Letter to the Editor: Stolen Manuscripts Should Be Returned

To the Editor:

I find it disgraceful that prominent institutions would continue to keep the manuscripts that were so obviously stolen as reported in the article, “Order of Saint Andrew Calls for the Return of the Stolen Holy Manuscripts,” from June 23. There is no reason why the manuscripts should not be returned at once. I am surprised that a criminal investigation has not taken place to return the items to the monastery in Drama where they belong. The lack of respect the various universities and museums are showing to the people of Greece and to the monastery is despicable. They shouldn’t have to be forced to do what is right. They should return stolen goods to their rightful owners whenever possible just because it is right. What happened to having provenance for artifacts and museum pieces? There is supposed to be documentation of ownership so these kind of problems can be avoided. I hope Duke University, Princeton University, and the Morgan Library & Museum will move as quickly as possible now to return the manuscripts in their collections to their rightful home in the Eikosiphoinissa Monastery.


Costas V. Perdikopoulos

San Diego, CA

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  1. But with the likes of Varoufakis and Tsipras and Papandrous, you know the bizarre inhabitants of Greece can’t be trusted with manuscripts and marbles

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