State Department on Agreement on Macedonia Name Issue

FILE- In this Wednesday, Oct, 8, 2014 file photo, a modern bronze statue of Alexander the Great stands under the cloudy sky of the northern port city of Thessaloniki, Greece. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris, File)

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of State released the following statement on Greece-Fyrom agreement on name issue:

“The United States congratulates Prime Ministers Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev and welcomes the historic agreement to resolve the name dispute. This resolution will benefit both countries and bolster regional security and prosperity. Prime Ministers Zaev and Tsipras demonstrated vision, courage, and persistence in their pursuit of a mutually acceptable solution. We also commend the commitment of UN mediator Matthew Nimetz for his steadfast efforts over more than two decades to end this dispute.

We stand ready to support this agreement, as requested by the two countries.”


  1. Lets be honest, America wants Skopje in the EU, NATO, to sell weapons and abate russian influence not because of a name..independent states are harder to control than ones with alliances and forced participation, is Skopje ready to spend 2% of its GDP on NATO weapons every year? Plus EU dues…holding others to the fire as they turn over every last penny…good luck..oh of course now as EU members they can freely walk over the greek border and work and live or anyother EU country..great deal for them bad for Greece as always…

  2. As an American….. the state department of the United States …..does not represent the citizens of America, just like Mr. Tsipras, does not represent the citizens of Greece…. 78% of all Americans based on the reputable Gallup Research surveys ….consider their government corrupt thru and thru! Additionally, the same organization surveyed the countries of the world….and declared the Greatest Threat to world Peace in the World…is the United States of America! Not Russia…who is not even in the top 10 threats, but has been used by the empire to build their control of Europe and Greece….by imposing a Protection Racket….which allows them to even occupy countries of Europe ….like Poland, not in any imminent threat of Russia invading them ….but to maintain the compliance of the hand selected ruling party of Poland!
    If you need…proof of this ….just google up ….Victoria Nuland….former state department diplomat, and view ‘you tube’ featured presentation….on how another project in removing the elected leaders of the Ukraine, and hand selecting who will be running the government of the Ukraine…and be required to comply with the interests of Nato…in order to maintain their positions of Power!

    You should understand….this same Victoria Nuland….was the head of the U.S. envoy negotiating the conditions for the reunification of Cyprus with their Turkish counterparts, which would have retained Turkish troops in Northern Cyprus…and changed the constitution of Cyprus!

    What the polls support….is that the actions of the State department , including the waging of wars thruout the MIddle East, funded thru the rape of the treasury of the people of United States which includes representing the interests of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel …and backed by the financial benefactors of those countries are illegitimate, and without the support of the people!

    The only legitimacy for this corrupt government ….is strictly derived by the corrupt media and newspaper , who also answer to the same financial benefactors of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel!

    Therefore, Mr. Tsipras and his ruling party, in ignoring the wishes of the people of Greece…to demand the removal of Macedonia from the FRYOM, has demonstrated again that he does not answer to the people of Greece, but to Victoria Nuland and Nato!

    Just think…. while allowing the theft of the Macedonian Name and culture in order to accomodate Nato and EU …interests, he has complied with Nato requests to ….provide Greek air force protection of the airspace of Montenegro… …. the recently inducted new member of the Organizaed Crime family called Nato!
    Mr. Tsipras…cannot bring himself to respond to the air space violations of Greece by Turkey…but is compliant to protecting the skies of Montenegro , as a member of Nato!

    The response to the State Department of the United States is simple….who cares what you or the masters in Belgium think. about the agreement you cheer for…. only the citizens of Greece matter…and they are not cheering!

    Tell the State Department of the United States…..that just maybe, and hopefully… they will be demanding the removal of Greece from Nato and the Eu…which real Greeks know….they don’t need and will never allow them to regain their sovereignty needed to serve and grow their country!

    Michael Gianakos

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