Theros is Right: End the U.S. Love Affair with Turkey

FILE - A man passes the graves of soldiers killed in the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus in the Tymvos Macedonitissas military cemetery, during the 43rd anniversary in the divided capital of Nicosia, Cyprus, Wednesday, July 19, 2017. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

Regarding Amb. Patrick M. Theros’ op-ed piece, “Time to End the U.S. Love Affair with Turkey” I couldn’t have said it any better. Turkey unlawfully invaded Cyprus in 1974. Since 1984 through 1998 Turkish security forces have resorted to terrorizing 15 million Kurdish minorities.

Turkey sided with Germany in World War I against the Allies, England and France. In World War II, Turkey sided with Hitler by providing chromium which prolonged the war in Europe by several months. The Armenian Genocide in 1915 in which 1.5 million Armenians were murdered. They still use torture in their jails and have the worst human rights record in the world. The Smyrna Catastrophe in 1922.

Turkish violators of Greek airspace. They attack the Kurds in Syria who are our best ally against ISIS. I could go on, but Turkey is a bad ally run by a moron dictator.

Andy Lampros
Danvers, MA


  1. “Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.”
    Lord Palmerston(English Statesman, 1784-1865)

    1. Maybe true, but in pursuit of such “permanent interests,” Palmerston approved a naval blockade of Greece in 1850.

    2. You got the title wrong.. End Greece’s love affair with the United States and their Greek American brother in laws!

      The marriage between Greece and the United States….is over! The long affair and devotion between Turkey and The United States… which trashes the wedding vows between Greece and the United States…..can no longer be tolerated …and has become a public spectacle to the government of Greece. It has clearly demonstrated that the United States has never loved Greece….only used them!
      How can Greece share a bed with the United States…..when she knows that they have been sharing a bed for years with ….a prostitute called Turkey!

      More importantly…..the United States infatuation and love with Turkey…. has included the bestowing of enormous gifts….in the form of providing them with new homes in Cyprus, allowing them to send religious jihadist to Syria to overthrow another country of the Middle East, buy oil from the territories occupied by ISIS, providing them with the most advance military equipment in the world to threaten their Neighbors, providing them with 20 nuclear warhead stored in Turkey in violation of international laws, and in advising the government of Cyprus…that they should share any revenues from the oil and gas reserves in the waters of Cyprus to the unrecognized Northern Republic of Cyprus….invaded and occupied by Turkey!

      Mr. Patrick Theros…..the former ambassador of Qatar….you know ….one of the major funders of the United States supported Sunni muslim terrorist brigades responsible in the deaths of thousand of Orthodox Christians in Iraq and Syria…. does not suggest that The United States end their love affair with the state sponsor of Terrorism called Qatar. Of course not ….they house the largest U.S. military base in the Middle east outside of Saudi Arabia!

      Now what Mr. lampos should be doing….is supporting the divorce of Greece from the United States and Nato…since, Turkey is part of the organized crime family!

      Greece like a jilted lover…continues to hang on….and hope ….there love the United States will come back ….and treat Greece…like it treats Turkey…it real love!

      However, like many marriages …. love is the last thing that mattered to the United States….only money, security and status! Unfortunately, in most cases, if that runs out or actually, becomes a financial liability….they will always look elsewhere!
      If Mr. Lampros , is expecting the United States to come back to Greece….he should look at the real history books….and recognize that the United States has never really been with Greece….since the Marshal plan…which was simply an investment provided to Greece…to take over the estate!
      Michael Gianakos

