One Substantial Change on Clergy Laity Congress Schedule

Clergy Laity Congress in Philadelphia in July 2014 TNH/Archive -Theodore Kalmoukos

BOSTON, MA – There is only one essential change in the program of the upcoming 44th Biennial Clergy-Laity Congress of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, to be held at Copley Marriott in Boston, MA, July 1-5.

On July 2, after Archbishop Demetrios’ keynote address, the theme being “All Things Are Possible to the One Who Believes in Christ” (Mark 9:23), the delegates will not form the usual small groups to discuss and analyze the archbishop’s speech, …

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  1. It should also be noted that the schedule was published less than 60 days prior to the Clergy-Laity Congress, which is, again, a violation of the Archdiocesan Regulations.

    1. The Archdiocese is a lawless organization devoid of transparency or legitimate principles. Wouldn’t waste my time with the upcoming dog and pony show.

  2. Everything being done is in violation of regulations but for some reason this Executive board is held to a different standard than the former executive director, staff and chairpeople. How do they lead us when they do not follow the very regulations they profess to protect?

    Suddenly, Mr. Psaros the Executive Board treasurer who publicly for over a year ensured us there were all these unprecedented irregularities has gone silent.

    ALL investigations and audits proved his witch hunt. He and others set the Church on fire and watched Her burn? He/they cried wolf, created chaos and now, after they destroyed the GOA and Her integrity, have stopped giving interviews with their false claims.

    Show me a parish or Metropolis in this country that hasn’t at one time or another, had peaks and valleys in their financial history!

    Where is the apology to the people whose reputation was attacked?

    Stand up during this open forum. Ask questions, do not allow the Executive board to white wash the truth, skirt answering questions or insult our intelligence. In order to move forward we must be heard.

    We are the laity! Be heard.

  3. 1. Your parish attendees are being charged $700 plus dollars to attend, plus expensive hotel and travel fees. Estimated at $2500 per person. For what? Wasted money for your always struggling parishes. Parishes, especially small ones, are being threatened to “send someone” by the Metro-Thugs. They want revenues. This is a cash call, not a meeting.

    2. A weak and non-existent agenda, the hosting Metropolis wanted no part of this event. $200,000 will be spent on the Gala Dinner. Really? The priest pension fund still not repaid. They grabbed the money from their own priests!

    3. There is no evidence of any substantive answers to the hardest questions. The archdiocese is stonewalling like the FBI is today with Congress. The answers are there, the offenders don’t want to give them because they are embarrassing.

    4. The silly and offensive “innovation” is a three hour open microphone, a la Oprah Winfrey Show. A Hollywood stunt.

    5. Will you run to kiss the hands and butts of the robed malfeasors and their deputies? Do you really expect any substantive change, reform, and energy?

    6. Watch, ask, and note how many of these clowns head for Greece and Cyprus and Turkey after this event. Ask them about their work schedules and to make their calendars including travel public. There is not one iota of accountability in this entire enterprise. Watch their Byzantine Imperial demeanors. Dunce caps and gold walking sticks. Jesus wore sandals and rode on a jackass. These guys are successors to Emperor Constantine, not The Apostles. Oh, and they will call you Protestant for not being Byzantine.

    7. Note particularly the UNAMERICAN tone. No respect for our National Holy Day, yes Holy. The founding of the best country in the history of the world. A working day, a “doxology” in Greek, maybe some local young person to sing “God Bless America”. No other mention of our American Holy Day. Greece First policy.

    8. They will sing the Greek National Anthem. Don’t stand ! Greece is not your country. America is our country.

    9. It’s up to you to show your pride in your country , the religion taught to you by your parents and grandparents, and your partnership with the church. You are not a slave or serf. The people must give their ASSENT to the choice of Bishop.

    10. Above all, please wrap your minds around WITHHOLDING money and support AT EVERY LEVEL, INCLUDING PARISH. Until you squeeze the priests and the priests squeeze the bishops and Metros, and all squeeze the Patriarch, there will be no change. It’s the only leverage we have. Within 3 years, we need a laity conference to plan for SELF GOVERNANCE. We can begin to work on this in the fall.

    Good luck, be strong, be courageous in defense of what’s right. And do not be afraid of imposters in robes.

    Dean Popps

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