Chania War Museum Building Completed Gutted by Fire

(Eurokinissi/Petros Pattakos)

The War Museum of Chania was completely burnt out in a big fire that broke out at 21:30 on Sunday and continued to rage until the early hours of Monday morning. Only the shell of the building remained standing at day break, with its condition due to be evaluated later on Monday, while the roof and mainly wooden interior were utterly destroyed.

Fire fighters managed to contain the blaze and prevent it spreading to nearby buildings, while power to the district was cut while the fire burned. Fire engines and fire men remain on hand in case the fire rekindles while the street in front of the museum has been closed to traffic as a precaution.

A foreign national that had taken refuge inside the empty building on Sunday night has been detained and an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire.

According to the Chania mayor, there were no exhibits in the museum at the time of the fire, though there may have been some historical archives, but the fire severely damaged one of the city’s most historic buildings, built in 1870 and used as a barracks by the Italian army in World War II.