Admiral Stavridis Doesn’t Want to Make Waves Anymore

FILE - James Stavridis at the Hellenic Iinitiative 4th annual gala at Waldorf Astoria New York. Photo: (TNH/Archive)

There’s no doubt that Admiral James Stavridis, proud son of a Greek father and who rose to lead NATO, the gaggle of European-US-Canadian military officers who conduct operations from Brussels, deserves all the medals on his uniform chest.

There’s enough of them to sink a battleship, but not to keep Turkish warships out of Greek waters, the land of his family, not as important anymore apparently as the defense alliance he led.

Stavridis, one of the most celebrated Greek-Americans, has just stepped …

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  1. He already did: “His grandson, who speaks barely a few words of Greek, returns in command of a billion-dollar destroyer to the very city—Smyrna, now called İzmir—from which he sailed in a refugee craft all those years ago.”[

  2. How appropriate a title….Admiral James Stavridis and former supreme commander of Nato allied forces…doesn’t want to make waves anymore! And thank God!

    Mr. Stavridis….is nothing more than….another ideologically demented member of the Foreign Service of the United States….that happens to be the son of Greek ancestry. Unfortunately, TNH, seems to gravitate to him, like former ambassador to Qatar…Patrick Theros, to validate to Greek Americans, the patriotism and contribution of Greeks to the world community and somehow qualify what they say ….on the virtues of the foreign policies of the United States, and convince the Greek community…..that they represent not just the interests of America, but the rest of the vassal states of Europe and Nato!

    To this end… Mr. Stavridis…has dutifully, like former ambassador to Qatar, executed and supported the most heinous crimes against humanity, and should be standing trial for “Crimes against Peace” for his participation in the assasination and overthrow of the government of Libya by Nato!

    It is Mr. Stavridis, in 2012, who proudly authored a publication called “Foreign Affairs” in which he meticulously describes his brilliant and demented war crimes actions in libya….which as we all know now…was just one of the many independent countries of the Middle East….. who had been targeted in 2002 for government destruction by George Bush Jr, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz… and the rest of the degenerates in the military! This plan was exposed in 2006, by non other than the former Supreme Commander of Nato allied forces…General Wesley Clark! And if you would like to have proof….just google him up on Yube…to watch his revelation

    While Mr. Stavridis…. boast of his exploits in imposing one of the many war crimes bombings and destruction of Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, libya, Somalia, Sudan and now targeting Iran, Russia, and China in his article in 2012, little did he know, that the consequences of his actions, would eventually, turn his exploits, into a crimes against humanity…in supporting now acknowledged Sunni Muslim Jihadist like Al Queda, ISIS, and a whole bunch of ideological religious fanatics funded by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United States, United Kingdom and UAE, who took over libya…and to this day…have layed waste to what was one of the most progressive countries in the Middle East, who was only guilty of refusing to allow any country, including Nato to occupy their country with their personal bases, like they have in Greece and Cyprus, and in about 800 other bases worldwide!

    Yes, Mr. Stavridis, should amend his publication and what he was not probably selling at the Fletcher School…was that libyans would die in the waters of the mediteranean as part of the greatest refugee march from the Middle East and Africa to the entire European peninsula, and which Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Gulf states never imagined in their wildest dreams…….would represent a tool to expand their Islamic caliphate thruout Europe with the efforts of Mr. Staviridis and the brigades called ISIS, Al Queda, and the rest of those fanatics that make up the U.S. coalition, now occupying parts of Syria!

    For your viewing pleasure…you can google up …how Mr. Stavrdis , as a Greek American…. created not a wave, but a major Tsunami which brought victory to himself and Nato thru his actions, but confesses to war crimes bombings which did not protect the civilians of libya, but their deaths…and led to the murder and beheading of 12 Coptic Orthodox Christians, the leaders of libya, and the destabilization of the entire country of libya, and what we all are witnessing the waring of Tribal degenerates fighting for what’s left of libya ….which Mr. Stavridis boastfully calls a beautiful intervention”

    He does not mention…how this intervention led to the Bengazi murders of the U.S. ambassador to libya…who was gun running arms to the jihadist, Mr. Stavridis was supporting, and arranging for the shipment of those arms to the jihadist in Syria, upon completion of the destruction of libya!

    NATO’s Victory in Libya
    ‘The Right Way to Run an Intervention’
    Ivo H. Daalder and James G.Stavridis

    However, Mr. Stavridis contribution as a Greek American does not end their…

    He has personally been able to restore the Cold War with Russia….not because Russia represent an imminent threat to start a war, but to promote the existence of NATO! As Mr. Stavridis stated in his own words …”Having now watched Vladimir Putin we should all realize that his greatest desire is to break apart the NATO alliance so that he can exercise even greater influence in Europe.

