End the Love Affair with Turkey

FILE - Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in full military combat uniform, waves from a helicopter as he visits Turkish troops at Ogulpinar border gate with Syria, near Reyhanli, Hatay, Turkey, Sunday, April 1 2018. (Kayhan Ozer/Pool Photo via AP)

The United States has had a strategic love affair with Turkey since the Korean War that led both sides to bad conclusions and unreasonable expectations.Even at the highest levels of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, we have a tendency to idealize certain allies.We did something similar with the Shah in Iran.We got played in both cases and in Iran it turned out badly for both us and the Shah.

Turkey parlayed an overhyped participation in the Korean War into an American …

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    1. Asta, that statement is so true. However, the source was Spanish philosopher George Santayana.

      My correction is important here because Arnold J Toynbee is hardly worthy of any admiration from the Greek diaspora. Toynbee was among those British writers who worked hard in that tragic year of 1922 to create support for Turkey.

  1. You have to give TNH credit….they go to no ends….to provide the readers of their newspaper with the best stories money can buy….and written by columnist whose record of service to the United States Foreign Service is fully respected and without question true! Is their no one better…..than Mr. Patrick Theros, the former U.S. ambassador to just one of the Middle East’s most notorious human rights abusers and state sponsor of Sunni Muslim terrorist brigades like ISIS, Al Queda, Al Nustra, and the remaining U.S. coalition of remnants from these defeated Sunni Muslim brigades who currently occupy illegal part of the territory of Syria , under the protection of another criminal invader of Syria….the United States who just recently told the Syrian Government that they will be attacked if they try to liberate the remaining occupied areas of Syria!

    NOW, I didn’t say this….but another love of America’s elitist degenerates…the monarchy of Saudi Arabia….co champion of human rights abuses and state sponsor of terrorism, where “Freedom of Religion does not Exist”

    TNH….has again with great integrity…..gone right to one of the architects and promoter of the foreign policy of the U.S. government in the Middle Easts for the last 54 years, and certainly can tell us, how our enemies list is developed…and why we so easily fall in and out of love with the countries of the world!

    There is no better Greek American in the world ….. than Mr. Theros …to apologize for the foreign policy mistakes and blunders of the United States…..and how the it was the people of the Middle East had taken advantage of the ” exceptionalism”s of the principles of the United States, and” played” our leaders of the in making wrong decisions.
    Just look at the resume of Mr. Theros……as highlighted in his website…

    Ambassador Patrick Nickolas Theros retired as President of the US-Qatar Business Council July 31, 2017. He had joined the Council in March 2000 after a 36-year career in the United States Foreign Service.

    Ambassador Theros joined the Foreign Service in 1963 and, prior to his appointment as Ambassador to the State of Qatar in 1995, served in a variety of positions including Political Advisor to the Commander in Chief Central Command; Deputy Chief of Mission and Political Officer in Amman; and Charge d’affaires and Deputy Chief of Mission in Abu Dhabi; Economic and Commercial Counselor in Damascus.

    He also served as the Director of Politico-Military Affairs at the US Department of State and later as Political Advisor to the Commander in Chief of US Central Command as well as earlier assignments in Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua and Lebanon.

    Before his appointment to Qatar in 1995, Ambassador Theros served as Deputy Coordinator for Counterterrorism, responsible for the coordination of all U.S. Government counterterrorism activities outside the United States. He currently manages Theros & Theros, LLP a boutique consulting firm which advises clients in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. He also serves as Strategic Advisor to the Gulf International Forum, a newly-created DC think tank with a mission to bring a credible and unbiased discussion of issues pertaining to the Gulf Region to Washington.

    Mr. Theros is still advising and providing thru his personal think tank ….an unbiased roadmap for the Middle East and continuing his foreign service to the United states….hence, he joins C.I.A and former state department agents on places like CNN…now called the CIA News Network… whose only job is to tell the American public who our enemies are…..and promote the next interest of the Global empire!

    To this end, we have already heard his mantra in previous articles ….about how we have made Syria…. a satellite of Russia, because we allowed Russia to intervene and support the legitimate government of Syria in fighting international Sunni Muslim brigades sponsored by the U.S. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Turkey to overthrow the most tolerant Islamic country to religious freedoms in the entire world…which interrupted their plans in the Middle East …to overthrow any government , not compliant to handing over their sovereignty and resources to the United States, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and United Kingdom!

