Los Angeles Commemoration for 44th Anniversary of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

FILE - A man passes the graves of soldiers killed in the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus in the Tymvos Macedonitissas military cemetery, during the 43rd anniversary in the divided capital of Nicosia, Cyprus, Wednesday, July 19, 2017. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

LOS ANGELES – The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco, the Honorary Consul General of Cyprus in Los Angeles Andreas Kyprianides, and the American Hellenic Council invite all to attend a Memorial Service to commemorate the 44th Anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. The event takes place Sunday, July 15, 11 AM at Saint Sophia Cathedral, 1324 S. Normandie Avenue in Los Angeles. The Very Reverend Father John Bakas will be officiating.

Please join in fellowship and remembrance to commemorate the lives lost and the tragic events that still plague the Republic of Cyprus today. The American Hellenic Council was born out of that illegal invasion and was initially named The Save Cyprus Council of Southern California. Those who attend the Memorial Service may sit in the front two rows on the right-hand side, which will be reserved for the occasion.

The American Hellenic Council is a non-partisan advocacy organization, which champions Hellenic values and culture. The primary goal is to promote Hellenism in the United States by supporting the cultural activities of the Hellenic-American community of Southern California and to raise public awareness of issues concerning the Eastern Mediterranean. AHC promotes democracy, human rights, and peace in Southern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, by informing the American public and public officials about on-going issues and conflicts, specifically about Greece and Cyprus.

More information is available by phone: 323-651-3507 and email: info@americanhellenic.org.