The Trump-Putin Conversation 

FILE - U.S. President Donald Trump, let, waves as he leaves after a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin after their meeting at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland, Monday, July 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, FILE)

“Don’t call it a ‘summit’” was the word from the White House about the meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which took place on July 16, “it’s just a conversation.”

By most accounts, Mr. Trump’s comments during the post-meeting joint press conference were viewed quite negatively. In addition to his usual critics on the left, the president was admonished by a good number of folks on the right: within a Republican Party that has increasingly fallen in line …

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  1. Despite all the efforts …. of the ruling party of White Supremacist Aristocratic Billionaires who now own the two most important parts of their party….The Governments of the United States, EU, Nato ….by far the most important and greatest threat to the world ….Mainstream media and newspapers of the world…. they have not only failed to obstruct and overthrow the President of the United States, and discredit the leader of Russia, but have fully exposed to the world ….who the degenerate members of the United States Government and the media are…who have been called “The Swamp”, “Deep State” “Shadow Government” “Communist” and “Fascist”! Prior to Mr. Trump being elected President…the public already knew that the government was corrupt thru and thru….based on Gallop Polls in 2016, in which “78% of the American people considered the U.S. government corrupt thru and thru” They also knew in another poll of Gallop International …”That the countries of the world consider the United States the Greatest threat to peace in the World” I wonder why? As of today …the United States is dropping at least one bomb on a country of the world every 12 minutes…..and it is estimated have killed 22 million human beings since the end of World War 2!

    Thanks to the alleged conversations or Summit by Mr.Putin and Mr. Trump….. they now know who is responsible for the wars in Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia, libya, Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, Somalia, Ukraine, Yemen etc etc…and now calling Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia etc …enemies of America, and imposing economic, political, and military war on these countries of the world…who have something in common…they are independent countries of the world….who have not surrendered like Greece…their sovereignty and control of their economic, political, and military to the United States and the new International alliance of Communist states in Nato and the EU., who answer to the New World Order of the Richest Billionaires white supremacist…who can be found in the traditional and historic countries of the United Kingdom, United States , Germany, and the oil rich Sunni Muslim fanatical royalty of Saudi Arabia , UAE, Qatar, Jordan and the rest of this degenerate Islamic extremist…who can even fund the transplant of their faithful into the rest of Europe!

    Which brings us to why ….Mr. Trump…should immediately do what he said …he was going to do if elected…. indict them for criminal treason…like Hillary Clinton…and clean out the swamp…which is completely entrenched in every department of the United States…appointed to execute the criminal foreign policy of overthrowing the governments of the world…not surrendering their countries to …an organized crime family of white Supremacist and paying tribute to them …like the degenerates of Saudi Arabia! This cancer is infiltrated…and if you haven’t noticed…The FBI,State Department , Justice Department, C.I.A and most of the congress of the United States! There job…like a communist state …is to protect and shield those members of the party or government from prosecution for the breaking of International and domestic laws of the United States, and to promote and prosecute any country or person not a part of the party… and has been designated an enemy of the state! Hence, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin!

    To this end ….the degenerates who have provoked and raped the treasury of the United States, and sent brave American soldiers to their deaths in the Middle East, to represent the interests of their financial benefactors to enact regime changes…. will not tolerate any interference to their regime plan changes…which now include the President of the United States and Russia!
    What do you not understand…. the international Communist party represented by members of the Democratic party, and the International Neo Nazi members of the Republican party…. have for the moment engaged in an alliance to fulfilled their obligations to provide to their financial benefactors….the heads of every country of the world that does not …surrender their sovereignty to their degenerated White Supremacist aristocrates who have the money to buy it! Hence, America is not a democracy…and never has been a democracy… is simply a work place location …which gives you the right to have a job…and allegedly make money…..and if you haven’t noticed…by any means possible!

    All they want …is for the American people to provide tribute…in the form of Taxes…to fund their interests to make more money…and maintain control of the countries of the world. That is why…they consider every American inferior and stupid…because they can call Russia …a threat to the United States, while they main almost 900 military bases in the world, 22 aircraft carriers and spends 800 billion dollar on the military and their global empire, while Russia has 1 base in the world , one aircraft carrier and spends 66 billion dollars on their military!

