Despite Turkish Troubles, Cyprus Not Keen on Joining NATO

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With Turkish warships off the coast trying to block foreign energy ships from reaching waters where they are licensed to drill for oil and gas, Cyprus still isn’t interested in joining NATO – where Turkey is a member.

Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides said Cyprus is not seeking membership into NATO or Partnership for Peace because feels comfortable with the security and defense provided by being a member of the European Union that Turkey wants to join.

While offering words of encouragement, however, the EU – unlike NATO – has no joint military force and can only issue press releases against Turkey, which it has done over the warships issue at the same praising President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for signing a refugee and migrant swap deal although he continues let human traffickers send them to Greece.

He said there had been talk of NATO with Greek-American groups pushing Congress to lift a 26-year-old arms embargo on Cyprus imposed by the United States, said Kathimerini.

Turkey has essentially ignored it and keeps an army on the occupied northern third it seized in an unlawful 1974 invasion – with the implicit support of the US, critics said.

US Sen. Bob Menendez, (D-N.J.) who has strong ties to Greek-American groups, introduced a bill last month that would end the arms embargo, citing small impact on US national security but potentially pushing Cyprus closer to Russia.

A month earlier, Cypriot Defense Minister Savvas Angelides spoke to US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy Thomas Goffus on the possibility of lifting the US embargo on the sale of military weapons.

Christodoulides though said NATO is not on the table for Cyprus. “This conversation has to do with bilateral relations between our country and the USA and it is in no way linked to NATO or the Partnership,” the foreign minister said, the paper reported.


  1. The only issue……..for Foreign Minister Christodoulides of Cyprus is not in joining Nato…..but in getting Nato out of Cyprus ….and that includes Nato colonialist United Kingdom, and war crimes and genocidal murderer Nato Turkey!

    Cyprus has been Annexed by Nato ….and in control of the government of Cyprus, since, 1974, in order to preserve their control and sovereignty of Cyprus to act as a military base for Nato…..which both Turkey and Britain have demonstrated in launching War crimes bombing from the territories of Cyprus of Middle Eastern countries, including Syria, Iraq, libya, Yemen etc etc. Yet the consequences to the people of Cyprus… potential retaliation by those countries and their allies being attacked by Nato forces from Cyprus….has been criminally negligent and represent acts of treason, in failing to stop these operations of Nato, and in enforcing their number one responsibility to the people of Cyprus or any sovereign country…. preserving the peace and security of the Cypriot people! Their response has been to these launching of criminal war bombings….is to plead ignorance….and then have the Wack Job from Britain …Mrs. May…..assure the people of Cyprus…..that their actions represented no threat to the people of Cyprus! The queen of white supremacist former colonialist of Cyprus….. speaks in behalf of the government of Cyprus and their aristocratic supporters!

    Their is no need to formally make Cyprus a member of Nato…..they will continue to be an undeclared member of Nato….as long as they allow Nato members Turkey and United Kingdom to continue to operate in meeting the objectives of Nato, which used to be defensive, and now has changed to be offensive , as witnessed , since , they changed the charter of Nato! Importantly, the United States who runs Nato….is only interested in maintaining an adversarial relationship with any country like Russia, China, Iran, etc etc. who has not surrendered their economic, political , and military sovereignty to them! And that is what Nato now represents…merely servants to the interest of the United States to thwart opposition to their selected enemies, not those of the world! That is why ….the mecca of integrity and honor….. Senator Menendez…who is portrayed as member of some of our fraudulent secret Greek societies,, but for that is a member of just about every other ethnic or religious organizations in New Jersey to buy a vote…has used the argument that the United states should end an arms embargo of Cyprus by the United States…..and get this …..because it could thwart’ Russian influence’ in Cyprus! To my knowledge…their is no arms embargo against Nato member Turkey for commiting genocide of ethnic Greek Cypriot in Northern Cyprus, and where, their are 3 UN resolutions demanding the removal of all foreign troops from Cyprus.

