Despite Greek, Diaspora Fears, US Will Sell Turkey F-35 Fighter Jets

FILE - President Donald Trump shakes hands with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

An outcry from Congressman and Greek-American groups that Turkey could use F-35 jets against Greece was ignored with the news website Defense News reporting the sale providing the fighters, more advanced than Greek F-16s, will go ahead.

Lockheed Martin told the news website that it is preparing for a rollout ceremony at its production facilities, a profitable deal for the company which so far has trumped Greek and Diaspora worries. “The rollout ceremony for Turkey’s first F-35 aircraft is scheduled for June 21,” a spokesman was quoted as telling the website.

A US Senate committee in late May passed a measure preventing the sale, citing Turkey’s detention of US citizen Andrew Brunson and its agreement with Russia to buy a missle weapons system in December.

That will provide Turkey with weapons for both countries at the same time President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is stepping up provocations in the Aegean, sending warships and fighter jets to violate Greek waters and airspace with no rebuke from NATO, to which both countries belong, and no intervention from the US, United Nations or European Union.

The Senate action would require proposals by the House and Senate be merged before any decision is made, which could take months, making it moot as Turkey will already have the fighter jets.

Greek fighter pilots regularly have to engage in mock dogfights with Turkish pilots but could soon also be faced with their F-16s going up against the superior F-16s with Greece relegated only to getting updates to its US jets.


  1. In the background is a painting of Theodore Roosevelt. What would Theodore Roosevelt say of this deal?

    Back in 1899 in his essay “Expansion and Peace” Theodore Roosevelt recalled massacres of 1895 and stated, “The great blot upon European international morality in the closing decade of this century has been not a war, but the infamous peace kept by the joint action of the great powers, while Turkey inflicted the last horrors of butchery, torture, and outrage upon the men, women, and children of despairing Armenia.” Of course, Theodore Roosevelt could not have imagined at that point that far worse massacres would be inflicted upon Armenians and Greeks in the twentieth century, again while the major powers would stand by and supply the Turks with weapons.

  2. Ahhh the powerful greek american lobby FAILS AGAIN, AND AGAIN AND AGAIN….such a strong group of fat old men…TNH prays to these amazing failures weekly…maybe they will pick our next Archbishop and they can fund our archdiocese and the memorial church because they are so great!!!!

    Time for Greece to buy Russian S400’s if Turkey can have them so can Greece…scrap those old useless money pit F4’s But first throw out SYRIZA and The Greek American Lobby Both Disaster For Greece.

    1. Pavlo: Our Greek-American leaders have truly failed on this, as they have failed on Cyprus, and the Skopje naming deal. However, what could they have done better?

      I ask this question of you, my hot-headed friend, because, the problem does not appear to be with any “fat, old, men” of Greek ancestry but with the average people of the United States, who have for over a hundred years provided a wonderful life for us of the diaspora, but are nevertheless not really very interested in these foreign policy matters.

      And consider this also in the context of the extreme political divide in the United States:

      Americans on the political right mostly think of Greece as a socialist failure that deserves privation. They do not know of the details of the story; also Americans on the political right who are Christians are primarily Protestant Christians who often do not see the Orthodox as Christians.

      Americans on the political left, when they note that Greece contains mostly Christians and that Turks are Muslim, instinctively shy away from taking any stand that might be seen as anti-Muslim.

      I am not saying that we should give up trying to educate our fellow Americans, but it must be seen as a long process and it must be done with respect for American values and for America’s heritage, while also minimizing divisions that we might have with among ourselves.

    2. Right on , Mr. Serritas….but what you didn’t mention….is the Fat OLD MEN….of the secret society of Greek Americans, who were repugnant to the Great President of the United States …John Kennedy …are lead by Financial and legal Aristocrates….and are also members of the Masons and John Birch Society…who only march to whatever the current ruling class of Washington dictates….and as Mr. Sakerlaris …..has confessed to ….are not obligated to represent what is in the interest of the people of Greece, Cyrus or any Greek American heritage in America, but like the good Germans of Nazi Germany compliant to any actions by this government, and includes promoting whatever the official policy.of their Aristocratic partners in the Congress of the United States! Their membership are treated like cult followers who are not allowed to question or promote real solutions to the resolution of issue in Greece and Cyprus….it they offend the propaganda Narrative of the various frauds of the U.S. government .imposes and misrepresents to the people of Greece and Cyprus!

