Analysis: Urgency for Renewal

Archbishop Demetrios and Metropolitans Gerasimos of San Francisco, Methodios of Boston, and Savas of Pittsburgh along with Consul general of Greece Stratos Efthymiou, Tomas Lelon, and Bishop Andonios of Phasiane listen to Efstathios Valiotis speaking about the need the Church in America to become Autocephalous. (Photo by TNH/Theodoros Kalmoukos)

The point that the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America is in great need of an urgent renewal is not new. We have written about it time and again over the years, that the Archdiocese itself along with its institutions, offices, and departments meaning the Metropolises, Hellenic College and Holy Cross School of Theology (HCHC), St. Basil’s Academy, the Eparchial Synod, Archdiocesan Council, Hellenic Paideia, and Catechetical Paideia, need and swift rejuvenation with new personnel, organization, and prospects.

I revisit this subject …

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  1. LET THE REJUVENATION OF GREEK ORTHODOXY BEGIN, AND YES, LET IT BEGIN IN BOSTON, A METROPOLIS IN DESPERATE NEED OF “a balanced, educated, humble, loving, caring hierarch who will love and respect the people of God, the parishes and the Theological School.”

  2. Changing personnel and institutions is not renewal. Changing hearts through the message of salvation and new life through Jesus Christ is the path to renewal.

  3. The path from the State and Federal investigations on Saint Nick and the ARCHO finances will lead us to salvation. Lets all watch the investagation spill over into the “Slush Fund Foundations” also like Leaderless 100, Faithless, and the Hellenic Asylum… All social clubs without a cross.

    Ephesians 5:11 “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

  4. Not renewal, REFORM which begins by moving all monies under professional third party keeping.

    We do not trust the metropolitans or the bishops.

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