Letter to the Editor: Trump, GOP Presidents Not Very Good; How about FDR?

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a press conference after a summit of heads of state and government at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Thursday, July 12, 2018. NATO leaders gather in Brussels for a two-day summit. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

To the Editor:

I am tired of reading in column after column Constantinos E. Scaros’ praise of President Trump; how well he is doing and how he walks on water.

Let me tell him about past Republican presidents: Reagan, who in 1980 went to a cemetery in Germany where SS officers were buried and paid homage; “Watergate” Nixon, who had a black list against his critics;

George “WMDs” Bush, who sent men and women to fight and get killed and maimed in Iraq, when he in 1968 joined the Texas Air National Guard to avoid combat in Vietnam. When he dies, those killed and maimed will be his judge and jury.

To sum it up, these clowns – Trump, Reagan, Nixon, and Bush – couldn’t tie FDR’s (Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s) shoelaces.

Andy Lampros
Danvers, MA


Editor’s Reply:

Dear Mr. Lampros:

Thank you for your letter. The National Herald welcomes divergent points of view as that creates a lively marketplace of ideas for the benefit of our readers. In that spirit, I respond as follows:

The challenge is to find good in every president; finding fault is easy. Watch, as I discuss your chosen president of praise, Franklin Delano Roosevelt: first of all, he wanted to increase the number of Supreme Court justices from nine to fifteen, so that he could pack the court with his handpicked “yes” men.

Second, though he certainly elevated morale in the U.S., which was very low due to the Great Depression, he prolonged the Depression through an artificially engineered, government-driven economy. Had he simply stepped out of the way, the economy would have recovered on its own, through free market forces, and would not have had to wait over a decade for WWII production in order to rebound.

Third, he dropped the ball on Pearl Harbor and though, to his credit, marshalled an effective plan of war, he gave away far too much to Joseph Stalin at Yalta. In fact, were it not for how the spoils were divided after WWII, there would have been no Cold War, no need for the United States to interfere in the Middle East so as to outmaneuver Russia, probably meaning there would have been no Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Iraq War, or 9/11.

Fourth, Roosevelt was infamous during WWII for detaining persons – including U.S. citizens – not only of Japanese descent, but also of German and Italian descent (though much of today’s politically correct media won’t mention the latter two nationalities, because they are “white Christian European”), in internment camps. That’s right: your FDR jailed people because of their race and nationality.

Finally, he was a notorious adulterer.

See how easy it is to criticize?

How about, instead, we find something supportive to say about our presidents? All our presidents. As I have done in this column about Donald Trump the past two years and Barack Obama in the eight years before that.

Constantinos E. Scaros
Contributing Editor


  1. Thank you Constantine for shining some light on FDR’s pitiful Presidency. Indeed, the FDR administration(s) laid the cornerstone of today’s American rapidly expanding socialist / redistributive programs that still exist today – farm subsidies, minimum wage, welfare and social “security”.
    Furthermore, Mr. Lampros should ask any older Eastern European / Warsaw Pact citizen / slave, how “victorious” they felt during 5 decades of living under communism due to FDR’s Yalta fiasco.
    Finally, it’s always fun to mention FDR’s internment camps to millennials (which I don’t believe Mr. Lampros is) and watch the cognitive dissonance kick in when told that Japanese – Americans were forcibly removed from their homes , without due process, so their neighbors could “feel safe”.

    1. Good points! Isn’t it amazing how after all of that, FDR is held to near-iconic status? It is considered sacrilege in so many circles to even suggest he was anything but a great president.

      Thank you for adding to the voices of reason to counter such nonsense.