    Understanding this, what we witnessed at the Summit ….was simply, an effort to discredit and sabotage the efforts of Donald Trump to improve relations and cooperation with Vladimir Putin to prevent …what the degenerate media …has hidden from us… the provocations against Russia in the form of economic,political , and military warfare by the degenerates of the government of the United States, who have brought us Perpetual wars for the last 25 years, and responsible to restoring a despicable cold war…and now the real threat of Thermonuclear war with Russia….which can destroy destroy the dreams of all those American living over the Poverty line…which is only 55%….while the rest of American…representing 45%, have no real dreams to lose! In less than one hour…this alleged madman…. and immoral human being …can take out the United States of America!
    Yet, he knows the moral consequences to war with the United States….but not the degenerates, in the media and government…who are ideologically demented animals …who promote with false news and misrepresentation narratives …with only one objective ….to destroy relations with Russia…forment a hostile environment by promoting a false narrative…that suggest that Mr. Trump …was not meeting and colluding with Mr. Putin …to meet the number one obligation of the President of the United States to ” Secure the Peace and Security of the people of the United States” but to perjure themselves…in not confessing to collusion or meddling of the Russian Federation …in defeating …one of the most horrific financial prostitutes and heir apparent to this International Communist Order…Hillary Clinton!
    Does the Brain dead American Public…believe that a major summit between Russia and The United States …was simply designed to bring to Justice…the leader of the a country…in possession of 7000 Nuclear warheads! What were they going to do…when he said…Not Quilty…arrest him, because some proven degenerates in the C.I.A. and Intelligence unit believe he did…you know the same guys…who got 600,000 Iraqis dead, destruction of the entire country of libya, and just recently, initiated a war crimes bombing of Syria based on false information that Russia and Syria had dropped chemical weapons of civilians in Douma, Syria! The OPCW investigation has issued an interim report…no chemical weapon have been detected in Douma….and based on interviews with the alleged Victims…it was a hoax!

    And that is why Mr. Trump with the support of every American…demand an immediately investigation of Cnn, fox New, New York Times, Washington Post in colluding and conspiring with members of the United States government in the attempted overthrow of the President of the United States …in promoting a narrative that the President of the United States ….had committed Treason by meeting with the leader of Russia, and has colluded to violate the laws of the United States, and to serve the interest of a foreign country! Furthermore, The media heads of the aformentioned News outlets …should be indicted for Treason…for attempting to provoke and incite an environment of hostility and threats against the Russian Federation and its leader….. on behalf of members of the United States Government….in order to provoke war ….and most importantly “Evoke War” on the people of America, Russia, and the world!

    And you can start the indictment with former C.I.A. Director John Brenner, John McCain, Lindsey Graham , Bob Corker , Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chuck Shumer, and add the heads of the mainstream media for their part in the conspiracy!

    A desperate swamp…has exposed itself….to protect their plans, which is contingent on War with Russia, China, Iran and is why ….they steal our money …to fund these objectives. Just think…are these not the same people who ….called MR. Trump a traitor and foreign agent…in meeting with the leader of North Korea. As Republican Congressman.of California …stated…their is a powerful political clique…that has taken over our country! Well sir…do your job…arrest them, before they evoke war on us!

  2. Notice how Rod Rosenstein said Trump asked him to release the 12 GRU indictments before the Summit? Note GRU is military? Remember how they use to tell Greeks the Tsar was really on their side but his military wasn’t? Remember how Dubya looked futile looking into Putin’s soul after Georges Hormiz Sada said Russia secreted Saddam’s WMD in Syria? Notice how the USA military became independent of Trump after Charlottesville? Well, here’s a grand theory. The Russian military had too many Iraqi and Syrian interests and told Putin what to do, overriding the deep look into his soul. John Bolton said on Sunday he noticed how Putin was emphatic to his translator that the hackers were not Russian STATE. No, they are deep state, the military industrial complex Ike warned about and Putin want Mueller to go after them and liberate Putin from captivity.

