Letter to the Editor: EU is to Blame for Fires

In this Monday, July 23, 2018 image from video provided by Elia Kallia, people escaping wildfires wade into the waters of the "Silver Coast" beach in Mati, Greece. (Elia Kallia via AP)

To the Editor:

Thank you for the coverage of the terrible fires in Greece. I am a first generation Greek-American, and I have been spending summers in Greece my entire life. When I was a child, I used to visit my pappou’s fields and in the summer, there was nothing, no dry brush ready to spark and cause a fire because he had goats which kept the fields clear. They ate up all the vegetation that would have dried up in the hot summer sun and added fuel to a fire.

Ever since Greece joined the European Union, agriculture has declined in Greece, in my opinion. It has become cheaper to import meat from other EU countries, so nobody has goats anymore to take care of the fields and the brush. I was back in my pappou’s village just two years ago and many of the fields were overgrown with weeds out of control and six feet high. This environmental disaster is the EU’s fault. Greece needs to get out of the euro and go back to its traditional way of life.

John Perdikopoulos

Portland, OR

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  1. If anything John everyone who owns property should be forced to keep it clean from brush over a certain height. If they don’t they should be fined and if they don’t pay the fines they lose the property. In the mean time the government has enough lazy workers on the payroll doing nothing they can be out cleaning government land and keeping the weeds under control. We keep our families land in Greece clean all your round. Unfortunately the property’s around us are accidents waiting to happen.

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