Rolf Nevanlinna Math Prize to Go to Greek MIT Professor Daskalakis

Constantinos Daskalakis, MIT Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. (Photo by TNH staff, file)

The recipient of this year’s Rolf Nevanlinna mathematics prize will be 37-year-old Greek computer scientist Constantinos Daskalakis, currently a professor in the MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department.

The announcement was made during a conference of the International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio, Brazil.

As a recipient of the prize, Daskalakis will now be able to participate in the Heidelberg Laureate Forum that is open to the holders of top mathematics prizes (Fields, Abel, Turing and Nevanlinna).

The prize was established in 1981 by the Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union IMU and named to honour the Finnish mathematician Rolf Nevanlinna who had died a year earlier. The award consists of a gold medal and cash prize. Like the Fields Medal the prize is targeted at younger mathematicians, and only those younger than 40 on January 1 of the award year are eligible.