Mitsotakis: Greece Experiencing an Unspeakable National Tragedy

Photo by EUROKINISSI / Stelios Missinas.

ATHENS – “Our country is experiencing an unspeakable national tragedy. The pain is great. The images of families that died in each others arms are shocking,” main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday.

“I want to express my sincere condolences to the relatives of the victims. At this time, we all have to stand beside them and support them in every way.

I also want to express my gratitude to the men and women of the fire brigade, but also the volunteers who, discounting any personal danger, saved lives.

On the anniversary of the restoration of democracy, the outcome is sad: The Greek state, through the years, is unable to effectively protect the lives and property of its citizens.

Today, however, is not the time to assign blame. While the country is in mourning, there is no point in confrontation.

Now is the time for unity and solidarity. Let us just think silently that something has to change and that we must finally move from easy words to difficult actions.”

Mitsotakis visits Rafina-Pikermi municipality for briefing on disaster

Main opposition New Democracy President Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Tuesday paid a visit to the Rafina-Pikermi municipality and held talks with the mayor, local government officials and Attica region MPs.

According to ND, local officials briefed Mitsotakis on the extent of the disaster in the area following Monday’s devastating fires, expressing fears that the death toll will climb even higher due to the large number of people reported missing. They also noted that the number of homes gutted by the fire has yet to be confirmed, including which among them were permanent residences as opposed to holiday homes.

Mitsotakis promised to make every possible effort to assist in finding shelter for the families that have lost their homes, discussing the issue with the head of the Greek municipalities’ union Yiannis Patoulis, who was in the area.

ND’s leader also highlighted the need to restore power and the water supply to the area and ensure the quickest possible relief and compensation for damages and loss of property. He then talked with Red Cross staff assisting with relief and rescue efforts and fire brigade officers coordinating operations in the area.

After his visit to Rafina, Mitsotakis went to the Sismanoglio Hospital and took part in a meeting with the hospital’s administration and doctors, who briefed him on the condition of the burn victims admitted on Monday night and the effort underway to save those in critical condition.


  1. Yes don’t take tragedy and try and make political gain, especially from Mitsotakis who now will go along with FYROM name change? But learn from each disaster and make changes and improvements, in this case FIRE, New fire fighting planes are needed, as the ones now are aging badly, and the numbers are too low, since a few have been lost recently to accidents, unfortunately this specific model is no longer made! Even with possible new production to begin??? More ground equipment, more help to the volunteer units with their outdated vehicles gear and resources….then new steps brush clearing, fire breaks, emergency plans for every area, many things can and should be done..when high temps, winds are all up, then Fire Alerts should be issued, with reduced activity in danger zones, increased patrols, equipment resources moved at the ready etc. Plus if any of these spot fires turn out to be arson as has been the case in many fires in greece, some by nuts others by land stealers, must be delt with in the harshest punishments possible, especially now with over 50+ deaths if arson then its (Murder)….yes no blame, for political gain..but after action report can use blame into inadequate gear, manpower, action plans, etc….to lessen or hopefully prevent future incidents as this……god bless the ones that have passed, are injured and all those helping…

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