  2. Mr. Scaros… I believe the recent Summit Meeting between the most powerful leaders of the world…President Donald trump and Vladimir Putin… makes your case! However, it also makes another case….that Donald Trump, as President of the United States does not run this country, and like previous Presidents, like Barack Obama and his partner in crime…Hillary Clinton…. are merely controlled by Degenerate White Supremacist and rascist…who have imposed a foreign policy of regime changes for the past 20 years to secure the sovereignty of all independent countries of the world which transfers controls their economic, political, and military allegiance to the New world order of Billionaires who have purchased the entire governments of the United States, Nato and the EU. to represent their interests, not those of the People of the countries they control…I submit ….MR. TSIPRAS…The former Prime Minister of Greece…and now governor of one of the U.S. lead Nato countries…who has surrendered the culture and sovereignty of Greece!

    Unless you are Brain dead…what we and the world witnessed…was a nationally televised coup of the elected President of the United States ….Donald Trump, because he was attempting to improve relations, work together on common interest, and most importantly preserve peace for not only the people of America but the world with Russia…after the Congress, C.I.A, and Mainstream Media had fabricated information to make Russia , an enemy of the United States…which has restored despicably the cold war…and the real threat of Thermonuclear war which can end ….America’s dream of Global dominance and destroy the peace and security of the citizens of America!. Something the Nazi propaganda machine of today’s mainstream media never mentions…when they sell the hostile economic and military provocation against the Russian Federation! What ever happened….to the Nuclear war drills during the first Cold War in our schools…in which we had to get under a desk in our school…. while the white Supremacist aristocrates of our government were running to their fortified bunkers! Doesn’t exist….because no American is going to take that hit…for the greater New Neo Nazi regime in the Ukraine.or Nato country…but the Degenerate Sadist currently running our government and their C.I.A mobsters who orchestrated the murder and injuring of 31/2 million people in Vietnam and now the Middle East….to fulfill their Global destruction for control of every country of the world including Russia! No we cannot alarm and advise them of the consequences of war crimes bombing of the world …which is now 1 bomb every 12 minutes by the United States on a Country of the world….and why our country is the undisputed champions by all Polls ….to threaten the peace of the world!
    What Mr. Scaros was shocked to see…was these white Supremacist Aristocrates …terrified that this meeting would make friends of Russia and preserve peace…. and destroy their plans to punish Russia, not for any meddling or collusion charges…but for obstructing their plans to overthrow another independent country of the world ….Syria! These degenerates of the Media ….called the intervention of Russia into Syria…an invasion…not a requested assist by the leaders of Syria. to help fight ISIS, Al Queda, Al Nustra and the other fanatical Sunni Muslim Brigades of ally Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, the United States, United Kingdom and France who murdered Orthodox , Catholic, Coptic Christians along with all the other Non-Sunni Muslim faiths in Syria , Iraq, Libya, and now in Yemen! On the other Hand…Mr Obama and the financial prostitute of Saudi Arabia….provided 4500 troops and appropriated 1 billion dollars to recuit , train, and equip Sunni MUslim brigades to fight ISIS, and somehow , most or all of these guys wound up fighting for ISIS! What is hilarious, if not Sad, in Russia fighting ISIS in Syria…they were actually, supporting the people of America…who the degenerates in Washington. told …were the greatest threat to the security and peace of America!
    So Now you know why…. all the negative propaganda and false flag charges were made before the Summit Meeting, and then …watch the pruveyors of war and the foreign policy of perpetual wars …like McCain, McConnel, Corker , Flake, Graham , Rubio , joined by their colleques of the Democratic party ..Shumer, Pelosi, Hillary, Obama… the core foundation of degenerates ever assembled…call this man of peace…a traitor, foreign agent for meeting with Vladimir Putin…. and if you can get past the overwhelming propaganda campaign…will realize …has done nothing against America…and as a matter of fact is currently helping us …destroy the greatest threat to America …Terrorist Islamic Muslims called ISIS in Syria!

