Our Everyday Greek: Survival Guide for Greece Travelers: Souvlaki, Brizola

(Photo by Eurokinissi staff, file)

Most tavernas in Greece usually serve “τηςώρας” dishes (=dishes of the hour), which means meat dishes grilled on the spot upon request. The most common grilled meat dishes “τηςώρας” are ημπριζόλα (= steak), χοιρινήήμοσχαρίσια (=pork or beef), τοψητόκοτόπουλο (=grilled chicken), ταπαϊδάκια (lamb chops), τομοσχαρίσιοφιλέτοκαιτοψαρονέφρι (beef and pork filet). Souvlaki is either served as one big portion with French fries and rice or as individual sticks. You can choose between chicken or pork souvlaki. These meat dishes are usually served with …

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