Ancient Theatre of Aptera to Reopen after 17 Centuries of Silence

(Photo by Ministry of Culture via Eurokinissi)

CHANIA, Crete – The Ancient Theatre of Aptera in Chania, Crete will once again “come alive” after 17 centuries of thespian silence. Following its restoration, this unique monument of Crete will on Friday, June 29 host a dramatised narration of a rhapsody from Homer’s “Odyssey”, performed by actors Sofia Hill and Antonis Myriagos accompanied by Giorgos Kaloudis on the lyre and Ruth Hill on the qanun (kanonaki in Greek).

The event is organised by the Chania Antiquities Ephorate in cooperation with the Crete regional authority and other agencies.

According to the organisers, ‘in the rhapsody we see the heroes crushed not by the blind and uncontrolled vengefulness of the gods but by their own disobedience and overstepping of the limits, something that constitutes defiance in the classical ethical norm ‘hubris, nemesis, tisis’ (atonement),which characterises the ancient Greeks’ world view.”

Entrance to the performance will be free of charge, with the presentation of named coupons that will be available from Monday, June 18 until Monday, June 25 at the offices of the Chania Antiquities Ephorate. The event is scheduled to start at 20:30, while the doors to the site will open from 19:45 until 20:15.