      You will never hear from these secret societies or TNH…. why they have not called out the United States , United Kingdom and the vassal states of Nato…….for enacting economic warfare and military provocations against the Russian Federation for their legal annexation by referendum of the ethnic Russians of Crimea…where there was not ethnic and religious cleansing of those people, and has gone to such length ….that they have restored the Cold War with Nuclear and Military power Russia which can threaten and provoke a war in Europe and the world….but have ” DONE NOTHING” to remove a member of Nato after invading and ethnically and religiously cleansing Greek Cypriots from Northern Cyprus, and in which, there are 3 resolutions in the U.N. demanding the removal of “THERE FELLOW ALLY AND NATO MEMBER TURKEY! No you will never ….hear about who is really responsible for the Turkish occupation and their removal, and what Cyprus in concert with Greece should do to …. confront Nato, and identify them to the public….who is really accountable for the continued occupation of Cyprus!

      These fat old men …whose only interest in Washington…is to network and develope benefits for their personal goals and interests, and let their brain dead members enjoy having a cup of coffee, in the corner of a church hall after church…to gossip about anything., and figuring out how to recruit another sucker to the Troll train!, which feeds these aristocrates at the top!

      Promoting values of the American Heritage…. Mr. Sakelaris, tell me how these Masons…. do this! By endorsing and promoting UAE airlines to Greek Americans for 30 pieces of silver…who is wholly owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates….who is acknowledged with Saudi Arabia, Qatar … to be the state sponsors of their Sunni Muslim Jihadist and Terrorist organizations…which include ISIS, Al Queda, Al Nustra Front and the rest of the Sunni Muslim brigades in the U.S. coalition who have murdered and killed thousands of Syrian, Greek, Coptic and Catholic Christians in order to overthrow the government of Syria…who is the protector of these people! Just think Mr. Sakelaris, these frauds…. have endorsed UAE airlines over Aegean airlines, a commercial airline company registered in Greece, and who competes with this convicted terrorist organization and recently, for uncompetive pricing practices…with subsidies from the Government of the UAE. Just think Mr. Sakelaris….these are the allies of the United States, where freedom of religion does not exist…and who also are the number one purchasers in the world ….of U.S. military equipment …including F-35 fighters…which are currently bombing non-sunni muslim citizens of the poorest country in the world ….Yemen! But the Fat boys will never concede their crimes….because they are an America Ally!

      In conclusion, what do you do with Mr. Tsipras…who has complied with U.S demands to not obstruct the entry of another U.S. inspired regime , and the EU plans to federalise the Balkans into regions…and stay tune….to the next steps by the boys from the EU….waiting in the wings …is Albania and Bulgaria…and the real trick on the people of the FRYOM!

      What do you do with Mr. Tsipras….who complies with the demands of Nato …to protect the skies of the recently inducted Montenegro into Nato and their sovereignty…another former republic of Yugoslavia with the Greek Air Force, but can not bring himself to use the Greek Airforce to protect the skies of Greece and their sovereignty!

      The first thing you do …is initiate snap elections…and put in place those who will do the following:

      Veto any plans to give Fyrom entry into Nato and the EU.

      If Nato fails to honor that veto….which I suspect Mr. Tsipras is fully aware, they will be required to remove all bases in Greece, who are members of Nato!

      If the EU fails to honor that veto….which I suspect Mr. Tsipras is fully aware , it will be time for a removal from the EU…who with their German leaders are picking up where they left off in 1945…going to turn the European theater to compliant regional federations, and continue to create chaos for their members!

      Finally, Greece and Cyprus, should expand effort to market Greece to investors from all over the world including business alliances with Russia, China , Israel, even those savages from Saudi Arabia and Qatar! No one investing in Greece…is ever going to take over Greece….the people of Greece will be vigilante! Greece is a Gold mine for the people of Greece…. start taking charge again…but you will need a government that is compliant to Greek values and interests….and will get out of the way…if the task is to difficult for them!

