Questions about Russia

FILE - U.S. President Donald Trump shakes hand with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of the press conference after their meeting at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland, Monday, July 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

Sadly, what often passes for “news analysis” nowadays is really an extension of the analyst’s political and ideological preferences. This is certainly not exclusive to one side here in the United States, or in much of the rest of the world.

And it is quite evident regarding this whole matter of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Those who are supporters of President Trump proclaim this is an unsubstantiated witch hunt solely designed to discredit him, while his most vehement …

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  1. Questions regarding Russia: The public at large knows that Russia meddled in our elections of 2016 including Pres. Trump. What the Pres. is saying that after 1.5 yrs, the Democrat party and Mr. Mueller have not come up with any involvement whatsoever of the Trump Campaign in collusion with Russia. Adam Shiff, Senator from Calif. says he has the evidence but has not released it. So that is why Pres.Trump wants the true facts to come out. He has challenged those who say there is collusion to show him the facts. After 18 months, the Democrat party has come up with nothing. He want to clear his name of these falsehoods. Wouldn’t you..

  2. Mr. Saros …you state the obvious….no one has provided any evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and
    Russia in the past U.S. election, and all they have done is make false accusation ….to sabotage what Donald Trump proclaimed in his election campaign…” I plan to improve relations with super power Russia, and build an alliance of cooperation in managing the threats to world peace” Additionally, Mr.. Trump also stated that he would end the foreign policy of regime changes in the world which has killed over 31/2 million people of the Middle East….and created a now reported 26 trillion dollar debt to America…representing a rape of the American Treasury…. to fulfill the Global agenda of the NeoCon and communist members of the R3publican Party and Democratic Party…like John McCain, Lindsey Graham,Paul Ryan, Bob Corker, the entire Clinton Family, the entire Bush Family, the entire Obama family….all funded by the Billionaires of the world to be elected and in position to represent their interests!
    They are called by different names….Fascist, NeoCons, Globalist, Communist, Mobsters …..but in the end, simply Rich Aristocrates who wish to dictate the management of the world for their only benefit….more power and money!

    Yet, you do retain the same narrative of the uninformed public, as a result of the collaboration of the Aristocracy which owns TNH, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times etc….’that we all know the Russian meddled in the elections of the United States.’….which would suggest that the election of Donald Trump was rigged and illegitimate .and support the contention….that Hillary Clinton and the Democrates …were cheated!

    However, if the public believes they meddled….then it is only because…. again Robert Mueller has lied with his brothers from the swamp and deep state …and have not provided any evidence or convicted anyone of those charges. He lied about the collusion of Donald Trump….and as the informed public understands.from the testimony of FBI investigatiors…..there was never any evidence to justify …..the creation of the Mueller Independent probe! On the contrary….unless you are brain dead….and accept that two Russian businesses…used 12 Russian Nationals to troll on Social Media outlets….to influence the American election constitutes criminal meddling by the Russian government …..then you should understand , you are as indictable for what you post in TNH…in influencing the readers in a criminal investigation of Donald Trump!

    However, while you will not hear this on the pages of TNH…another one of those Aristocratic supporters of the Neo Con Republicans…..that Mr. Mueller is in deep trouble, since

    You see those Russian meddlers , have done something Mr. Mueller never dreamed would happen, when he publicly indicted without evidence, Russian Nationals and businesses for meddling in the U.S elections, and they have now…actually, hired lawyers to contest the false charges Mr. Mueller has made, just like , the false allegations of collusion by Mr. Trump.

    In fact, though, these lawyers have been scrutinizing the indictment very carefully, and making demands for discovery that they say Mueller has ignored for weeks. To put it mildly, this is not a case the special counsel is anxious to try; he is even less thrilled at the prospect of disclosing his evidence and investigative files to a business controlled by Yevgeny Prigozhin. Apart from being close to Putin, Prigozhin is personally charged as a defendant in the case — he controls not just Concord but all three businesses charged in the indictment.
    By indicting Russian businesses that belong to a Kremlin-connected defendant who cannot be forced to leave Russia, Mueller risked exactly what has happened: one of the businesses showing up to contest the case at no risk, in effect forcing Mueller to show this Kremlin-connected defendant what he’s got, even though he has no chance of getting the Kremlin-connected defendant convicted and sentenced to prison.

    The surest way to put an end to this unwelcome turn of events would be to dismiss the indictment — or at least drop the charges against the three businesses so Prigozhin and the Kremlin can’t use them to force Mueller’s hand. Of course, that would be very embarrassing. But as all prosecutors are taught from their first day on the job: Never indict a case unless you are prepared to try the case.

    Therefore, Mr. Mueller, has lied to you again, and has relied on the ignorance of the American people to sabatoge relations with the Russian Federation, and impose economic warfare on Russia, and possibly incite hostile actions between the United States and Russia, and submarine Mr. Trump!

    Mr. Mueller never expected any Russian to come to America….and be possibly arrested, in order to go to trial to expose ….the facts , that Mr. Mueller, had committed treason in promoting and supporting economic warfare against Russia, which could lead to possible war with Super Nuclear Power Russia , and evoke war on the people of America , based on false and misleading narratives, supported by what Mr. Trump call the most dishonest people on the face of this earth…..who have created these perpetual wars, and implemented false and distorted narrative to the American people. Did TNH tell you about this ..NO! Did TNH…tell you the bombing of Syria by these degenerates, who have taken over our country, is not considered a War Crime…since, the OPCW has filed an interim report on their investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons by Russia and Syria on civilians in Douma, Syria….which concludes their is no evidence of any chemical weapons use….and it appears to be a hoax! NO…they have not told you this!

    No ….Mr. Saros….the “Informed Public” knows that Russia did not meddle in any elections….and you are just another Victim of a campaign of misinformation against Russia ….to make America’s elitist degenerates enemies…America’s enemies!
    When you watched the debacle of a tyranical government and sponsored media..turn the Helsinki Summit from a major meeting to prevent a possible Nuclear War…with Russia based on the hysteria of economic and military actions against Russia …based on the Russiangate Media Narrative to an inquisition against the leader of Russia and Donald Trump…even suggesting that a coup should be made to stop a president seeking to secure the safety and peace for the American people , which Mr. Putin could end in one hour!

    You and the world , witnessed a degenerate bunch of White Supremacist corrupt members of the media …try their best to fulfill what these demented individual want… another war, and not satisfied with the blood they have spilled in the Middle East….in killing 3/1/2 million people!

    If you can’t put this together….after that show…..then their is no hope for this public to continue to be fooled …and leading to their inevitable suicide!

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