Turkish Foreign Policy After the Election: Bad for Neighbors

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, waves to supporters of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Ankara, Turkey, early Monday, June 25, 2018. (Presidency Press Service via AP, Pool)

The good news is that Turkish President Reccip Tayyep Erdogan appeared sufficiently confident of a first round victory in the June 24 Presidential elections that he did not need to do anything dangerous or foolhardy to buck up any sagging support.The bad news is that his AKP Party gained only 295 seats of the 301 needed for a majority in Turkey’s 600-seat Parliament.

Although the Turkish Constitution, amended following the abortive 2016 military coup, grants Sultan-like powers to the president and …

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  1. One day very soon , Erdogan will be rotting in hell along with the rest of his ancestors but Greece will still have self serving ,incompetent politicians leading them to nowhere. The Greek people suffer for their blind trust in these treasonous leaches that they elect to serve them. It so sad to see Greeks so consumed with petty nonsense that they are not seeing what is about to happen to them from the Mongols who call themselves turks!

    1. Jeffrey…. I also hope Edrogan rots in hell someday….but for now…we should not let white supremacist alliance of Neo-liberals/Neo- Nazi / Neo communist Globalist of America, EU, and Nato to continue to strip the sovereignty of all independent countries of the world, and make them impotent or at worst….destroy their countries to make them completely subserviant to the economic , political and military control of these degenerates, and unable to challenge the economic interests and objectives of these traitors to humanity!
      The lesson to be learned …from Mr. Edrogan foreign policies…is that unlike Mr. Tsipras and the ruling party….who has lied to the people of Greece…. by not throwing Nato and U.S. bases out of Greece, and removing themselves from the EU…..and allowed the EU and their central banks to act more like IMF controlled banks to …..circumvent Greek banks and actions which could have remediated the economic crisis internally, and avoided giving the EU ….what they wanted…. the buying off of Tsipras and Syriza, to stop their plans to retake the sovereignty of their country and continue their ….. socialist reforms that included affordable Health care, education. and legal system of justice…something not allowed in the United States by the same Aristocrates….who now control the Greek Government! On the contrary…Mr. Edrogan… may be everything that makes him a candidate for Hell,….but he is at least demonstrating …..that his ticket to hell….is punched by his countries interests….unlike Mr. Tsipras and his fellow leaches who earn a pass to Hell ….in representing the interests of the degenerate foreign countries …who have been like Turkey….responsible for the killing of over 22 million civilians since the Vietnam war…. in order to meet their economic objective and power!
      Today, the collaborators of this International network of degenerates Aristocrates….the mainstream media…who have demonstrated how these demented Globalist have been able to maintain perpetual wars for the last 25 years, destabilize the entire Middle East, create and forment wars, elect their Globalist cult of Aristocrates, and even create the enemies of the American people, like Russia,China, Iran, and North Korea etc etc. When Donald Trump…. rages about the most dangerous threat to our freedoms and the world ……..is the fake news reports of the Mass Media…he is actually correct, and unless your brain dead…and did not watch the elections or the Russian Collusion debacle…which was merely part of these Globalist objectives…to demean and create a another boogeyman…. to justify the occupation and control of countries of Europe and the expenditures of trillions of dollars to their stock holders of the Military complex, which has turned our economy dependent on perpetual wars….you know we need more drones to kill civilians of the world! Today, when you read Mr. Theros column in TNH….do not be fooled…he is one of thousands of political contributors and journalist….who are servants of this Aristocracy of distortion …and have been selling the fraudulent policies of these Politicians, who are simply on the payroll of the most wealthy Aristocracy who pays for ….. having the United States drop a bomb on some country of the world …..every 12 minutes!

      What is now clear….is that, Mr. Tsipras, and his government need to have a summit with Mr. Edrogan..and have a heart to heart talk…to discuss their relationships today…. and without Nato Importantly, they should do what obviously Nato member Turkey and Nato adversary Russia have done…found and agreed … to work together to the benefit of their countries interests, and at this time ….reconciled to cooperate with each other!
      Being part of this anti Russian false narrative….will never allow Greece…to do what is in the interests of Greece! The recent surrender of the Macedonian Name…. which allows Nato and the EU….to add another country, like Greece, to their organized crime family…..and to represent the interests of a bunch of Globalist degenerates to strangle economically another independent country of the world ….not compliant to the Global plans of the United States!
      When Mr. Edrogan goes to Hell…he will have plenty of company from the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush and family, and Bill Clinton…. just some of the leading Globalist of our time…who have turned the neighborhoods of Greece…into killing fields!