      Michael Gianakos

    3. Secret society? Masonic enemies? A little too far out in the deep end for me.

      I have often been very critical of US policy toward Greece and Cyprus myself; remember my introductory quote from Theodore Roosevelt, who would have been horrified over the last seventy years of US policy toward the eastern Mediterranean region. But I never seem to go far enough in my comments to satisfy you, so I guess I should not try.

      As for Greece leaving NATO, that would be like jumping out of the frying pan and going into the fire.

    4. “and the EU plans to federalize the Balkans into regions”
      I believe the correct term is to balkanize the Balkans,
      an act that in itself will vulcanize the Vulcans
      And it will be followed by looting with vultures.

  3. Let’s not forget the annual, Greek American Spanakopita Festival, in The Roosevelt Room,
    every March in order to celebrate Liberty and Justice for all, who can afford them.

  4. The English got one thing right:
    “Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.”
    Lord Palmerston (English Statesman, 1784-1865)

    1. To flux: True as that statement may be, it was Palmerston who backed a blockade of Greek ports in 1850.

    2. Let me help you understand ….Nato is an organized crime family…formed by the United States, United Kingdom., and genocidal war criminal Germany….who have a lot in common in representing the core starting lineup of Two world wars in Europe! The have been past colonialist….and interventionalist in the affairs of foreign countries of the world…based on some sort of Myth….that they are “exceptional supremacist…who have been able to master the art of developing in large quantity…the most horrendous tools of war….to prove that they only know what is right for the world! To this end, they can promise the ruling parties of foreign countries, that they can remain in power….and under their protection…if they simply…turn over the sovereignty of their country and pledge allegiance to the core policies and interests of the United States, United Kingdom and Germany! This is democracies of the EU…..that have been systematically hijacked by financial aristocrates who now own these governments….just ask one of the many billionaires who dictate bank policies toward Greece…because they are merely guilty of trying to provide their people with affordable Health care and education to their citizens, but were burn’t by the 2008 financial crash of the world, while the United States prefers to spend trillion of dollars to perpetuate never ending wars, and build never ending stock piles of war crimes armaments, and can have the luxury to simply print paper money, to keep their vulnerability to the same problems , that have afflicted Greece!

      One of the Nato and EU owners…George Soros….has just been banned from 3 countries, including his own country …Hungary, for discovering just how much financial control he throws in those countries!

      You see…the genesis of organized crime families and the principles that guide them come from non other than the famous international crime families….called the “Black Hand”, which was one of the earliest organized mob organizations that plagued the early 1920’s and 30’s in Chicago and New York.

      like Nato…. in order to take over the operations and profits of legitimate businesses in New York and Chicago…. the gangsters would send a letter with a “Black Hand Symbol” to the owners of those businesses , advising them that their were …”very dangerous people in their area…who could threaten to do” harm” to them, and that they could protect them and their business, for some financial tribute and their allegiance to the Black Hand”
      When the owners of those businesses refused to turn over their companies for protection from the “Black Hand”, they would be subject to the bombing of their business! Importantly, the gangsters and banksters would send another letter to the bombed business owner….again demanding compliance to their protection…since, it is clear that these mobsters were correct…their were dangerous people threatening them!

      Hence, Mr. Sakelaris….when you say, Greece leaving Nato…would be like jumping from a frying pan to a fire…you are correct! Because…what you fear…is that by refusing to be part of Nato’s protection racket and control…. something bad will happen to Greece! What you are really saying …. is that it is more important to be blackmailed by foreign countries to comply with the interests of criminal organizations, and not those of Greeks, in order to preserve whatever fundamental freedoms Greeks have today! What you are really saying …. is that you understand this protection racket….and their response…like the Black hand of Chicago and New York …will be to release of their goon hitman and Nato ally Turkey to bomb and invade Cyprus and Greece!

      Thank God, that the boys from the Pellaponese…. did not buy into that in 1824…..because we would still be under Turkish foreign control and protection of Greece!

      What do you not understand….the heinous foreign policy of the United States in the Middle East…which has led to the bombings and overthrow of 5 legitimate governments because they refused to give allegiance to this organized crime family and turn over their business! Today, 12 countries are being bombed by this group of degenerates and threatening others…who refuse to turn over their countries to the protection and occupation of the United States and Nato!

      No…you can never satisfy me or the people of Greece…with narratives that do nothing more than …. what today’s media and politicians do….. make themselves feel good…that they feel the pain of the people ….and then move on to the next story!