    1. Really , special prosecutor Mueller…who is in serious trouble based on the Testimony of Mrs Page the FBI agent,who is privy to FBI Stroka’s bias intentions of stopping Donald Trumps candidacy by promoting any narrative like Russian Meddling or collusion which makes him and maybe the Great Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of using the FBI and Intelligence department of the United states ….guilty of politically assasinating a U.S. candidate for President of the United States and possibly sitting president…Donald Trump!
      Let me get this straight…Donald Trump has colluded with Mr.Putin and special Prosecutor Mueller
      . to free a foreign leader …Mr. Putin…from the control of the military of Russia! Silly me…and I thought Valdimir Putin was trying to set the record straight to free Donald Trump from the control of the military and C.I.A of the United States!
      Oh I get it….Mr. Bolton…the degenerate murder of millions of people in the Middle East, and one of the champions of the information that Iraq had weapon of mass destruction with the C.I.A….can be trusted to look into someones eyes….of Vladimir Putin …and determine…that it was not …Russia , but subversive military intelligence of Russia …who actually meddled and colluded with donald Trump to get him elected to the Presidency of the United States! So let me understand this….does that also suggest that it was the Russian military and not the Russian diplomates…who payed off the Orthodox Priest of Greece to get Mt. Athos, and tried to get the Greek people to protest the handover by the former Prime Minister of Greece…Mr. Tsipras,,,, of the culture of Macedonia to Fyrom!

      Wait a second, Lescania,….I think you should start placing your euro dollars or rubles on the narrative ….that based on history….including the most recent events in the bombing of Syria by the miliary of the United States, in which , the military and intelligence service of the military industrial complex of the United states set up a hoax chemical weapons attack by Russia and Syria on Domma,Syria, which based on the Chemical weapon investigation of the OPCW of the Hague….never occured! No chemical weapons attacked…however, all indications are that the White Helmet observer funded by te United States and Great Britain….stagged it! Today, Israel, at the request of the United States and Canada….military …have been evacuated from Syria ….to be placed in Canada…but maybe not the United States….and importantly, are escaping from criminal prosecution by the Syrian government for war crimes! SO MOST LIKELY LOSCANIA..IT WAS THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX OF THE UNITED STATES ….WHO HACKED THE DNC!
      Furhtermore, it is Mr. Mueller and Mr. Rostein who may be on the hook for complicity in launching an investigation or probe without sufficient evidence to even legally go after MR. Trump…since, the FBI Agent Page…testified that there was really no evidence of collusion or meddling …when these degenerate communist initiated …their attack on Mr.Trump…in order ot find anything to impeach him and remove him from office..since, he was not a reliable member of the ruling party of degenerate white supremacist billionaires who own everybody in Nato , EU and the United States media…to continue their plans to turn all independent countries of the world into vassal communist states, with the proletariate residing in Washington D.C. and Brussels!

      What you can’t stand…is both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin …want to make their countries interest first ….not the communist alliances and blobs of the EU and NATO…who demand the sovereignty of all the countries of their membership! What Donald Trumps knows …is the enemy of the United States ….is not just Russia, and China…but the EU and Nato…who are the future franchise of the White suppremacist power, and will soon compete with the United states economically, politically, and militarily…and run by the new communist leaders of Brussel..with the old boys from Germany leading the rule of all the countries of Europe…something they never to be able to do!

      Loscanis, you have to simplify …. what you are observing …as I have written… The deep state…included the Military Industrial complex…but only in the United STates does it have the ability to impose its contribution to the New International Communist order ..because unlike Russia…they have about 800 billions dollars more than the Russia Military to operate with and feed on, and about 21 more aircraft carrier than Russia to impose their power and about 800 bases to one base of Russia to continue to do what ever they want!
      They only people captive …are the people of the world to …the most degenerate journalism and media in world history…who has no soul to prevent the outcome of their actions …which is catastrophic Nuclear war! That is the Reality….of MR. Trumps and Mr. Putin’s conversation!

