer service outside the fire-damaged Transfiguration of Christ Church in Corona before the Great Vespers at Sts. Constantine and Helen Church in Jackson Heights. (Photo by TNH/Michalis Kakias)

NEW YORK – The Transfiguration (Metamorphosis) of Christ was celebrated in Corona beginning on August 5 with a prayer ceremony before the Holy Cross outside the fire-damaged church, followed by the Great Vespers at Saints Constantine and Helen Church in Jackson Heights.

The presiding priest of the Transfiguration community, Fr. George Anastasiou, spoke to The National Herald, expressing his best wishes that the Transfiguration of the Lord would illuminate, touch, and spread love, joy, and hope to the souls of all people.

He told TNH that “Love of our fellow man is particularly compelling these days because of the great tragedy that our homeland Greece is going through with the devastating fires. We pray that the light of Transfiguration to cover them and soothe the pain. As a community, we are also contributing to the relief effort by sending financial assistance through the philanthropic mission of the Holy Archdiocese.”

The Parish Council President, Leonidas Korachais, said that the renovation of the church will begin soon, “We have already chosen the contractor and within a few days, with the signing of the contracts, the reconstruction will begin, which will be completed within 6 to 8 months. Immediately afterwards the hagiography will begin. Unfortunately, the fire in May 2017 was an unexpected event and caused a great deal of damage. It was a very difficult time planning and raising the funds. Now we are ready to rebuild our church as a real gem, even more beautiful than it was. A huge thank you goes out to the Greek community and to our historic newspaper, The National Herald, for all the love, support, and solidarity.”

Transfiguration Parish Council President Leonidas Korachais and presiding priest Fr. George Anastasiou. (Photo by TNH/Michalis Kakias)

Nikolaos Menis, a member of the community since 1967, spoke enthusiastically about the church, which, he said, is home for him and his family.

He told TNH that “from the age of 17, when I came from Greece, I serve the Holy Church of the Transfiguration. My heart cries out to see her closed. I hope that the damage will be repaired quickly and that the chanting will be heard again soon.”

Filia Menis, a member of the community since 1973, expressed the wish that the Transfiguration feast coincide with the inauguration of the new holy church.

Aspasia Katechis wished the Greek community many years of health, joy, and prosperity.

On August 6, the Archieratic Divine Liturgy for the feast day of the Transfiguration took place at Sts. Constantine and Helen Church in Jackson with His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios Geron of America officiating.

Long-time parishioners Nikolaos Menis, Aspasia Katehis, Filia Menis, and Agathi Katehis in front of the fire-damaged Church of the Transfiguration in Corona. (Photo by TNH/Michalis Kakias)
Fr. George Anastasiou, presiding priest of the Transfiguration of Christ Church which was damaged in a May 2017 fire. (Photo by TNH/Michalis Kakias)