Celebrating World Music Day with Minos Papas’ Orchestra is the City

NEW YORK – June 21 is World Music Day and cities around the globe celebrate in a variety of ways. Cypriot filmmaker Minos Papas has released his latest short film, The Orchestra is the City, and shared the link with The National Herald.

Papas told TNH that the 10-minute short film features “the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra performing the second movement of Beethoven’s 7th symphony. The film combines the orchestra’s performance with stunning cinematography of Nicosia, the venetian walls, the churches and mosques, the modern streets, the people and natural beauty.”

He added, “This project is special to me because not only did I get to work with my close friends Antonis Bargilly and Constantinos Nikiforou, but we were able to create a piece that portrays Nicosia in a different light. Cyprus is usually affiliated with sun and sand, and while that is completely accurate, there is a lot more to our home town Nicosia.”

The Orchestra is the City from Minos Papas on Vimeo.

“The film was nominated for ‘Best Live Music Video’ at the Austin Music Video Festival in 2016 and made with the support of the Cyprus Tourism Organization. The film was screened at festivals and also at the Cyprus Embassy in Washington DC for EU Open House Day,” Papas said.

“I hope you enjoy how the film combines the lines and forms of the city with the shapes of the instruments, and how the rhythm of Beethoven’s masterpiece guides us to look at Nicosia from a snail’s point of view to a eagle eye perspective,” he concluded.