      In doing so they demean the serious nature of what is going on, not only in Greece and Cyprus…but what is being exposed as the root of the sick condition of the world and who is really responsible!

      Finally, while it may be too deep, to understand the significance of these Greek American secret societies and their Mason responsibilities….I can assure you….they are dangerous self declared representative of Greek values…..and Mr. Sakelaris ….I can assure you of this …since I was once a part of them!

      Michael Gianakos

    3. And what of the remainder of the National Herald online readership? I have often criticized US policies on here, but not enough to please one reader. Do any of the rest of you think I am being too moderate?

  5. John,

    Hear is the good news….those F-35 being shipped to Turkey and the rest of Europe ….have about 200 defects, and really are being dumped on the Nato vassal states! In other words….Mr. Edrogan is buying lemons of the Lockheed Martin aircraft company! In a match up fight with the Russian SU-35, it would be lights out…for the Turks trying to fly a plane …that the Australian say ….cannot shoot straight, and does not have a proper stealth system.

    Therefore, do the rest of the readers support the buying of not only the Russian SU- 35 fighters from Russia, but their S-400 anti-ballistic missile system , and not only for Greece , but Cyprus who is not a Nato country…and has been embargoed from buying any military equipment from the United States and Nato?

    Can you imagine, if Mr. Tsipras, actually, did what his nemesis from Turkey has done….and demonstrate if there is any loyalty left to the people of Greece, in fulfilling his responsibilty to secure the peace and security of the population of Greece, by exercising the sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus…to buy if approved by Russia ….state of the art military equipment …that can strike fear in the heart of Mr. Edrogan….and provide the outstanding pilots of Greece…with something more than 1970’s planes!

    Just think …who needs Nato…and that 2 % military fee to Nato ….can be used with some benevolent donations from some of the great Greek American billionaires , and even I would donate money…and hopefully with the rest of the Greek Americans to purchasing these weapons, in defense of Greece and Cyprus! I mean the boys from Israel…have been around over just 50 years…. and have amassed all these weapons, plus they have 200 nuclear warheads in stock! Israel is the size of Rhode Island….and not part of Nato…..just an alleged Ally of the Unites States! Which is clear….Greece is no longer!

    All Mr. Tsipras has to do …is call Mr. Lavrov up …. and get a quote…and let him show you what the warranty would be on this purchase…and then take ride in one of these aircraft…and just kick the tires….and turn Greece into a country….that no longer fights with swords!

    How about that , Mr. Sakelaris is that too extreme? I mean the worst that can happen…is that the Pentagon will try to stop Greece…citing that Russia is an enemy of the United States, and therefore, Greece’s enemy, but will probably provide all the F-35 and Patriot Missile system for free to Greece! You know…. these guys give every year 3.5 billion dollars of the treasury of the United States to their ally Israel every year….to protect their interests! All free!

    Remember ….the new order of the globalist …is ” Might makes Right”….and I would highly recommend that Mr. Tsipras , take a ride up to Sparta…and get reeducated on what it takes …to defend Greece.

    Michael Gianakos…

    1. First, notice that no one else has gotten on here to criticize me for my comments.

      For a small nation like Greece, switching alliances is a tricky thing, carrying with it the risk of being left with no ally at all. Although we can both make a long list of how western Europe and, more recently, the United States have betrayed Greece, my study of history has shown me numerous times when Russia has also disappointed Greek hopes, whether by supporting Turks at crucial times, or by calling off struggles against the Turks.

      Currently Russia seems to be in a mode of being very friendly with the Turks. Maybe that will change, but for the time being I would regard your suggestions with caution. Instead, for now, Greece should try to have friendly relations with both the US and Russia.

    2. John,

      What does purchasing Russian SU-35 fighters for the courageous, and to my knowledge highly respected pilots of Greece, and the S-400 anti-ballistic missiles from Russia, in answering …. what Greece’s current alliance with Nato member the United States has despicably betrayed the people of Greece and Cyprus, but not their compliant Greek American aristocrates …by building up the most despotic and lunatic war mongers in history with the latest military hardware to wage war against Greece and Cyprus…which they have publicly stated is possibly imminent.