    And it is increasingly clear that NATO will need to respond to events on its southern border as well, as ISIS threatens NATO ally Turkey, and jihadists flood back to Europe from the battlefields of Iraq and Syria. ”

    There you have it …. like libya, the interests of Mr. Stavridis, has never been the people of the world…but in imposing economic warfare and military hostilities against the Russian Federation ….to restrict their “INFLUENCE” in Europe! Therefore, all his Nato efforts…which can destroy the peace of the world…are not to protect anyone, except prohibit a sovereign nation from having a relationship with their neighbors, which may be beneficial to the rest of Europe in trade and political cooperation…all because Russia represent a competitive economic and political threat to the United States!

    And then Mr. Stavridis, does not make waves, by declaring that his primary interest is in defending Turkey from the enemies of America, ISIS and Al queda …Sunni Muslim terrorist brigades who were funded and recruited by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and the United States to go into Syria to overthrow another country on Mr. Stavridis hit list with Nato! Imagine that…. defending Nato war monger and occupier of Cyprus, who actually was funding ISIS, by purchasing their oil from the occupied oil fields of Iraq and Syria… by their ISIS proxy armies, which was exposed by the Russian Federation and their own journalist…who were promtply imprisoned for their revelations!

    Mr. Stavridis….is a mass killer, no different than another Greek American son…raised, and molded in America.. who after 17 years of this American culture…. also had objectives that included the murder of unarmed citizens of the world…except he unlike Mr. Stavridis , did not travel thousands of miles to foreign countries to kill someone…he did it right in America Unlike Mr. Stavridis, this Greek American contribution was treated by TNH….as a reflection on our Greek heritage and values! Therefore, TNH, must explain the actions of this Greek American….not American! It is this News Media…who must examine what is wrong with the Greek Community and even…suggest that maybe the church has failed to address!.

    TNH…does not examine, how the Greek Community is responsible for a Greek American…. who boasts of destroying a country and countries of the middle East….that represent the deaths of over 31/2 million people of the middle East, and continues, based on the efforts of Greek American James Stavridis. Or in inciting hostilities with Nuclear power Russia…which has returned the Cold war…and new threats of Thermonuclear war which can destroy the entire world!
    TNH…does not examine, how Mr. Stavridis, a Greek American, has unleashed a foreign Policy that includes now and has been despicably ignored by the viewing public …. the dropping of bombs on the communities of the world …. every 12 minutes by the government of the United States!
    What does this say about Mr. Stavridis and the collaborators from the Media…. that based on C.I.A statistics …only 20% of these bombs dropped will actually kill the target, while 80% of the deaths and casualties will be non targeted civilians!

    In conclusion, TNH, please stop insulting my Greek heritage and those of my great Grandparents from Sparta, Greece, by associating the actions of Mr. Stavridis and the young boy in Texas as Greek Americans, or Orthodox Christians….because, their actions were honed and developed as bonafide citizens of American, not Greece! It is a sick culture …hidden by the media… which makes the United States the leader in mass murders today in the world! And it is a sick culture…that feels it is entitled to bomb and destroy any culture…not compliant to this sick culture….and produce with many of our allies…some of the most degenerate sadist …who have no concious to kill and lie!

    Just think TNH….. Every 12 minutes a bomb is dropped on someone on the world by my country,in our name…and not Russia! Just think the material you could produce….on exposing to the American people …that our country has been hijacked by a bunch of Aristocratic degenerates…who have turned us into a fascist empire!

    Michael Gianakos

    1. “And then Mr. Stavridis, does not make waves, by declaring that his primary interest is in defending Turkey from the enemies of America, ISIS and Al queda …” But, according to his own account he
      intimidated Turkey at Izmir, with the help of a billion dollar U.S. destroyer, avenging his refugee grandfather.

    2. Michael what a well researched and beautifully written letter! Stavridis may have Greek blood but you are right, he was never a friend of Greek or Orthodox people. He supported the bombing of Serbia and never lifted a finger on Cyprus or other Turkish transgressions. Good bye to bad rubbish.