  2. Erdogan will slip up as usual and it will cost him in the future. The love affair will end soon.

  3. Qatar? Greeks in the USA don’t sign petitions, don’t collect nominating signatures, don’t make phone calls. They think politics is all about five seconds of yelling. But they are quick to demand things, which they never get. In American politics you have to sacrifice when a candidate is losing, when he has no chance of victory, in order to gain his loyalty. Just like in church they go late, and chose the church with the cheapest candles. Everything they do is superficial, so no one trusts them. And all the HABA hubbas are working for Iran via Qatar so Putin can build a Caspian Canal connecting the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea to compete with the German Europa Canal. In 1969 Minos Zombanakis invented the corrupt LIBOR cabal so he could loan Khodadad Farmanfarmaian and the Shah of Iran $80 million. Patriarch Demetreus served as pastor of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Tehran, Iran, from 1945 to 1950. Obama buddy Giannoulias’ family real estate portfolio is financed by a French bank known for its investments in Iran’s energy sector and connections to Iran’s Central Bank. They also loaned $22.75 million to Nadhmi Auchi whose bank financed the delivery of chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein, which may have been used to gas the Kurdish city of Halabja in 1988.

    1. He Melas….you are right …no one trusts ….anyone in the U.S congress….which was clearly highlighted in Gallup Polls…..where 78% of the people of the United States surveyed…..consider the Government corrupt thru and thru!
      But don’t blame Greek Americans….if they don’t do what’s necessary to own the trust of these Congressman to act in the interests of the people! And Greek Americans…..are superficial and not to be trusted…. and while I agree we go late to church at times….we do go to our Greek Orthodox Church…where we are taught to love our neighbor…..not kill them!
      Mela… have it all wrong….what we are quilty of failing to do in getting the support of these political figures….is to provide bags and bags of money to these politicians …..from some of their favorite customers ….The Jewish lobby groups…like 633 of them with expressed purpose of supporting a love affair with the State of Israel which rapes the treasury of the American People ….by 4 to 5 billion dollars a year to pay for all their military expenses and intelligence wars, maintain an open air prison of Palestinians and an illegal occupation by the lovers , that has resulted most recently in the war crimes death of 3000 civilians, and put on a shooting show in killing 61 civilians unarmed, and targeted a medical student aiding the dead and injured of this massacre! Yes, this is the kind of Sacrifice…which Greek American’s have not made….and explains how cheap they are…..which even by my own Greek Orthodox experience has never known….pick their churches by the cost of the candles!
      You are confused….as to how….and what it costs to be heard in America…. do you think that a country who murders its civilians like Israel, or is now identified …as an Apartheid state….would survive the wrath of America….if the ultimate financial sacrifices were not made by the followers of Israel….and that is how you have ….a love affair with America! Unfortunately, no american can compete with this…because, it doesn’t matter what the people say….because they are not listening …..because we the people…have failed to gain the trust of these degenerate politicians…by doing what they do not have mush…. MONEY!

      Your intentions are not to ….expose the lovers of the United States, but ….to demean the enemies of the payed off leaders of the United States, not enemies of the people…. like Iran, Russia, and you didn’t mention the other threat …the China Silk Road project to Europe…which is another frightening thought …..for the alleged purveyors of a free market….but whose practice is to dominate and control, at the expense of the citizens of the world!

      You see…while you suggest that their is something wrong with Russia competing in the Europa theater with pipelines from Persia. which by the way includes Iran, Syria and lebanon, but not Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia….just one of the reasons, that Israel, and Saudi Arabia…have been part of the unholy alliance with the United States and Turkey …to overthrow the government of Syria….since, those illegally occupied areas of Syria…called the Golan Heights is a direct route thru Syria, and jordan to go to the Europa Market, but owned and operated by Israel ,Saudi Arabia, Jordan….all part of the finaciers and supporters of those Great Sunni muslim brigades killing Christians in Iraq, and Syria! Today, Israel continues to break international laws in supporting what left of territory held by the United States coalition and Isis…by bombing Syrian positions! Now you explain how they could do that …from the skies over Lebanon…without international condemnation…because they are the number one lover of the United States and Nato!
      Spare me …with your narrative,since, it merely, represents an opportunity for your masters….to deceive, who the real lovers of conflict are in the middle East and world.

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