Summer Fun for Kids at the National Archaeological Museum

FILE - Visitors sit at the entrance of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

ATHENS – Greece’s National Archaeological Museum is launching a summer programme with special free activities for younger visitors, who are invited to explore the past while engaging their imagination and creativity in free workshops held every Wednesday, from June 20 until July 18.

According to a museum announcement, the specially designed educational activities will allow the children to create their own work of art, inspired by the museum’s exhibits.

The workshops on June 20 and June 27 are designed for children aged four to six, who must be accompanied by an adult. Entitled “My name is Phrasikleia”, they are structured on the archaic statue of a kore statue erected on the grave of a girl called Phrasikleia that is part of the Museum’s sculpture collection. The children, with their carer, will learn about the statue’s discovery and the story behind it from an archaeologist. They will then participate in efforts to “recreate” Phrasikleia through play-acting and artwork.

The one-hour workshops will be held at 11:00-12:00 and at 12:00-13:00, with the participation of up to 10 children and 10 adults.

On July 4 and July 11, the museum is planning activities for older kids aged seven to nine, while the last workshop on July 18 will be for children between 10-12 years old. Entitled “Cup, my cup…I find you in the museum,” they will also include a discussion and art workshop.

The children will learn about the cups and drinking vessels used in ancient times, with the guidance of a museum archaeologist, visit the vase and small objects collection, collect information about the exhibits and handle replicas of ancient drinking vessels. They will then take part in a crafts workshop where they will try to make their own paper vessel, inspired by the exhibits.

The workshops will take place from 11:00-12:30, with spaces for up to 25 children per session.
All activities are free of charge, while it is necessary to phone and book in advance. Bookings will start on June 13 at the phone numbers 213 214 4856, -4858, -4866, -4893.