  3. Like any ferral child the Russians and their supporters distort the facts to excuse themselves. During the Revolution Mennonite Catherine was seen as a fellow masonic reformer but with Anna of Courland’s rejection of masonic Galitsine’s Magna Carta, relations soured. The USA enever saw Russia as a friend. Lincoln repeatedly saw Russian serfdom as worse than Amerian slavery. Central Europeans fleeing the 1848 oppression freed Americas slaves, built American industry and tamed the vast farmland of the midwest. Former president Ulysses Grant was one of the main initiators of a rally in New York in 1882 protesting anti-Jewish atrocities in Russia. The Crimean War was seen as a Crusade against the Heresy of Photius, during which the predecessor Prometheus Plan neutralized Greece. Americans always loved Turks, following Gibbon. The American Indian language is two thirds Turkish. Ireand and Englang have Turkish lineage through the Vikings via Lapps and Finss. And Germans via Huns. America was always a Turkish nation. During the winter of 1861–1862, the Imperial Russian Navy sent two fleets to American waters to avoid their getting trapped if a war broke out with Britain and France. Many Americans at the time viewed this as an intervention on behalf of the Union, though historians deny this. Thomas A. Bailey, “The Russian Fleet Myth Re-Examined,” Mississippi Valley Historical Review, Vol. 38, No. 1 (Jun., 1951), pp. 81–90

  4. It was a serious mistake not to demand war crimes tribunals and the debolshefication of the Russian military after the Cold War. The deep state and military industrial complex we need to fear most is the one that still thinks the USSR was a good thing. Just as the secret societies we have to fear most are the lavender mafias of Athos which has been under soviet control since 1839, not to mention its basis on the pyramid necrophile Anthony. If Mr Giannacus doesn’t like our eternal affiliation with Turkey he is free to go drink some pollonium with Putin while the Skoptozy Russians circumcize his women. That is why Joni Ernst, who started life castrating hogs, said the USA can never be aligned with the beastial, bovine Russians.

  5. I was expecting Trump to coolly nuke Iran and North Korea while he was talking to Putin, just like he bombed Syria while talking to Xi. But this will instead occur while Trump is showing Putin his parade in November. The summit was all about the Saudis cutting off the Huthi supply lines and aiming at Teheran, who obligingly made fools of themselves afterwards. Very clearly, both Iran and North Korea share borders with Russia and are soviet puppets Putin pushes to make noise when he needs to raise the price of oil. And yes, Putin seems to be hostage of the same military that held Yeltsin hostage. And of course, all our habbahubbas are merely shiite money lauderers who dress the part with kafiyas for apocries.

    1. Hey, Flavios……..apparently, you must have the latest script from the State Department and C.I.A. you knowln;;;; the one’s who provided the former Prime Minister of Greece , Tsipras, with the previous scripts dismissing Russian diplomats from the countries of Nato….to prevent any relationship with any country of the puppet states of Nato and the EU with Russia….and suggests that sovereign countries ….considered enemies of the United States….which you haven’t noticed…is now the entire world!. You see….when you are a totalitarian empire…. every country of the world is a threat and possible enemy!

      So Flavios…what secret society are you a member of …..and has been provided with the new narrative…that circumvents Donald Trumps desire to be friends with Vladimir Putin ….but can maintain the narrative ….that Russia is a hostile country and threat to Nato and the world …as defined by John McCain, HIllary Clinton and their billionaire white supremecist masters!

      Thank you for informing us all on the next act of treason by MSM….which is to suggest that it is not Vladimir Putin in control of Russia…but a military junta ! Isn’t this special…to the informed….it has been the junta of the military of the United Statess led by John McCain and his reapublican swampsers ,who are controlling Donald Trump!

      Understand….rule of thumb…..When the C.I.A and the corrupt members of congress….accuse Russia of anything…it is because they are already doing it, or planning to do it! And the collaborative MSM…can make this work ….when you are owned by White Supremacist billionaires…who have been doing this since ….they put together this manifesto after world war 11…. to pick up where …their idol…Adolph Hitler failed to do…in World War 2!

      For example…when they continue to accuse Russia of meddling in the elections and politics of the United States….and use that as an excuse to put thousands of U.S. troops in Poland and on the border of Russia…which is like grabbing the fin of a Great White Shark in the middle of the Black Sea, and you can bet your last dollar…. if MR. Putin was not in control…. the military of Russia…would have already invaded the Ukraine…and sent a message to Mr. Trump…you have crossed a line!

