UK, Greek Premiers Say They’ll Push Cyprus Reunity Talks

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May, left, shakes hands with Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at 10 Downing Street, in London, Tuesday, June 26, 2018. (Kirsty O'Connor/Pool via AP)

The United Kingdom and Greece, who with Turkey are guarantors of security on Cyprus, said they will urge the leaders on both sides of the divided island to restart unity talks that collapsed in 2017 when Turkey insisted on keeping an army there and wanted the right to militarily intervene.

Cyprus has been split since a 1974 invasion that saw Turkey occupy the northern third and declare a Republic only it recognizes, with the legitimate government being admitted into the European Union that Turkey has been trying to join since 2005.

The announcement came after British Premier Theresa May, whose country was the Colonial ruler on Cyprus and still keeps a military base there, met with visiting Greek Premier and Radial Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, the Turkish news agency Anadolu said.

Tsipras welcomed “the constructive role the UK has played in the talks so far as one of the guarantors,” a statement from May’s office said, giving no further details on what they could do as the reunification talks have been a graveyard for a long line of failed diplomats over the decades.

The United Nations wants to see Cyprus under a federal umbrella that could bring Turkey closer to the EU although newly re-elected President Recep Tayyip Erdogan refuses to recognize Cyprus’ legitimate government, bars its ships and planes and has sent warships into the Exclusive Economic Zone in a bid to keep foreign energy companies from drilling for oil and gas in waters where they are licensed to look.

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  1. Tsipras, May, and Edrogan….the guarantors of the sovereignty of Cyprus! Really…. that went out the door when they breeched that responsibility by allowing the ethnic and religiously cleansing of Greek Cypriots from their homes in Northern Cyprus and continued occupation of Cyprus by Nato member and guarantor Turkey! Let me repeat…. that to the brain dead leaders of Cyprus and Greece…. you have demonstrated that white supremacist Mrs. May of Britain, traitor and Nato governor Tsipras of Greece, and Degenerate Edrogan of Turkey are no more than the guarantors of Nato sovereignty over Greece and Cyprus!

    We have Edrogan managing the occupation of Cyprus, and now laying claims to the oil and gas rights of Cyprus with the support of the U.S. and Cypriot Government! You have the wack job… May telling the people of Cyprus…not to worry about using the lands of Cyprus to launch war crimes bombings of the Middle East on behalf of Nato, which makes the people of Cyprus liable for allowing the U.K. and Nato, to violate all international laws of conflict in bombing the countries of the Middle East, and can subject the populace of Cyprus to devastating retaliations by the foreign countries victimized by these attrocities.
    Just think…every 12 minutes a Nato bomb is being dropped on someone in this world!

    Then we have…Mr. Tsipras…. who not only fails to protect the sovereignty of Greece, but actually relegates it to Nato member vassal states of Europe! This guy nothing more than a governor of Nato members United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States!

    To suggest that they are still authorized to publicly state…that they are the guarantors of Cyprus sovereignty …is just another example of what these White Supremacist Aristocrates think of the Greeks of Cyprus and Greece…which is what they think of much of the world….ignorant and inferior sub humans, that must be protected from themselves!

    Greece and Cyprus….throw Nato out and exit the dictatorship of the EU….which somehow…has also been allowed to absorb the sovereignty of the European countries. No one is hurt more by this group …than Greece…whose culture and history is the richest in the world…and what the EU and Nato wish to erase!

    Michael Gianakos

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