Russia Vows Reprisal for Greece’s Expulsion of Two Diplomats

FILE - The Kremlin is seen through a fog in Moscow, Russia, Monday, March 6, 2017. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

ATHENS – Russia’s Foreign Ministry said it will retaliate after Greece expelled two diplomats that Athens said were trying to undermine a deal to rename the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and open the door for its entry into NATO.

The agreement anti-nationalist Prime Minister and Radical Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras will let FYROM be called North Macedonia, giving away the name of the ancient abutting Greek province of Macedonia, and also pave for the way for European Union hopes.

The deal was brokered with the help of United Nations envoy Matthew Nimetz, an American lawyer who had failed for two decades to find a solution but accelerated the talks earlier this year amid speculation the United States wanted to get FYROM into NATO as a bulwark against Russian interests in the Balkans.

Greece also said it would ban entry for two other diplomats over the issue, said Kathimerini, and the Russian RIA news agency said two Greek diplomats would be tossed out of Moscow in response, bringing a chill in relations between the countries after Tsipras, a former Communist Youth leader, had tried to woo Russian President Vladimir Putin’s help during an economic crisis.

Kathimerini said the Greek government, which includes the pro-austerity, marginal, jingoistic Independent Greeks (ANEL) that have a far right stance, accused the Russian diplomats of circulating misinformation and trying to bribe state officials.

The paper said it was told by high-level Greek diplomatic sources it didn’t identify that one of the diplomats at the Russian Embassy being expelled is Victor Yakovlev.

The report said Greece also believed Russia was trying to expand its influence in Greece work with the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society.

The imbroglio was said, however, not to have interfered with otherwise good relations between the countries if you don’t count Russia trying to destabilize Greece and meddle in politics and domestic affairs in Greece. Greece did not, as other countries did, expel Russian diplomats after Russia was accused of trying to poison one of its former spies now living in London.

The paper said Russia is trying to pay off officials in cities and towns, Metropolitans in the Greek Orthodox Church and trying to get a foothold on the famed Mt. Athos.


  1. How could Commie Tsipras do this to his beloved red heroes? Meddling in greek affairs, when SYRIZA does not believe in borders or governments what meddling could there be? National issues, National security, SYRIZA doesn’t believe in Nationalism either….so there csn be no National Issues, Mt. Athos an Atheist worried about the Holy Mountain, yes I am sure he is upset about not only something he does not believe in, but does not respect either….This False Flag play, to apease who? NATO? the U.S.? Good try Communist Youth Leader Tsipras….He has already given greece away, what could he possibly be protecting? Chinese Ports? German Airports? Italian Railways? Wow Tsipras is an Internationalist, he’s trying to protect the whole world!!! Just not greece, go give away our past, our name, you given away everything already…

  2. Now we know….what the recent Meeting between Organized Crime Bosses and capo’s … Vice President Mike Pence, and U.S. ambassador to Greece Pyatt, and the former President of Greece…..Mr. Tsipras was all about!
    What it was about ….is the New Communist/fascist ….alliance of Global Aristocrates….ordered Mr. Tsipras to comply again with the wishes of the United States and Nato vassal states to represent their interest to obstruct any relationship with any country with Russia and for the purpose …of suppressing any influence Russia may have …in Europe, which , may in fact represent the interest of Europe, but not those of the United states. Those interest are to continue ….. a Black Hand foreign Policy of an organized crime family of the 30’s that demanded tribute and allegiance to this crime family by legitimate business owners, or face possible harm of their businesses by dangerous people in their area! Those owners who refused…..were then bombed by these crime families, in order to demonstrate, they needed protection! These Crime families ….would then again approach these legitimate businesses , if they would give up their ownership, and force them to hand over control of their businesses. This tactic is exactly…what the United States regime …is doing with Nato….and why Tsipras and Syriza….are only concerned with
    retaining their power, just like communist members of a Communist Central party…except this communist party is a global empire Now. The fascism…is merely an unholy alliance of Nationalist with the same objectives….control of all sovereign nations, funded like Nazi Germany….by the Aristocrates of the world!

    It is no coincidence…..that at the same time, Mr. Tsipras is at Nato meeting…Mr. Trump….demands that Germany stops a contracted construction of an oil and gas pipeline with Russia….which provides and secure for the people of Germany with cheaper Gas and Oil supplies for the future, because it would allow Russia …somehow now an enemy of Europe, to and get this “influence” in Germany! On Que….Mr. Tsipras ….suddenly, accuses Russia in meddling in the Macedonian dispute, and in attempting to pay off the Greek Orthodox Church, to get a foothole at Mt. Athos!
    What don’t the Greeks of Greece not understand…. Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Pence represent White Supremacist Aristocratic Globalist..who consider the average American or Greek …so stupid and inferior…that they can qet away with the most heinous lies and distortions….and believe no one can stop them, or hold them accountable. what do you not understand….about the collusion charges and meddling of Russia with Donald Trump in the U.S. election….their is not evidence that support those charges….the insult …is that they claim 12 guys using social media…attempted to influence the election! In other word people like me , and Pavlo…. are guilty of meedling by greek Americans in the politics of Greece and the United States. Thank God…for the Aristocrates in the Media…..who do what they do best….print this false news…and then provide no evidence to support anything!
    The anti – propaganda campaign of lies and unsupported charges against Russia serve only one purpose …to incite a hostile environment against Russia…in order to sell their war crimes foreign policies of formenting civil unrest in countries like the Ukraine, and overthrowing if neccessary, the governments of Europe who are not compliant to the interests of the United States….not Europe or Greece!
    And Mr. Tsipras and Syriza….have now proven they are not Greeks …but an international gang of dedicated mobsters , who have taken over the countries of Europe!
    Their is no surprise by Mr. Tsipras and Syriza…in doing what the script of the State Department has done in America, and other countries of Nato. You see….what is also does….is try to impune the Patriotic Greeks …representing 62% of the people of Greece, in their efforts to save the name of Macedonia from being stolen by Mr. Tsipras, on behalf of his masters in the United States and Nato! By accusing Russia of non -supported charges, and moving ahead to dismiss them from Greece, he is also trying ….to suggest that the people of Greece have been misquided by Russia, and that they have been duped…. and therefore, making his acts of Treason…Legitimate!
    This guy Tsipras…may be more disgusting that George Bush Jr… lying to the American people to kill 600,000 Iraqi’s, because, he is killing his own people!
    Enough is Enough….stop wining and calling Tsipras….a communist, traitor, and everything else he is….which he has blatantly proven! That means ….removing him from office…peacefully, because violently, will give Nato and the United States what they like …complete destruction and impotence of any country not compliant to it control!

    If Russia…. had any influence in the turning over the Macedonian culture to Fryom….by Mr. Tsipras….then obviously they had no impact on Mr. Tsipras’s decision….since, he basically, was unopposed by his party, and the decision to not veto any Nato and Eu membership for Fryom, represent his decision to turn over the name of Macedonia to Fyrom…..not Russia!

    All this does….unless you are brain dead….provide further evidence that Nato and the EU….are part of the most integrated international crime family ….ever seen on Earth…who are so entrenched by the Aristocracy of each of the countries of Nato and the EU….that like Mr. Tsipras….they can commit their criminal actions with impunity!

    Michael Gianakos

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