Ex-Minister Says SYRIZA Ready to Print Drachmas After 2015 Referendum

Panagiotis Lafazanis. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Stelios Misinas)

ATHENS – A former minister in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said the Radical Left SYRIZA leader had a plan to print drachmas as part of an anti-austerity referendum in 2015 he reneged on when Greeks supported his call to reject demands of international creditors.

Tsipras called the vote but when he got overwhelming support, he promptly did another about-face and sought and accepted a third bailout, this one for 86 billion euros ($100.67 billion) that came with more crushing conditions he swore to reject but then imposed.

Panagiotis Lafazanis, who was a minister in charge of reconstruction, energy and the environment, told radio station “Obviously, we would have printed them (new drachmas) in Greece…” if the country left the Eurozone.

When Tsipras reneged on the referendum after reneging on anti-austerity promises, it was too much for Lafazanis and some hard-core Leftists who quit the party. He formed his own, called Popular Unity, which has failed to register in polls.

He spoke on the third anniversary of the referendum that saw delirious SYRIZA supporters dance in the streets only to see their hero reject them and with repeated withdrawals on promises to reverse pay cuts, tax hikes, slashed pensions and worker firings – while adding more and higher taxes – driving his popularity at one point down to 10 percent.

Asked about the referendum reneging, Lafazanis said said it was a “national tragedy; a major coup … whatever happened from then on, with the violation of the popular will, cannot produce any legal result. Everything that has happened since then is unconstitutional and illegal.”

As has former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, who also quit, Lafazanis tore into Tsipras for betraying the party’s alleged principles, saying the Premier engineered a “coup” with the help of Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos from the major rival New Democracy Conservatives – “who schemed and conspired in order to drown out the popular volition.”

“Both of them should have their names written with black letters in the country’s modern history as cynical putschists… at some point those responsible will appear in the dock to answer,” said Lafazanis.

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    Mr. Tsipras…should not be defined as an anti-nationalist or left wing socialist…but as Neo Liberal progressive…who as we have seen in the Unites States…are perfectly capable of committing war crimes against the citizens of the world, with the support of the alleged right wing party …the Republican party.
    Mr.Tsipras…is a clone of Hillary Clinton…. portraying himself ….as a supporter of Socialistic principles…but merely, a compliant servant of an international cabal of Aristocrates….just trying to contribute to contribute to the new Global order. Mr. Tsipras….only answers to the Regional offices of these aristocrates….. in Belgium! Do you believe….that a member of Democratic party of the United States…accused of being leftist and communist…like Hillary Clinton… represents the people of the United states…when she watches the leader of libya being sodomized and then murdered by some of the best jihadist in the world from one of premier members of this Global aristocracy….. Saudi Arabia…. then screams….WE CAME, WE SAW, HE DIED! This is the person…who almost became President of the United States……and was the darling of the collaborators in the alleged “Free Press” , who are only free to sell any narrative…that support their Aristocratic financial benefactors!

    The point…their are no left wing, or right wing members of the Greek Government…which is only a creation…to reassure the people of Greece…that they have a democracy…when in fact, as proven , by Mr Tsipras….is simply supporting actors putting on a show ….to deceive the people ….. that somehow …they are not subserviant to the EU, Nato and the United States in fulfilling their control of the independent countries of the world!

    There is only one answer to this problem….is to start printing Drachmas , get out of the EU and Nato! And do what the people of the United Kingdom …did!
    And ….then ask those opposed to this….to clarify again…why is Greece…really part of the EU, and Nato! There is little difference now, between the central command of the Soviet Block, and the one residing in Belgium! All I see…is alleged friendly occupations by the United States, France, and the United Kingdom …..thruout the European Union, and blatant discontent of the members of the EU ….to the stipulations of the EU…which infringes on the national interests of the countries of the EU!
    Like the people of Hungary and Austria….the people of Greece have to recognize…what makes Mr. Tsipras….blatantly lie to the people of Greece, and with such dishonor! As we Greeks know….it is better to lose your eye, than your name!

    Michael Gianakos

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