      Why can you not bring yourself ….to actually providing an opinion…that does not end up…like the articles of TNH, the New York Times, and the Washington Post…that are compliant promoters of the United States criminal Globalist foreign policy of control of the sovereignty of every independent country of the world….and support by the Myth…that only the White Supremacist members of the governments of the United States, United Kingdom and Nato!

      Don’t blame me for being a victim of criticism by me…. blame the collaborators of the New Aristocracy …that is dictating world affairs for their interests….and that is the New York Times, TNH, Washington Post… the C.I.A. New Network…who fail to question or expose the falacies of the foreign policy of death and destruction ….these portrayed Patriots of America have created on the Middle East , Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine…and now attempting to bestow on 12 other countries! Just think ….did TNH….. make the comparison of the arming of Turkey can mean…to the people of not only Greece and Cyprus…but Syria, Iraq, and the many other interest of Turkey and the United States. Did TNH…. advise on what the consequences to the Middle East would be with making ….Saudi Arabia, UAE,, and Qatar…the number 1 customers in the world in the purchase of lethal military equipment…ask the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and libya, all non-Sunni Muslim dominant government of the Middle East….and being attacked by the supported alliance of Nato for countries where Freedom of Religion does not exist..

      No John, you were asked….should as a sovereign nation…and not a compliant member of Nato….purchase the needed military equipment for the Russian Federation ….they must have …to defend Greece and Cyprus…and secure the peace and safety of the people of Greece?

      Please spare me .. any Russian narrative…which merely tells me ….that you comply with the U.S. enemies list…which is not those of the rest of the world!

      You are delusional ,, when you interpret no response to your request to the readers…as some sort of testament that they are in agreement! I would suggest…it reflects a no vote of your position…which frankly…really does not …take any position on what Greece should from…a Greek American prospective

      Mr. Sakelaris, I have great respect for you…because whether I agree with your opinion or not … you truly care about the fellow citizens of the world, and speak up with important statements…including doing what the mass media does not do.anymore….call out the wrong actions and hyporcracy of their government! Unlike , 98% of the people of the United States…who have despicably allowed themselves to be fooled, and not giving a crap to the criminal actions in their name …that are going on by select members of our government …payed in full by billionaire aristocrates, you publicly question and bring forth a position …that has not been suppressed by TNH, and what Donald Trump has accurately described as a propaganda driven media outlets of the …richest people of the world!

      I tip my hat to you…for speaking up…and at least demonstrating a Christian value…that the mass media has tried to extinguish…in order to clear a path for their crimes,and that is truth.

      Michael Gianakos

    3. If a story was to break that Russia was about to sell F-35s at a decent price to Greece, there would likely be a threat issued by Turkey (maybe publicly, maybe privately) about how such a sale that could cause Turkey to reconsider its deals with Russia.

      And then what? Would Putin go ahead and sell the F-35s to Greece anyway, or would he quietly back down?

  6. And if Mr. Tsipras…in protecting the security and peace of the people of Greece….told the degenerates of the our government …. privately or publicly….that the sales of the F-35’s and any other lethal advance weapons to Turkey…. would threaten the peace of the people of Greece and Cyprus, and therefore, Greece will withdraw from Nato….and demand the removal of all U.S. and Nato bases…….would Mr. Trump withdraw the sale of these fighters to Turkey? We will never know…since, Mr. Tsipras , has already demonstrated to this Greek American…..that he is at best grossly incompetent…and at worst ….a TRAITOR. And by the way…. so is the ruling party of Greece!

    What would Mr. Putin do….whatever is in his best interests…no one else’s….and unlike Greece… Russia does not represent and comply with U.S , U.K, and German interests who are the unchallenged masters of the fraudulent Nato Alliance! Why is Russia …..mystically, some sort of threat to Europe ….because they are a threat to their absolute Plans and dominance of Europe!

    Russia…is a threat economically and politically….not militarily to the countries of Nato, however, they are imposed enemies on the people of the countries of Nato by their corrupt government leaders under the control of specifically the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany …. because Russia maintains a military force, very capable of defending their sovereignty to compete on the world market both economically and politically!

