Our Everyday Greek: Survival Guide for Greece Travelers: Lamb Chops

Lamb chops. Photo by Steven Walling, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are a meat lover the best dish you can enjoy in the Greek countryside and on the islands is lamb or goat. Αρνίήκατσικάκιστοφούρνο (=roasted lamb or goat), αρνάκιήκατσικάκιστησούβλα (=lamb or goat on the spit). The lamb and the goat can also be cooked with a white lemon sauce. Old goats are cooked for hours and the broth is served sprinkled with lemon and oregano. Βeef and rooster are usually cooked in a tomato sauce and served with French fries, or rice, or thick spaghetti.The cooked meat meals are called μαγειρευτά, from the Greek verb for cooking, μαγειρεύω.

Greek word Pronunciation Meaning
Αρνί aRNEE lamb
Αρνάκι aRNAki baby lamb, lambkin
Κατσίκι kaTSEEki goat
Κατσικάκι katsiKAki baby goat
Αρνάκιστοφούρνο aRNEE STO FOOrno roasted lamb
Οφούρνος O FOOrnos the oven
Κατσικάκιστοφούρνο katsiKAki STO FOOrno roasted goat
Αρνάκιλεμονάτο aRNAki lemoNAto lamb in lemon sauce
Αρνάκιστησούβλα aRNAkiSTEE SOOvla lamb on the spit
Γίδαβραστή YEEdavraSTEE goat soup
Ηγίδα EE YEEda old goat
Βραστή vraSTEE boiled, soup
Τομοσχαράκι TO moshaRAki beef
Οκόκορας O KOkoras the rooster
Τοκοτόπουλο To koTOpoolo the chicken
Κόκκινο KOkino red color
Μοσχαράκικοκκινιστό moshaRAki kokiniSTO beef in tomato sauce
Κόκοραςκοκκινιστός KOkoras kokiniSTOS rooster in tomato sauce
Κοτόπουλοκοκκινιστό koTOpoolokokiniSTO chicken in tomato sauce
Αρνάκικοκκινιστό aRNAkikokiniSTO lamb in tomato sauce
Με ME with
Ρύζι REEzi rice
Πατάτες paTAtes potatoes
Πατάτεςτηγανητές paTAtestiyaniTES French fries

Not all taverns and not every day have cooked meat dishes. This is how you may ask, whether they have that day:
Have you got cooked dishes?

And this is how you may order your prefered dish.
Θέλω μία μερίδα αρνάκι σούβλας.
I want (I would like) a portion of lambkin on the spit.

Θέλω μία μερίδα κατσικάκι σούβλας.
I want (I would like) of small goat on the spit.

I want (I would like) half a kilo of lamb chops.

I want (I would like) one kilo lamb chops.

Θέλω μία μερίδα αρνάκι λεμονάτο.
I want (I would like) a portion of lambkin in lemon sauce.

Με πατάτες και ρύζι.
With French fries and rice.

Θέλω μία μερίδα κόκορα κοκκινιστό.
I want (I would like) a portion of rooster in tomato sauce.

Θέλω μία μερίδα κοτόπουλο κοκκινιστό.
I want (I would like) a portion of chicken in tomato sauce.

Θέλω μία μερίδα μοσχαράκι κοκκινιστό.
I want (I would like) aportion of beef in tomato sauce.

Θέλω μία μερίδα κόκορα με μακαρόνια.
THEloMEEameREEdaKOkora ME makaROnia.
I want (I would like) a portion of rooster with spaghetti.

Πατάτες, like potatoes.
Ρύζι, like rice.
Οφούρνος, from the Italian word ilforno.
Σούβλα means spit and souvlaki is the meat on a small spit. When we add the ending – at the end of a noun, the noun means something small of the same category. (σούβλα / σουβλάκι, αρνί / αρνάκι, κατσίκι / κατσικάκι).
Λεμονάτο, from the word lemon.
Μακαρόνια, from macaroni.
Κιλό, like the English kilo.

i (ill), ee (beer), e (ever), o (organ), oo (boot), y (yes), h (helium), th (theory), d (the). The capitalized syllables are accented.