Letter to the Editor: Tsipras Should Exchange Himself for Greek Soldiers

FILE - Turkish paramilitary police officers escort Greek soldier Aggelos Mitretodis following a court appearance in Edirne, Turkey, Tuesday, June 19, 2018. (DHA-Depo Photos via AP)

To the Editor:

“Alexis the Great” (Tsipras), the first “Ephialtes” since the battle of Thermopylae 2500 years ago, whose treacherous act today betrayed “Macedonia” – before he gives away Epirus to the Albanians, Thrace to the Bulgarians, and the Aegean islands to the Turks, should prove his patriotism by offering himself hostage to the Turks in exchange for the two innocent Greek soldiers abducted by the terrible Turks!

Dr. Dean C. Lomis
Newark, DE


    1. I think Dr. lomis….is being much too kind…..to the little dictator….and governor of the New Ruling Junta of Nato!

      This guy….has rewritten the History of Greece…not only in selling off it antiquities, culture, and sovereignty….which has turned the foundation of Western democracy and civilization into a brothel for the degenerate sadist of Aristocrates who now dominate the United States and their Vassal states of Nato!

      While Leonidas and ultimately the rest of Greece…. destroyed the Persians …..who demanded the “Land and Water” of Greece, and their surrender of its sovereignty to the rule of the leaders of a Persian empire……and represents all the makings of what Nato has become….a conglomeration of histories greatest degenerate countries….like Turkey…..co champion of genocide, ethnic, and religious cleansing of the citizens of the world with the German Republic, and then we have ….the purveyors of Anglo white Supremacist…England and the United States……the champions of colonialism and now the clear leaders with Saudi Arabia….in the mass murders of 31/2 million people of the middle east, and when combined with their other invasion of foreign countries…to get their “Land and Water” would by international estimates…represent the death of 22 million people of the world …to date from Vietnam to present day!

      And why not….every 12 minutes a bomb by the United States and Nato….. is dropped on the citizens of the world ….for “Land and water”.

      Mr. Tsipras…on the other hand…. unlike leonidas….did not throw the emissaries of the New Persian Empire called Nato…. into a well, and tell this group of degenerates…..that only Spartans, answer to Spartans….not foreign slave states!

      Today, the un- elected president of Greece , located in Brussels….has announced already….they are moving ahead …to add another piece of ” Land and Water” ….now called the Republic of Northern Macedonia to Nato rule, and ultimately, the EU, because “HE”: has withdrawn any vetoes by the people of Greece, and their parliament!

      Yes, Mr. Lomis….. you are much to kind….because, I would prefer Mr. Tsipras….be sent to the Criminal World Court, for not only his collaboration with the war crimes of his Nato masters….but in criminally…oppressing the rights of the people of Greece….by trashing their constitution!
      Handing him over to his Aristocratic Nato collaborator and ally…Turkey, might get the solders back, but you can bet your last dollar….will simply become a sanctuary….for a traitor!

      Michael Gianakos

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