    That is why….with the break up of the Soviet Union…. and the reform of Russia to an open market and parliamentary government….but financially in depression, …..there was no need for Nato and their protection racket of control! But the answer of the United States, United Kingdom and Germany was to exploit relationship with corrupt oligarks in Russia to loot that country, and to proceed to break a treaty that Nato would not expand their control of the nations of the former Soviet Union…like Yugoslavia! Additionally, Russia was fully prepared to join Nato as a member, if they continued to maintain that Alliance, but the degenerate white suppremacist of the United States, United Kingdom and Germany….would have none of this…because, having voting member of Nato…like Russia….would obstruct their plans for control of the rest of Europe…because Russia could not be blackmailed into doing something by these three countries that did not represent the best interests of the people of Europe!

    Importantly, Mr. Putin, has resurrected Russia both economically, militarily and politically and that is the threat to the United States….and why their hostile actions toward Russia, because , they have interfered in another government overthrow of a country by the United States and their Nato collaborators….Syria! You see, these empire builders, just want Russia to return to their compliant and crippled country of post Soviet Union, which allowed the criminal dismembership of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, etc etc by Nato!
    Therefore, it is this sovereignty that makes Russia and China ….declared enemies of the United States.. despite the fact that Russia and China…have but one base in the entire world ,outside of their Territory, and have not attacked any American, to my knowledge, in the last century!

    It is Russia’s military capacity…..that drives the return to the cold war by the United States and Nato, and the continued expansion of Nato membership to do what they cannot do militarily ….and that is to strangle Russia economically and politically…the same thing they are trying to do in Asia….against China!

    The point… only corrupt governments compliant to the rule of foreign countries…would allow Nato members United States, United Kingdom, and Germany….. to provide state of the art military equipment to dictatorships and human rights degenerates…. to a country who represent the greatest threat to peace of the people of Cyprus and Greece… Turkey! This would equate to the United States providing nuclear weapons to Iran….the alleged mortal enemy of U.S. ally , Israel!

    Only a corrupt government ….sells off it ancestors identity to comply with their EU and Nato masters!

    Only a corrupt government…. agrees to comply with U;S and Nato officials to share revenue from oil and gas reserves from the waters of Cyprus to ….a Turkish occupied Territory unrecognized as a legitimate state by the international community, and established in the ethnic and religious cleansing of Greeks, from this illegally invaded Territory! Congratulations, the government just legitimized the rights of this occupied territories by Turkey….and therefore, are the first to recognize the Northern Republic of Cyprus!

    In conclusion, the issue is not whether Russia will or will not sell military equipment to Russia…the issue is that Mr. Tsipras…. has failed to demonstrate to the United States…that they will not tolerate their ruthless disregard of the interests of Greece…and will do whatever is in the best interests of Greece, not the United States,….and that includes buying any comparable weapons systems to whatever Turkey can get!

    Mr. Putin….will do only what is in his countries interests, not Turkey, and especially not Nato! Knowing that his interests…includes diplomatically dividing Nato….I would bet….like Turkey…he would entertain a request from Greece to buy the Su-35, and anti ballistic missile system from Russia!

    The Net Net…is if he refuses….then we know, like the United States…Turkey will continue to be the darling of the Globalist and their Greek American worshipers!

    Michael Gianakos

    1. “Mr. Putin….will do only what is in his countries interests, not Turkey, and especially not Nato!”

      True enough, but this also means that Putin will not give ANY priority to Greek interests. So, no, I do NOT think he is wanting to sell advanced military goods to Greece as long as he thinks he can play out his initiative with Turkey. That Russia-Turkey friendship might just last a few more months, but it could last for years.

      One thing that could cause Russia to pull back from Turkey would be if there could be better relations between Russia and the United States, so Russia would not be tempted to be so close to the Turks.

      So… a detente between the US and Russia would be very good for Greece. Sure, that seems very unlikely for now, but file this thought for future reference.

