As Archdiocese’s Woes Spill Over, Beware of Rabble-Rousers

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

The crisis in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, which has become manifest over the past year, appears to havereached a climax. With Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew reportedly asking Archbishop Demetrios to submit his resignation, the Greek-American community and Hellenism worldwide – considering the importance of this eparchy – awaits to see how the final act of this drama will play out and what the future will hold.

After the archbishop seemingly refused the patriarch’s request, stating that he wanted to stay …

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  1. “The dysfunctionality facing the Archdiocese today is chiefly homegrown and has nothing to do with its status as an eparchy of the Great Church of Christ in Constantinople. In all likelihood, today’s issues would remain the same or perhaps be even worse if the Archdiocese was autocephalous.”

    I vociferously disagree with that assessment. Let not forget that it was the EP that forced the resignation of Archbishop Iakovos, sent the eparchy into chaos with Spyridon, and split the unified archdoicese into Metropolis’ which do not report to the Archbishop. The EP set into motion all the parts of our current crisis.

    1. 2nd Generation is 100% correct. The “green” EP was green with envy at the end of the Iakovos era, and imposed on us a structure that would ensure lack of cohesion and unity- and insure that there would be another Iakovos.

      It compounded matters by putting incompetent yes-men like Evangelos into high church office.

      Demetrios has his faults and deserves some share in the blame, but the greatest blame lies with the EP and the hierarchy who surround him in Istanbul, desperately fearing the loss of their cash cow.

      Did not the current EP very recently bless Turkish tanks and troops, the same ones who illegally occupy Cyprus, in their illegal invasion and occupation of part of north Syria against America’s allies, the Kurds?
      This alone should tell you why America deserves and needs an autocephalous Church.

  2. 2nd Generation is 100% right, the EP created this mess. He did it to divide and conquer. To retain his power and have a strangle hold on Greek Americans. The Ephraimites have taken advantage of a weaken institution to suck the life out of it. Meanwhile the apologists for the Archbishop will defend him until no one is left in our Parishes. It makes me physically ill to hear the courtiers say things like “I am only here working for the Church to protect the Archbishop”. Oh please! We have people in leadership roles who think Orthodoxy is a cult of personality. Whether its Elder Ephraim or the Archbishop, the Church and our Savior Jesus Christ are lost in their translation of Orthodoxy.

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