Greece Is Not Just a Beach – Nor a Failed State

Workers repair a damaged electricity pole in front of a burnt building in Mati, east of Athens, Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018, ten days after the wildfire. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

Let’s avoid politics for a bit.Before the tragic fires in northern Attica of last week I had planned to do an update of an earlier article on the wonders of Greece and scold the vast majority of tourists who ignored those wonders and just went to the beach.Nothing has changed, this is a country of magnificent mountains and seascapes, three millennia of history, some of the best food in the world, great music, people who know how to extract a …

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  1. We have Takis Michas, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Opa Basile to fully inform us of all the Trojan Horses.

  2. Mr. Theros , the former U.S. ambassador to one of the main state sponsors of terrorist armies in the middle East….Qatar, collaborated with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the United States to send thousands of Sunni Muslim jihadist to overthrow the governments of Syria, libya, Iraq, Yemen etc etc……is now doing his journalistic duty to inform us…..that Greece….is one of the most beautify countries of the world because of its people and historical culture, but also not a …..failed state!

    And I guess, Mr. Theros would like you to believe in Peter Pan.. and that..only the Russians meddle in the politics of foreign countries….not the U.S.! Today….Donald Trump…has announced that economic sanctions and war have started ….against the sovereign nation of Iran ….and that the empire demands of all countries who trade with the United States …..stop trading with Iran and buying their oil! The penalty for failing to do so…and oontinuing to honor a Treaty or Agreement by the major economic countries of the world ….which shut down nuclear warhead development by the sovereign nation of Iran….which according to all UN. bodies…have complied fully with the agreement….will be subject to being blackballed by the United States….as someone who will be removed as a trading partner of the United States!

    Now if you still don’t understand ……. what fascism is and how totalitarian countries…can use their economic, political power, and military power to impose their control of the countries of the world…..then you will never understand….why Mr. Tsipras…is constantly being blackmailed to …attack another enemy of the U.S. ….Russia , and fabricate charges of meddling in Greek affairs…. and forced to dismiss Russia Diplomates for alleged support of the giving away of the Name of Macedonia to FYROM!

    What do you not understand….the definition of a failed state? Of course , Greece is not a failed state…because they continue to represent the interests of Mr. Theros employer ….the State department of the United States!

    Why is Greece a failed state….. Thanks to Mr. Tsipras and his ruling party. selling out to Mr. Theros former employers…the United States…and the leader of the EU and Nato…..they have accepted a bailout package from the boys…nothing short of an act of treason …which for the first time in history…not only demanded interest payments from Greece…but imposed stipulations that demanded actions which imposed austerity programs against the people of Greece…who voted against this bailout package, surrendered the priceless antiquities of Greece, their land and property, imposed financial austerity on the people of Greece, which has led to …the flight of the finest and brightest young Greeks …to live in other countries!

    But Mr. Theros narrative leaves out why …he lies …when he does not consider Greece a “Failed State”…. because….. it is a failed state…when you lose your sovereignty completely to represent the interests of Greeks., but not the interests of foreign governments!

    While Mr. Trump…. claims to be saving the world….and that he has no choice but to black mail the countries of the world ….”to preserve the Peace of the world”…..which is further evidence….that Mr. Trump is either insane…or has a gun to his head…by the fascist members of Congress, C.I.A. and military to embarass him, and then impeach him, …..the bottom line is Donald Trump and the world ….will find out …how many governments ….the U.S. owns and controls, and have surrendered their sovereignty a long time ago…if they comply with the threats …..of the degenerate leaders of the United States!

    And that Mr. Theros….is what ultimately defines Greece, as a failed state, and the United States…now merely an out of control superpower ….desperately attempting to consolidate more power, money and greed ….and not give up their beliefs …..that the sovereignty of the world is under the control of America…who just allocated 1 trillion dollars to produce more Nuclear weapons, with even more devastating destruction of the world, while maintaining a 26 trillion dollar deb!,
    Leaving the United States …with no choice but to create more wars…. which has now turned us into …an economy dependent on WARS.

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