      Michael Gianakos

  2. Here we go again….the in-house columnist of the TNH.. direct from the State department of the United States… and career representative of a foreign policy….that promoted with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Qatar and Nato….the overthrow of independent governments of the middle east ….not compliant to the economic , political and military control of the United States and United Kingdom, and who refused to give up their sovereignty to this Organized crime family! Importantly, this foreign policy was very, very, very bad for the people and neighbors of this organized crime family called Nato……Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Iraq, libya, Syria, Yemen, Afganistan,Somalia, Sudan… and now includes Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela, Bolivia, North Korea.etc etc.
    Today, these degenerates….are even trying to turn Europe into another Battlefield ….in promoting their nato expansion ….to strangle the Russian Federation….who is guilty of collaborating with China…in developing relationships with the EU and countries of Nato…. to further their economic interests, and do what normal countries do! However, Mr. Theros…who has already demonstrated in his previous articles…that he with media aristocracy….can do what they do best…promote hate and fear of the Russian Federation or for that matter any country that represents a threat to their power and greed…and now includes the EU. to allow them to occupy all those bases in Europe , and make sure…..that their is no competitive threat to the empire and Global plans of dominance!
    The latest TNH propaganda narrative…if you haven’t noticed….is featured by Mr. Theros…who wants love affair with Turkey ended by the United States, and now this narrative which spreads fear and hate against Turkey….for having a foreign policy that is bad for its Neighbors!
    What Mr. Theros…is continuing, the fact, that Mr. Edrogan’s foreign policy…..represents the interests of the sovereign country of Turkey, not those of the Washington and Brussels Aristocrates, and that is a NO! NO!
    And to those, Mason’s in the Great halls of the Greek Aristocratic secret societies…it means…that their is a leader …who has not surrendered his right to do …what is in the interests of his country, not the United States and its vassal states of Nato!
    It is very clear, that Mr. Theros…. wouldn’t dare suggest that what makes his foreign policy a bad acts against his neighbor by the Unites States, when we all know ….that he and the state department….provide all the weapons he needs to launch attacks and threaten ….Cyprus and Greece.
    So here is what ….Mr. Theros, as the in house representative of the State Department for TNH….is not telling you, what parts of Mr. Edrogan foreign policy….are not bad for his neighbors, but bad for the United States and Nato, not Greece!
    First, Mr. Edrogan….has changed a foreign policy against the country of Syria ….which supported the United States, Qatar (Mr. Theros, main lovers)…Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Nato members France and United Kingdom to recruit, fund, train, and provide arms to the Sunni Muslim Jihadist brigades to overthrow the government of Syria, after Iraq and libya! Unfortunately….Mr. Edrogan has now changed that foreign policy…by joining Russia, Iran and Syria…in an alliance to end the war in Syria…and convening meeting to execute a plan to bring peace to Syria, something that is a nightmare for the United States. Part of this plan…included securing the borders of Turkey, and in publicly stating that Syria ….should be made whole!
    So, while Mr. Edrogan is helping to bring peace to his neighbors in Syria, Mr. Theros would call this bad! Because, only the empire can dictate peace, when it suits it…and the hell with the people of Syria! But what makes this even worse….Mr. Edrogan…. in representing his interests, would do Syria and Russia a favor…attack Kurdistan terrorists of Turkey. who are part of the remaining forces, who have invaded Syria….the United States, French, United Kingdom, Kurds, remnants from the defeated Sunni Brigades driven out by the Syrian government…like ISIS and Al queda, all occupying territory of Syria, which they are hoping to steal from the people of Syria…and include oil fields of the people of Syria. They have already told the Syrian government ….that they will be attacked by the United States …if they attempt to liberate …their own Territory. You see, they want to do …what they did in Yugoslavia….partition Syria…so that they can run gas pipelines thru Syria!
    Secondly, now has implemented a foreign policy of reconciliation with Russia…. and is doing business with their Neigbor, beyond supporting peace in Syria! Who would of thought ….as a part of the Nato …organized crime family….. they would purchase military anti-ballistic missile systems from the number 1 reason…the United States and Mr. Theros…considers a bad foreign policy of Mr. Edrogan….and that is Russia, and not from the Empire! The entire U.S. plan …for global control…..of the world…and to expand from 800 to 1000 U.S. bases in the countries of the world …is contingent on Turkey…being a global strategic enemy of Russia! Why do you think….they have armed and made them the second largest military force in Nato and Europe…which was bad for Russia…one of their neighbors, but a nightmare for their other neighbors…Greece and Cyprus!
    To top it off…and understanding that their love…Turkey may have jilted Mr. Theros and the degenerates in Washington ….they proceeded to do …what they do best….overthrow the government of Turkey and Mr. Edrogan! But failing to do this ….they then threatened for Public consumption to punish Turkey for not buying U.S. missiles, by cancelling offensive f-35 fighters Yea, Right!….those will be delivered, despite Turkey telling them …to take a hike! Because when you can have relationship with other countries….you are not black mailed by Tyrannical governments. They would just buy the Russian Su-35 which is a superior jet! Now you also, know why, The EU and Nato….are only concerned about one thing with Russia, and as directed by the United states….Economic power !
    So, maybe what you should be promoting Mr Theros….is that Greece, stop complying with the United States , EU, And Nato military backers, and begin …meeting with Mr. Edrogan …. who clearly, speaks for himself, and directly discuss how Greece, Turkey, and Russia can find mutual beneficial interests, and develope , a relationship based on what best for their people’s as neighbors…not as neighbors of Nato!

    Michael Gianakos

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