Is it More Important to Trust Media or the President?

FILE - In this June 9, 2018 file photo, President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference at the G-7 summit in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada. New York Attorney General sues the Trump Foundation, Thursday, June 14, saying it engaged in a pattern of illegal self-dealing. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

It is more important for the American people to be able to trust their media or their president? “Both” seems like the easy response, but it doesn’t really answer the question.

The answer can be found in Barack Obama’s declaration late in his presidency that there is no greater threat to our future than climate change. Of course, the round-the-clock Obama-bashers ridiculed the president’s remark, suggesting that he believed that a gradual change in temperature is more destructive than, say, a …

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  1. Mr. Scaros…. you state that the easy answer to your question ….is “Both”. Again far from the Truth by the maligned journalists and now acknowledged fake news and propaganda news outlets…who cannot write anything not scripted out by the billionaire Aristocrates who are nothing more….than government managed news brokers…. working for Tyrannical and oppressive fascist or Marxist government of the world! The only difference….is these guys , like Sheldon Adelman, George Soros, the Koch Brother, Murdocks, and their parade of Wall Street investors and Bankster, can hide behind in the shadows…and falsely suggest ….that the selling of wars and elections to the public…can be trusted, because they are not part of the government or political alliance! In reality, they are the government ….because they own not only the media stooges, but the politicians ….who execute their plans …supported by this controlled media….that Mr. Scaros is a part of !

    Mr. Scaros… the answer to your question has already been given….based on Gallup Polls ….only 14% of all Americans ……trust the media! Importantly, informed American… longer watch any of the major news outlets….like CNN, who rating have dropped below those of …..The Discovery Station! Additionally, the hired hands of Mr. Soros and the rest of the Degenerate Royalty of England , Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Israel…. are perceived by 78 % of the American public …as corrupt thru and Thru! That is why…. Donald Trump was elected President…to put into office…. the only available billionaire…who appeared to go rogue.with his fellow Billionaires….to represent the interests of the people of America! The public understands….maybe, just maybe….this guy does not need to be on the payroll of a bunch of Degenerates power brokers….and will do whats really right!

    And while it remains to be seen….whether Mr. Trump can weather the swamps war on him with the Help of the media stooges, it is clear, that he has forced the media to work overtime to remove him and obstruct the core plans of Mr. Trump….which is directly opposing the Billionaire Globalist of the World…that is have good relations with Russia, and end the war crimes policies of overthrowing any independent government of the world not compliant to the political, economic, and military control of the Aristocratic billionaires who currently have systematically hijacked the governments of the United States, England, Israel, Germany, France…and the vassal states of Nato…like Greece!
    To this end, Mr Scaros and your noble journalist from the New York Times, Washington Post and the Mass media….have gone to such great lengths to promote the election of Swamp legend Hillary Clinton, which was exposed with CNN and The DNC collusion , promote the false anti-Russian Narratives, which is an act of Treason…in creating Tensions and hostilities with a country…who can clearly destroy the peace and security of the American people, and maintaining a false Narrative of lies , to execute the dismembership of Yugoslavia, Afganistan, Iraq, libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan/ Africa and Ukraine…by the United States and Nato, under some self declared moral obligation, when all evidence reveals…. a premeditated degenerate plan to murder over 3 1/2 million people of the Middle East…by the master’s of Greece!
    No Mr. Scaros….the greatest contribution of the Trump campaign….has been in exposing to the public , the depth of the deceit of the media….and reducing them to just another Propaganda outlet for the Rich and Famous! No informed citizen of the world …trust them….because they understand…you are the same guys who sold the war crimes war of Iraq which raped the treasury of the United States for your masters, and based on your lies, that were not mistakes! You sold the destruction of libya, based on the lies, and supported the election of another Degenerate financial prostitute Hillary Clinton…who distinguished herself in watching the leader of libya..sodomized by the supported proxy jihadist of Saudi Arabia and murdered…then pubicly stating the following….”We Came, We Saw. He Died”, but failed to mention ….the people of libya died …since, this requested overthrow by Mrs. Clinton!
    Today… we watch another puppet dictator…. Mr. Tsipras continue to destroy the constitution of Greece, in ignoring the people of Greece and their wishes in circumventing the parliament of Greece and the people in complying with the demands of foreign countries of the Eu and Nato to surrender the name of Macedonia, and create a civil crisis which can only divide Greece! This is treason…and then arrest a member of the parliament of Greece for confronting him and his collaboratores demanding his arrest for his actions! What does TNN do ….feature U.S., EU and Nato officials blessing the good practices of Mr. Tsipras… and .not condem him for violating the democracy of Greece, and understand how the Ukrainian project of the coup of the leadership of the Ukraine was initiated by Nato and the EU! Unlike a referendum by the people of Greece…rejecting a bailout, but not complied with by Mr Tsipras , which would destroy the sovereignty of Greece, the leader of the Ukraine, did reject an EU bailout plan . which was not as practical as one the Russian Federation submitted. This led to a coup and removal of the leader of the Ukraine…… and hence, we are where we are at this time, another country divided!
    Apparently, Mr. Tsipras, did not wish to wind up the same way, and explains his compliance, to whatever the ruling class in Washington and Belgium dictate!

    Mr Scaros…. the game is up…and the more informed people become…the media has been reduced by beuracrats to merely…. self serving narratives that ….delusionally, provide a false sense of security that they did their jobs!
    Even today…the informed who read or listen …only represent a form of entertainment ….to determine what and who …they are really representing!

    Michael Giankos

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