    John Brenner …the former degenerate leader of the C.I.A…is promoted front and center…to call Mr. Trump a Traitor..and how dare he…not trust whatever the C.I.A and the Intelligence center of the Billionaires establishment says…after Russia meddling and collusion! How dare he question the lobyal subjects of the International Communist Party that has hijacked our country for world control! That’s right, these are the same guys who provided the false intelligence to George Bush Jr. that Iraq had weapons of Mass Destruction…which resulted in the killing of 600,000 foreign Iraqi civilians. These are the same degenerates, who told Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama….that the leader of libya was committing genocide against the jihadist mercenaries of Saudi Arabia…and led to the complete destruction of one of the Most Progresive countries in North Africa…Libya! These are the same guys…. who said absolutely Russia and Syria had dropped chemical weapons on Douma, Syria killing loads of civilians…which led to the War crimes party by member of the leading White Supremacist aristocrates from France, Britain, and the United states!
    Unfortunately, again this demonic group of human…unseen in human history…..have been exposed by the interim report of the investigation by the chemical weapons experts of the OPCW…who at the Hague… declared that their was no chemical weapons use in Douma…and combined by independent media interviews with the alleged victims….the whole thing was a hoax…staged by the Aqueda terrorist members of the White Helmets observers who …guess what are …funded by the United States and England! Add the Scripal poisoning lie by Mrs. May, which also has fallen apart…you now understand …the people of America and Greece…are dealing with the most infiltrated degenerate freaks and Atheist in our governments…who make Adolph Hitler look like Santa Claus….until you accept this reality…we have no hope for the future of our children!

    If you do not understand…that the President you call a clown…. was seeking to do what any noble President is suppose to do …preserve the peace and security of it people. The ones who now run our country in every way possible….with the help of their key weapon the media…who is now no more than a propaganda machine to sell the degenerate policies of their financial White suppremacist to dictate who we elect, how we are dress, how we socialize, what wars we are supposed to support, what is politically correct to say..and anything the opposite in insubordination and unpatriotic, and to be dismissed, are attempting to sabotage those Peace efforts, and provoke a hostile environment to fulfill their desire to provoke war with Russia, and in so doing evoke war on the American people and world…..just to subdue another independent country of the world …to be part of this International Order of Billionaire White Suppremacist ..who now become the Proletariate to their form of communist tyranny and power!

    Stop watching the news…think for yourself…and ask the question…what do you mean the Russian, or any other ethnic group who is not part of this evangelical secret society brothers of the United States and England… did what? and what proof do you actually have…? You see…the next time your favorite politician say “WE OR I…believe or have confidence that …some leader or country is guilty of something that threatens the people of America…you should immediately…have him removed from our government!

    Mr.Scaros…you make your case for defending Mr. Trump, but you need to make a new case…in exposing the treachery…surrounding the democracies of America and Nato countries… it is time you step out …like Tucker Carlson of Fox News, and other alternate networks…the mainstream media ..including Fox News, CNN , NBC…BBC…are completely and utterly spitting out everyday…false news and lies …just like Donald Trump said. It was Donald Trump …who is keeping his promise to his voters…when he said I plan to improve relations with Russia… and end the foreign policies of overthrowing of the governments of the independent countries of the world which has been the policy of the same people and media…who are now asking for Mr. Trumps head!

    Mr. Scaros…you have a great opportunity to do what Mr. Walter Cronkite, the great journalist and news commentator did in ending the Vietnam War…tell the truth to the American People and Greece!

    Welcome to the the New International Communist Party manifested in the U.S. , Nato and Europe…and using democracy as a tool of war!

    Michael Gianakos

    1. Michael, you are so dead on with your analysis that it’s actually scary ! Thank you for giving us A different and pretty accurate perspective of who is pulling the strings globally behind the scenes today. These followers of Satan are entrenched everywhere and seem to stick together and have each other’s backs. Mr Trump is a very courageous man for standing up to them. I wish him and Mr Putin luck in their efforts together. May Fod be with them for the sake of peace.

    2. Thank you so much, Michael, for a detailed and thoughtful analysis. So that our readers are clear, though, I was NOT the one who wrote the first letter, calling the president a clown. I wrote the RESPONSE letter. Both letters appear together on our website and in the print edition of July 21, 2018. Thank you again for your insightful commentary.

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