International Conference on Thucydides at College Year in Athens/DIKEMES

A view of Athens from CYA. Photo: Courtesy of College Year in Athens/DIKEMES

ATHENS – The International Conference Thucydides the Athenian, organized by College Year in Athens, takes place June 26-29 at Daphne & George Hatsopoulos Hall, in Athens.

This conference seeks to situate Thucydides in his native city, exploring the man within his political and social circles, and delving deeper into the realities of Periclean policy and ideology.

An international group of scholars will discuss, amongst other themes: Thucydides’ political identity and the way he portrays his contemporaries; what the epigraphic evidence tells us about these people; Thucydides’ philosophical standpoint; and the ways in which he has been interpreted by Constantine Paparrigopoulos, Eleftherios Venizelos,and historians of the 19th century.

The Conference speakers are: Thomas Scanlon- UC Riverside, Nanno Marinatos- University of Illinois at Chicago, Angelos P. Matthaiou- Greek Epigraphical Society, Lisa Kallet- University of Oxford, Anastasios G. Nikolaidis- University of Crete, Tasos Tanoulas- College Year in Athens, Tim Rood- University of Oxford, Dimitris J. Kyrtatas- University of Thessaly, Robert Pitt- College Year in Athens, Ben Earley- Freie Universität Berlin, Michael Konaris- University of Thessaly, and Sebastian Anderson- American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

On the sidelines of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Epigraphic Museum, as well as the archaeological site of Brauron (prior booking required).

On the evening before the conference, Thanos Veremis, Professor Emeritus at the University of Athens, will give a lecture on Eleftherios Venizelos and Thucydides – the politician and historian–and Venizelos’ translation work.

The invitation to the three-day International Conference, Thucydides the Athenian. Photo: Courtesy of College Year in Athens/DIKEMES