    2. John…it doesn’t matter whether Mr. Putin …put’s Greek interests on his list of priorities! As a matter of fact…. why would Greece depend on Russia for some sort of support for their interests…. when all I want is for Russia ….is to consumate a business deal …which provides military equipment Greece and Cyprus needs, and cannot get from the United States and Nato, in order to protect the interests of its people!
      The problem is ….that Greece’s sovereignty has been clearly stripped by the EU and Nato…and now dictate to Greece…what they want Greece to do…in representing their Interests. What do you not understand….about the selling off of the Macedonian Name …. which only benefits the EU and Nato, but not the people of Greece! What do you not understand…..the use of Nato bombers being launched from the country of Cyprus which benefits Nato…but not the people of non nato Cyprus! What do you not understand….the support of Nato Member Turkey …in getting the Cypriot government to relinguish exclusive oil and gas rights from the water of Cyprus…… by agreeing in to share revenues with the illegal occupied territory of the unrecognized Turkish Northern Republic of Cyprus! Do you understand the depth of the treason against the people of Cyprus by the government of the United States and Cyprus…..they just did what the International community has not done since the occupation of Northern CYprus by Turkey in 1974. They just recognized the rights and legitimacy of the occupied territory of the government of Northern Cyprus!!! Congratulations to the corrupt ruling party of Cyprus… who are merely puppets of the white supremacist aristocracy that funds the countries of the United States and Nato!

      No Mr. Sakelaris….their will be no required commitments by Greece…to buy anything from Russia…to support their interests, unless it is morally and ethically supported by the elected representative of the people of Greece and Cyprus…..not Nato or the United States!

      Let me give you a reality check….did you not see the article by TNH….over the past few days…which featured the U.S ambassador to Greece proclaiming the following by Mr. Pyatt…That Greece will play a major roll in U.S. and Greek Relation in Europe…an’d that they will play a major roll together in counter Terrorism in the volatile Region!” …

      It just doesn’t get sicker than this…. selling state of the art military hardware to Turkey, which will be used by Sunni Muslim Terrorist organizations to represent the interest of the United States….which has destabalized the entire region of the Middle East with their brothers from Saudi Arabia and Israel! They then suggest …..that Greece and the empire…. will work together to counter terrorist threats

      Only a White Supremacist country like the United States…would think that the people of Greece are so inferior and stupid like their government stooges to ignore the fact ….the the greatest Terrorist threat to the people of Greece and Cyprus….is Turkey!

      Who else would have the chops but degenerate lunatics …to provide the number 1 terrorist threat to Greece and Cyprus, and even more than ISIS, with the weapons needed to continue to terrorize the citizens of Greece and Cyprus!

      Mr. Pyatt …. reflects the total disdain for Greece as a sovereign nation… because, it does not matter to an aristocate from thousands of miles away…as to the enemies and threats to Greece really are….because the only concern for Mr Pyatt is whether Greece is complying againsts the enemies of America!

      And Mr. Pyatt…like a true member of an organised crime family running a protection racket… prepared to protect Greece against all those dangerous people out there….but of course, will continue to make them more dangerous!

      You had it right John….. good relations with Russia and the United States would not only eliminate Edrogan leverage to manipulate both countries to compete for the strategic compliance of Turkey to one or the other, but would eliminate the same manipulation by the Aristocracies who run the Nato countries create havoc for there personal retention of control and power over their government!

      Pretty simple…and something Donald Trump… proclaimed as one of his goals, along with stopping the regime change policies of the Swamp, or Aristocratic elitist who have hijacked the U.S. Government to impose their policies towards their Global domination of the world!
      Unfortunately, what is in the best interests of Greece and humanity….is not in the interests of who I have described …DEGENERATE FREAKS! Only Freaks loaded with money…could ignore the benefits to the common man …with good relations wtih Russia! The propaganda campaigns against Russia…ever since he did the unthinkable …when he spoke the word …good relations with Russia!
      Can you imagine that….how could we sell a 1 trillion dollar expenditure to make bigger and more horrific Nuclear weapons, while we threaten war with North Korea and Iran if they develope Nuclear weapons! How do we …..impose our Global plans to take over the sovereignty of every independent country of the world….and make their governments answer to our interests, like Greece and Cyprus!

      They need Russia as a boogeyman….to force Greece and the rest of Europe …to sign over their control of their governments! Like Peter Pam and Captain Hook…they really need each other …. because how else, can they run their protection racket…which requires enormous amount of Money…..which the Aristocrates are more than capable of providing

      Michael Gianakos

      Mr. Pyatt ….in investing in Europe and Greece…….is that you will be investing in the political leaders and representatives of Greece, which have already demonstrated….that they are already on the Payroll!

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