What’s Wrong with NYU is What’s Generally Wrong with America

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum, FILE)

For most of my life I have held New York University (NYU) in high esteem. I applied and was accepted there for undergraduate studies; ultimately, I chose to attend Fordham University instead, but the decision was close.

I know many people – friends and relatives – who graduated from there. And I used to teach courses there in political science, journalism, and law.

This piece is about a recent occurrence at NYU that is certainly not exclusive to that university; rather, it …

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  1. Fordham is where Trump learned the casuistry of Alternative Facts.
    And where their uniate grads learned to profess at degree mills.

    1. Ahh, my Fordham. How the mighty have fallen. In 2012, it capitulated to the fascistic left by rescinding its invitation to Ann Coulter to speak. Fordham is not quite in, say, Berkeley’s fringe territory, but it is hardly the marketplace of ideas it was in my day.

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