Capital Link CSR Leadership Awards Presented in Athens

Nicolas Bornozis- Capital Link President, Mayor of Athens Georgios Kaminis, honoree Christos Harpantidis, and Olga Bornozi- Capital Link Managing Director. Photo: Capital Link

ATHENS – The 8th Annual Capital Link Opening up Greece to Global Opportunities – A new aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum took place in Athens, on June 28, attracting over 600 participants. The Forum was organized under the Auspices of the Ministry of Economy & Development, Ministry of Tourism, and the City of Athens. The Capital Link CSR Leadership Award is annually presented to one or more personalities/organizations for their outstanding contribution to society and for the elevation of Greece and the Greek culture globally.

The 2018 Capital Link CSR Leadership Awards were presented by the Mayor of Athens Georgios Kaminis.

Mr. Kaminis said, “In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, and due to the need for cooperation today, we have tried to bring the private sector closer to us, both in order to help our fellow citizens, as well as to enhance the growth in our city. This goal was eventually achieved through our transparency and through Athens Partnership, an institution that aims to attract investment to the city. So far we have been able to attract and capitalize 15 million euros from these investments.

“2012 was the worst tourist season due to many cumulative bad conditions, but in 2018, arrivals broke every record. A digital city council has also been established, with the significant contribution of many companies from the digital sector. In addition, we are proceeding to the digitalization of the city: both with regards to the municipality’s procedures that are related to citizens, but also through a wider digitalization campaign within the city. We believe that if we join forces we can achieve economies of scale. Athens sets the tone – if Athens shows that we can move forward, then the whole country will follow.”

Nicolas Bornozis- Capital Link President, Mayor of Athens Georgios Kaminis, honoree Theodore Kyriakou, and Olga Bornozi- Capital Link Managing Director. Photo: Capital Link

Nicolas Bornozis, President-Capital Link, presented the honorees who received the awards from Mayor Kaminis.

The 2018 Capital Link CSR Leadership Awards for an International Personality went to Christos Harpantidis, Chairman and Managing Director of Papastratos, an affiliate of Philip Morris International, in recognition of his commitment to responsible business development and innovation; and to Theodore Kyriakou, Chairman, Antenna Group, in recognition of the work and contribution of Antenna Group in a multilateral basis, both in Greece and abroad.

Mr. Kyriakou in his speech he stated, inter alia, that:

“At Antenna Group we commenced, we were inspired and we continue to draw inspiration from the example of our founder, Minos Kyriakou. He taught us to always include the community in our activities. Our DNA was determined by his commitment to society and the human factor.

“We never invested in the Media to ensure power and influence on others. We invested and we continue to invest in the Media because we love this job and we feel fulfilled by contributing to society.

“Antenna Group started 28 years ago with 1 radio station in Greece. Today our Group is an International Media and Entertainment Organization operating across Europe, America, and Australia. We employ more than 2,500 staff in 13 countries on 3 continents. Our programs are broadcast in over 85 million homes via cable and satellite networks and the sites of our group are making over 500 million visits annually. The companies in which we have invested, are operating in over 40 countries. We also invested in the pioneering companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify, when they were still in their first steps.

Olga Bornozi- Capital Link Managing Director, honorees Theodore Kyriakou and Christos Harpantidis, Mayor of Athens Georgios Kaminis, and Nicolas Bornozis- Capital Link President. Photo: Capital Link

“We participate in film production companies in Hollywood, such as Propagate and Imagine Entertainment, with a portfolio of Academy Award-winning films including Apollo 13 and The Da Vinci Code featuring Tom Hanks, and A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe.

“But, as our group and our audience grow, our responsibility towards society becomes even greater. A responsibility that we take very seriously.

“However, apart from our indirect contribution, we find great moral satisfaction in trying to link the issues we present, with actions of direct social support, in order to encourage people to offer alongside with us to other people in need. In this context we have organized over 400 activities of humanitarian supply by supporting more than 700 bodies and organizations. This award is a great honor for us and sets the bar even higher. On behalf of the entire family of Antenna, thank you very much.”