      Instead, while doing all this ….they provide millions of dollars to educate and organize a opposition groups in the Ukraine and feature a State Department Deputy of Hillary Clinton time … literally, determining the leaders of the Ukraine….two weeks before the coup of the elected leader of the Ukraine…. Flavios…I direct you and your secret society …to go to You Tube…. and look up Victoria Nuland… and watch the world wide feature of the United States Swamp…setting up with the U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine …on open telephone lines….not secure classified lines…. which were intercepted by some foreign intelligence agency, and released! Now Flavios ..your crowd…would not be outraged by the fact that your government did this…you woulld be outraged…THAT THE RUSSIAN MILITARY DID NOT GET BAITED INTO TAKING MILITARY ACTION TO RESTORE THE ELECTED LEADER OF THE UKRAINE…..BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE DEGENERATES OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES WANTED…IN ORDER TO PROVIDE THEM WITH A PRETEXT FOR PROVOKING WAR WITH RUSSIA BY NATO!

      You call North Korea…. a puppet of Russia…and unless you are working for the C.I.A….everybody, including Donald Trump….. knows that China…who is the military protector of North Korea and it’s overwhelming economic life line, now and during the Korean war, but fail to mention …that Russia….has joined the United Nations in imposing some of the harshest economic sanctions on North Korea for their Nuclear weapons development! Additionally, do you really think…..that it is in the interests of Vladimir Putin or his military… to have alleged puppet North Korea armed on their border with Nuclear Weapon ….that cannot only be used against the U.S , but Russia!

      Flavios….thanks for updating me that it will be “Donald Trump”, not the military of the United State who will begin thermonuclear war with the world…beginning with Iran…..and then North Korea, right on the border of Nuclear armed Russia and China…and allowing the radiation fall out to kill their citizens, while Mr. Putin is having drinks with his friend and alleged political ally …Donald Trump. You need ….serious therapy…from those C.I.A. mind control experiments

      Hey Flavios…. and you would like all of us to believe… that it is …Mr. Putin fault for the high price of oil, not your favorite congressman of the United States and journalist of CNN.. that it is they, who are manipulating the prices of oil …by tearing up a treaty with Iran …in qorder to impose economic warfare…which is primarily based on shutting down any oil and gas supplies …from one of the leading exporters of oil to harm them economically….but decreases the supply of oil on the open market….and is a windfall for MR. Putin and the Saudi Princes of the Gulf States in forcing up prices fo the world! Compound that with your wish to nuke Iran …on behalf on the owners of America…the Jewish State of Israel…one can only imagine what the price of oil and gas …will be for the peasants of the citizens of the world!

      Finally, is this the best you can do …. for your employer…suggest that the Summit …was not representing the interest of America and Russia…but one of the greatest state sponsors of terrorism in the world …who produced 17 Sunni Mulsim followers from Saudi Arabia to kill 3000 Americans, sponsor radical Sunni Muslim Jihadist with UAE, Jordan , Turkey, Qatar and the United States( funded by your C.I.A the tune of 1 billion dollars…which was shut down when Mr. Trump became President), Israel and the UK to overthrow all govenment fo the middle east not compliant to the religious rule of Saudi Arabian Sunni;s and hence, the targeting and war crimes in Yemen…and the targeting of Iran! Flavios…you need to add this to your Narrative…the U.S., U.K, and Israel…have simply piggybacked on the Saudi Arabia … billionaire new world order member.initiative …. to overthrow the independent countries of the Middle East….called shite or secular….not only compliant to the religious domination and oil control of Saudia Arabia…but the United States!
      Flavios, what you need to do…is stop supporting this C.i.A and Swamp inspired anti- Russian propaganda narrative to provoke a war ….and bury this new script ….that we are not at war …with Russia and Mr. Putin…but attempting to do …what we have sold for the last 70 years…. free and protect the people of Russia…. by overthrowing their military!

