Analysis: Inadequacies and Incompetencies

Mr. Lazaros Kyrkos chairman of the Finance Committee shows the previous budgets. Shown is Mr. George Tsandikos vice-chairman of the Archdiocesan Council. (Photo by TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos)

Since last September, when The National Herald first started the revelations about the Archdiocese’s dire financial situation, many attempts were made to ignore, spin, undermine, or even to refute them.

Let me make it clear that I don’t mean the various defenders and decoys, but rather the official representatives of the Church, including the archbishop, some hierarchs and some appointed laypersons, who were consciously spinning about the well-documented revelations – which rattled our Greek-American community, the Ecumenical Patriarchate – of which …

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  1. What happen to the delagates? Did any protest any of this?
    Who is left to trust? This is why organized religions are going down thetubes!
    Everyone works hard at local levels and to see these “leaders” squander and mismanage and to hide behind their “authorities”?
    If this was company who would invest in it?
    Archons, does this not concern you, how the church is managing our money?

    1. On a personal, spiritual level, certainly. However, the Church cannot exist without the bishop.

    2. And a few worthy bishops (and that may be an oxymoron among the Greek bishops) can be itinerant bishops, traveling like Old West circuit judges from place to place and actually ministering, converting, evangelizing, healing, hearing confessions and largely living as mendicants (with very minimal administrative support).

      This is a different model than the present Greek Orthodox Byzantine princelings model which is populated by abusive narcissists who are overfed (and probably overmedicated), overpaid, over-clothed, unproductive, destructive, no-good “takers”.

      Which model do you suppose Christ exemplified?

  2. Lower Manhattan Cynic, a bishop is not allowed to go into another bishop’s diocese and do services, preach, etc., without the consent of the presiding bishop of that diocese..That’s canon law. The issues you mention are indeed serious, and, unfortunately, true for many bishops. It is up to the laity to do something about this sorry state of affairs. The immediate solution is to go to another Orthodox jurisdiction to worship.

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