The Truth According to Archbishop Demetrios

His Eminence Archbishop of America, Demetrios (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej, FILE)

I am really glad that Archbishop Demetrios refutes, and indeed, in an unprecedented manner, our reporting, according to which he sent a message of possible rebellion, against the Ecumenical Patriarchate, through the Archdiocesan Council Vice President George Tsandikos.

And I am glad, regardless of the fact that he was forced to do it by the Patriarchate to which he declares now vows of faith in it: “the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America,” he said in …

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  1. Hmm another Victory for THN? Take pride in nothing as usual, the down fall ofca church should not be greeted with glee but with sadness, you talked interviewed all the major and minor players in this greek tragedy yet never a real clue about whats going on, only at the end as the smoke could finally be seen at TNH offices did you at last yell fire, after all was burnt and lost, while you take your curtain call with roses and praise, and of course you can even have another Greek Leadership Awards where you can get yourself a trophy and plaque….What is TNH doing for greece? Where’s all the fundraisers for greek schools, hospitals, kids etc..Lead the greek community dont follow then be so self-righteous…Report the news, don’t be the news…one more Fat Useless East Coast Greek getting an award in your paper and website, then will cancel subscriptions, and open a real greek american site, that deals with changing greece for the better, and not hand wringing SYRIXA Style..

  2. You sure are angry. Fat shaming as well. I had to laugh at that. You might want to get a weight scale ready for participants in Boston as well.

  3. “Fat Useless East Coast Greek” Just curious, are there any adulatory epithets for
    Greeks who reside in the other geographical area of the U.S?

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