    3. And he would be proud of you…or anyone who actually thinks about the foreign policy of the United States, Germany, Great Britain and France and Nato….. and their real intentions! And let’s be clear….They have earned their title as a fascist empire….when they changed the charter of Nato from a defensive alliance to the right to intervene and offensively attack any country….which threatened their economic and political interests! Yugoslavia….was simply the prototype plan for dismembering any independent country of the world …not compliant to the economic , political , and military control of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France! These Degenerates have only one objective in the world….dismember, partition and make impotent any sovereign nation in the world! Hence, Cyprus, Yugoslavia, libya, Afganistan, Iraq, Korea, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and on the plate…Iran, Russia, China etc etc. These degenerate sadist…are so demented, and crazed by their Aristocratic benefactors….the same ones ….who put Adolph Hitler in power….with the same intentions …. of Global economic power and dominance!
      Look at this alliance…of historic degenerates….we have Turkey and Edrogan who are co-champions with Mrs. Merkel’s Germany…in committing genocide against citizens of the world, and ethnically and religiously cleansing whole populations from their captured Territories, and in instigating two devastating world wars…because “Might Makes Right”. And then you have….the king of colonialism ….the Anglo White Supremacists Nations of the United States and England…who were well represented by Tony Blair and George Bush Jr. in taking the Yugoslav experiment to new levels of deviant behavior, in misrepresenting with their collaborators in the Aristocracies Free Press…. the reason why they had to kill 600,000 Iraqis…all lies!
      Mr. Stavridis….did not get all those medals and promotions for doing what was right for the world….but like Colin Powell …doing what most people would not do….lying, deceiving and without any concious…impose and execute perpetual wars in Yugoslavia, Ukraine, and the MIddle East which have led to 31/2 million people being injured and dead! Yet TNH….continues to sell another narrative and myth… that all this is part of a war on Terrorism!

      Today, these degenerate of Nato…have reached a stage, where, they don’t even care if the truth is comming out …they continue to break every international law of human conduct…and fulfill their mission, no matter what the costs to the people of the world are!

      Today, the state department has advised the Bravest and Most Noblest leader in the world ….who has defended his country against the most heinous religious fanatics of the world…sponsored by the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, France, Turkey…and Nato to overthrow the government of the people of Syria…and whose Christian population has been decimated by these funded Sunni Muslim Brigades, that …and get this ….they will be attacked by the U.S. coalition forces occupying territory, which includes some of Syria’s oil field, if they attempt liberate Syrian Territor by attacking ISIS forces in the occupied territories of the U.S.

      The reason for this …is like Yugoslavia, having failed to overthrow another independent country of the Middle East, they are now trying to consolidate with Remnants of the defeated Al Nustra and ISiS…Sunni Muslim brigades who have been driven out of most of Syria…by Syrian forces with the help of Russian by building bases to negotiate the partition of Syria…and to make them impotent to the land grabs of their rulers…in Israel! Therefore, the remaining territory of the legitimate country of Syria…will be reduced to a Serbian type model …surrounded by Nato members…and eventually forced to relinguish their government to the control of Nato…like Montenegro!
      Yes Michael, what is playing out in Greece…is exactly the model …that Nato envisioned in destroying the identity of the countries they wish to control, creating and formenting divisions among the populace of Europe…. and maintaining a protection racket…like an organized crime family…which makes all these puppet leaders of Nato compliant to the big boys…if they wish to maintain their power!

      Conclusion, all this could not happen…without the willing and knowing collaboration of the media…who now determine who is elected as our leaders, and sell the perpetual wars that must be imposed …in order to fulfill Nato’s mission! The corruption is so systematic in all the Nato countries…which the Skripal poisoning and bombing of Syria…without any explanation or evidence, and watching a kangaroo court of the Nato countries …jump up in Unison…and demand the head of Mr. Putin and Mr. Assad, to continue their false narratives against those countries…who represent obstructionist to their deviate foreign policies!
      Until Christians…or whatever is left of them….speak up and demand the indictment of these leaders for crimes against peace and humanity….these wars against humanity will continue…until the Russian Federation makes a decision…which is hand over its sovereignty and country , like Greece, to Nato….or decide …to do …what a Cornered Bear …would do!…. And then, the degenerates and the brain dead public….will find out that their is more important things in life …than watching an NFL football game on a Sunday afternoon!

      Michael Gianakos

  3. “In the early 1920’s, my grandfather, a short, stocky Greek schoolteacher named Dimitrios Stavridis, was expelled from Turkey as part of ‘ethnic cleansing’ directed against Greeks living in the remains of the Ottoman Empire. He barely escaped with his life in a small boat crossing the Aegean Sea to Athens and thence to Ellis Island. His brother was not so lucky and was killed by the Turks as part of the violence directed at the Greek minority.”

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