      The informed…know how degenerate this country has become….and it is not the military of Russia that needs to be overthrown….but a military that has a budget of over 800 billions dollars representing more than enough money to drop one bomb every 12 minutes of the day!

      And if Constantinos E. Scaros can’t observe that…and find that interesting …and enough to start …providing the information, not being provided to the people of America….by the most corrupt state sponsors of the C.i.A communications network…were half these journalist …are C.I.A funded troll…then he is missing on becoming as famous as Daniel Elsberg and Walter Cronkite!

      Michael Gianakos

  6. The only secret societies are the lavender mafia of the pyramid necrophile anthony

  7. Mr. MIgohastia….apparently, you have just woken up….from your Cryonics…. Cryopreservation frozen state …which apparently began in 1834! let me update you and your associate Loscanis … who apparently, have been very abused both sexually and mentally…by the Russian people back in 1834, maybe, in Germany or Turkey….because to my knowledge…both these countries have been the losers in all the wars …. they on behalf of the ottoman empire and the Kaiser of Germany….attempted to initiate against Russians …and I believer the number is 5 or 6 times…that Turkey was spanked and humiliated back in the old days!

    You should also be advised…..that Greece … in 1824… finally threw the Turks out of know the genocidal maniacs who attempted to kill every Armenian they could …and for that matter Greek. of The Christian faith! Greece was an independent country again…and thanks to their courage ….never allowed anybody to extinguish the richest cultural, religious , and heritage in the world …till MR. Tsipras , became the Prime Minister of Greece!

    Here is what you obviously your deep sleep….Russia was an ally of the United States in World War 1…in winning the war against … apparently your favorite countries Germany and the Kaiser…and Turkey…and Austria Hungary etc. Thank God …what would the world be like today …if Russia had not helped us, including Greece!

    You also missed ….that Russia was again an ally of the United states in World War 2 ,,,, against your favorite degenerates Adolph Hitler and the Nazi’s of Germany , and Italy…and their late entry…Turkey!.
    Both of those countries ….Germany and Turkey….represent the only two countries of the world to occupy, rape, murder, commit heinous war crimes against the people of Greece…and destroy their property and steal the antiquities of Greece! Interesting, the communists of Greece, who were sympathetic brothers of the communist party of Russia…were also … the major resistance force to the German Nazi force and Nazi Greek collaborators…and ultimately led the way to the removal of those genocidal deviates! …Both Germany and Turkey…..somehow are now allies of Greece…in being part of Nato, while Russia, not allowed into this club of white supremacist…. is considered a boogeyman! You know …what would be of Peter Pan…if he didn’t have Captain Hook!

    Russia lost millions of it people ….in defeating what was considered the most powerful military force in the world in 1945 ….Germany, and in 2018…it is now the United states of America!… Stay tuned…as the Helsinki summit response by the degenerates in the media…would imply… it appears Russia will again have to defend itself …and the cost will not run into the millions, but possibly billions! ….

    By the way…the Soviet Union no longer exists, . and the Russian Federation is a Parliamentary operation , and the communist party represents slightly less than 10% of the political parties and Vladimir Putin, has taken an economically and politically devastated country , who again can protect its sovereignty!

    The deboshefication of Russia has already occured, the problem is you need to debosheficate Nato and the United States…who have simply adopted the old communist block doctrines…for global dominance and control of the sovereignty of all independent countries of the world …and the model is sitting in Greece!
    What I do know …is anybody …who participated in the campaign of misinformation and propaganda against the Russian federation either a member of the Neo Nazi wing led by John McCain, lindsey Graham , John Brennan and the C.I.A from the Republican party swamp..or the Neo Liberal communist wig of the democratic party led by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chuck Shumer , and some of the richest aristocrates in the Democratic Party!

    I would love to have drinks with Vladimir Putin, and share a couple of ouzo;s or Metaxa, …with the only sane leader of the world ..who Donald Trump, my President says …is a great guy!

    But please …i won’t stop you from having a few brews with …some old friends of yours from Germany…Mrs Merkel and Mr. Edrogan .of Turkey…who the United sTates is eternally in love with! According to you!
    Please refer to my post below to Flavio…it kind of tell you what you really support.

    Michael Gianakos

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