    However, what he didn’t state….that this was upsetting to him….because Syria was supposed to be another satellite of the United States. Importantly, He didn;t state that they are still illegally….building bases in Syria..in order to partition territory of Syria …. and establish a new republic…like the Fyrom of Yugoslavia…and then they will have their satellite in Syria!

    He now confesses… and suggests that the U.S. has been victimized by their good intentions, by the same governments they installed illegally in places like Iran…in which their Shah puppet, was not representing the interests of the people of Iran…but the billionaire owners of the Aristocracy….that has always been running the United States. In other words….don’t blame him and his degenerates in our government for the deaths of 31/2 million people in the Middle east…for the foreign policies he executed …in his service to his country.

    Don’t blame Mr. Theros and the corrupt government of the United States for the bombing and murder of civilians in 12 countries right now…..including the poorest country in the world Yemen ….with Mr. Theros friends in Saudi Arabia!

    Don’t blame Mr. Theros and the corrupt government of the United States for selling a myth …that they could legitimately invade all countries in the world …..because of a so called “War on Terrorism”, when the only outcome has been the assassination and overthrow of the leaders and their governments in 5 countries of the Middle East , and looking to add Syria and Iran!

    Don’t blame Mr. Theros and his foreign service…for the displacement of millions of refugees overwhelming the countries of Europe from the Middle East , due to the policies of the United States!

    Don’t blame Mr. Theros and his foreign service…for creating an old love of his….. Turkey…who had committed genocide against Greek Cypriots in Northern Cyprus…and rewarded them by providing them with the lethal armament needed to invade Syria and Iraq to purchase oil from ISIS controlled areas of those countries, shoot down Russia fighters fighting ISIS in Syria, threaten Greece and Cyprus, and murder journalist, who reported all the aformentioned!

    No, he was fooled, and taken advantage of ….. and he will not tolerate….that Turkey has violated the only thing that could destroy …..this love affair with him and the U.S. government….they actually took back their sovereignty to represent their interests…..like buying not missiles from a U.S. contractor, but from a Russian Contractor, and by exercising their intentions to attack their “Enemies”, who are part of the illegal U.S. coalition proxy army…who are occupying the last part of Syria….which the Syrian government forces are attempting to liberate and return to the people of Syria!

    The problem for Mr. Theros…is that every time he writes these type of articles…he is simply making himself indictable for Crimes against Humanity and war crimes…since, he has just confessed….he and this government has raped the treasury of the United States to create hostile environments, which have lead to the destruction of the Middle East. This guy…is a walking time bomb….as ambassador to Qatar….did he not speak up….and advise the UN and the U.S. government …..that Qatar was a supporter of Terrorism?

    He is further indicted by non-other than the former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of Nato….General Wesley Clark……..who served at the same time ….Mr. Theros was ambassador to Qatar.

    In 2006, as a possible candidate for President of the United States….General Clark revealed that prior to the Iraq war….he was advised and provided classified document which revealed plans to overthrow the governments of the Middle East…and included over the next 7 years….the following countries Iraq, libya, Syria, Somalia, Lebanon, Sudan/Africa, and wraping up with IRAN! Looks like this was part of Mr. Theros plans with the degenerates who run the Pentagon and the United States government! Now , if you don’t believe me….then google up General Wesley Clark …and the You Tube featured interview with General Clark who shocks the entire audience and viewing public. To date….no one has been held accountable for this criminal destruction of the Middle East….and the lies that Mr. Theros and the Bush Gang layed out in the beginning of the Iraq war!

    Mr. Theros….the next article you and TNH should collaborate on… is .how Greece and the rest of the world …should end their love affair with a degenerate group of Globalist in our government….who represent the perfect storm of Tyranny….Marxism and Fascism! Maybe TNH….will actually for once represent the little people of the world ….not their aristocratic benefactors and fraudulent Greek American Secret society members!

    Michael Gianakos

  2. No one doubt the turks can fight if well led and stubborn defenders but as this article shows, brutally as we Greeks know.
    Mind u the British in iraq Subject Iraq looters,many young boys, to sexual abuse and harrasment..
    But then being in Bulgaria in 1870s the bashi -bashooks, or irregulars, combined both admirably. TURKS WILL BE TURKS.

  3. I met a lot of US generals in the 1980s who had served in Korea.
    They didn’t echo the stories we all heard in yiayialand.
    Instead, they viewed Greeks as cantankerous buffoons who stood in the way of their alliance with Turkey.
    Mind you, this is equally true of India vs Pakistan and Israel vs Saudi.
    The military was pro moslem, but the diplomats liked the Greeks,Jews and India.

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