US Ambassador Pyatt: Greece Playing Key Role in US-Europe Relationship

FILE - US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt at the 70th anniversary celebration of the Fulbright Foundation Greece, Monday, April 23, 2018. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yiannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS – The United States has spent the last 70 years fostering relations with Europe, and Greece has a special role to play in that, US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt said in a brief address at the Economist conference in Athens on Friday.

“Fifty-four percent of foreign direct investment in the US comes from Europe, and 64% of foreign direct investment in Europe comes from the United States,” he said, adding, “We see Greece as a key ally in a volatile region; a pillar of stability that we are investing in as part of the US strategy to anchor the western alliance.”

Pyatt briefly reviewed the collaboration between the US and Greece, from countering terrorist threats to providing a base at Souda Bay on Crete. He said the US also appreciated “Greece’s efforts to deepen relationships with other key regional players, including Egypt and Israel,” as developing these regional relationships “directly supports NATO’s goal of increasing and improving cooperation between NATO and the Mediterranean Dialogue countries.”

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  1. It just doesn’t get sicker than this…. selling state of the art military hardware to Turkey, which will be used by Sunni Muslim Terrorist organizations to represent the interest of the United States….which has destabalized the entire region of the Middle East with their brothers from Saudi Arabia and Israel! They then suggest …..that Greece and the empire…. will work together to counter terrorist threats , and are to be commended for developing a regional relationship with the now acknowledged Apartheid state ally of the United States ….Israel! You know the guys who just murdered 61 unarmed protestors in Palestine, and killed a young medical student lady….assisting those wounded by this war crimes attack! That’s right…because this relationship has been payed in full by the Jewish lobbies in Washington!

    Only a White Supremacist country like the United States…would think that the people of Greece are so inferior and stupid like their government stooges to ignore the fact ….the the greatest Terrorist threat to the people of Greece and Cyprus….is Turkey!

    Who else would have the chops but degenerate lunatics …to provide the number 1 terrorist government to Greece and Cyprus, and even more than ISIS, with the weapons needed to continue to terrorize the citizens of Greece and Cyprus! That Mr. Pyatt is your definition on how Greece…with of course the new fascist empire of the Unites States…..will stabilize now declare and and are setting up….a Volatile Region , which of course , need the intervention and protection of the White Supremacist government of the United States! There are dangerous people out there….and of course,…we will continue to make them more dangerous!

    To our Greek American citizens….it is time, you recognized that our country is now in the hands of Globalist and degenerates….who represent billionaires , who have no concious as to the damage they continue to inflict on the citizens of the world ….in order to expand ……THEIR INVESTMENTS!

    How can you watch the circus in Washington…in which the swamp, which is filled with White supremacist Globalist on both parties, and operate with complete control and ownership of the corrupt Mass Media, is waging war with Donald Trump, because, he is to unpredictable to comply with the real ruling party! How can you watch the propaganda Narratives against the Russian federation…in order to create a hostile environment to impose fascist policies, which require the complicity of any Independent country to the Global Agenda of a bunch of White Supremacist billionaires …who now own the democracies of Europe and America!

    Michael Gianakos

    Really Mr. Pyatt….. and I guess what you mean ….in investing in Europe and Greece…….is that you will be investing in the political leaders and representatives of Greece, which have already demonstrated….that they are already on the Payroll!


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