Letter from Athens: Tsochatzopoulos’ Jail Release Shows Crime, Corruption Pay in Greece

Former Greek Defence Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos. (Photo: Eurokinissi, File)

With his million-dollar mansion under the Acropolis having been confiscated by the state as part of the penalty for stealing scores of millions of euros from contracts, former Defense Minister Akis “Lizard” Tsochatzopoulos, 79, may have to find a rock to hide under now that he’s the latest high-profile politician being released from jail after claiming to be ill, the ruse they use as part of the game.

Don’t be surprised to see he’s recovered enough from his heart condition to …

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1 Comment

  1. When I lived in Greece from 1980-1986, all types of corruption came along with Andreas Papandreou’s era.
    He invented corruption in Greece!! He recruited young, educated ambitious people from Germany, England, and other countries who didn’t have a dime in their pockets, and in the matter of two years owned villas, expensive cars and had money in their bank accounts. Homes were being erected over night on public land no less, without permits or any other legal requirements to build. Electricity was being borrowed from neighbors, I guess illegal water wells were being constructed; I just remember a lot of craziness during those years.
    Of course there is corruption all over the world; it’s a matter of who you know!! Since the US is such a big country like Russia and China corruption is not so transparent. Mr. T could have gotten away with his crime, but he flaunted his wealth, with having an outlandish wedding in France, his real estate, and other possessions that he illegally owned. He was a “clown”. Just like Madoff, he should have been kept in prison , and brought out in a body bag!

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