    Today, U.S. relationships with Europe and the world are being destroyed by the degenerates war mongers and Sadist who have taken over the government of the United States. Today, the U.S is like a good fascist ,using their economic power to attempt to force Nato member Germany to terminate a Gas Pipeline contract with Russia, which will bring cheaper gas and oil to EU countries ….because it will allow Russia to have influence in Europe….and it would be a threat to Nato! What they don’t mention….that it would be a violation of International laws….and provide U.S. oil distributors as the alternative, at a much higher price!

    Just recently, U.S diplomat from the United States….has supported Nato Member Turkey’s demands that any oil and gas revenues produced from the waters of Cyprus, must be shared with the Turkish occupied land of Cyprus, which was annexed in 1974, and resulted in the ethnic and religious cleansing of Greek Cypriots from Northern Cyprus! Outrageously, the government of Cyprus has allegedly agreed to this! Congratulations to the the foreign minister of Cyprus…..he has joined the United States in recognizing the legitimacy of the NORTHERN REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS, and all rights, which no one has recognized since its establishment and occupation by Nato member Turkey in 1974.

    And it just doesn’t get any better than this….. now they tell the people of Cyprus, that the undeclared member of Nato….will rely on their EU membership to protect their sovereignty, security and defense interests in the face of Turkish warships in their waters threatening their oil and gas interests!

    Really, Mr. Foreign Minister….what happened to guarantors of the sovereignty of Cyprus….which is highlighted in the constitution of Cyprus….you know…the one that stated that the United Kingdom and Greece were accountable for the sovereignty and protection of the people of Cyprus! Why are they not….sending armada’s of Naval battleships to the waters of Cyprus to protect the rights and sovereignty of Cyprus ….the legitimate country of Cyprus, which is being invaded again by the fascist regime of Nato member Turkey! Why is the foreign Minister of Cyprus…not demanding the complete closing of Nato Member British bases in Cyprus for not only the breech of the 1960 agreement, in not defending the Greek Cypriots of Northern Cyprus in the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey in 1974, but now allowing territorial violation of the waters of Cyprus by Turkey!

    Why are the people of Cyprus, not their Aristocratic collaborators with the Government, demanding the removal of there government for dereliction and negligence in preserving the security and peace of their country, and in not enforcing a constitutional requirement to expect the guarantors of that constitution to fulfill their obligations! Instead , the ruling party of Cyprus allows them to maintain a military base….which was the price the founders of the country of Cyprus had to pay to gain their constitutional independence, and why they accepted an arms embargo, which left them defenseless, and under the protection of the Nato countries! Either the British comply with the terms of the 1960 constitution, and protect the interests of Cyprus, or remove themselves from Cyprus ….it is that simple!

    Finally, this is what the people of Cyprus should do ….

    Hold new elections to remove the current ruling party….and tell the new foreign minister….

    1. We should officially become Members of Nato…under the following conditions:

    Nato…. will remove Turkey from Northern Cyprus…and full reunification of Cyprus is to be initiated! As a member of Nato….Cyprus will be provided with all equivalent Military and communications rights afforded to all Nato members. To this end…their is no need for any Permanent military bases for foreign countries in Cyprus!

    Nato….if failing to comply with these conditions, will be required to remove Nato member Britain from bases in Britain, since, they have breeched the terms of the constitution of Cyprus, and failing to fulfill their requirements of the constitution, and are not members of the EU Alliance, and therefore, have defaulted on any rights to any territory in Cyprus!

    The final option is relatively simple….if you are going to be be ruled by Nato…you might as well demand a referendum by the people of Cyprus, not the Aristocrates, who love the status quo, to join not Nato independently….but Greece! This is the reality…. and in the interests of Greek Cypriots of Cyprus! Greece is a member of the EU, and Nato, which the current occupiers United Kingdom and Turkey are not!

    It is clear …..that some sort of consolidation is needed…the sharks are swarming around Cyprus…all looking to get a piece of the country of Cyprus…and that includes political and economic control from foreign countries, and right not the ruling party of Cyprus have been willing servants!

    Michael Gianakos

  2. I like your recommendations Michael and if Nato and Great Britain bit the bait it would be a win win for Cyprus and even Greece. I think if Erdogan gets any crazier and begins to really annoy the west more so than his usual antics that it might be a good time for Cyprus to put that on the table.

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