The Demetrios Doctrine: “Let It Burn”

FILE - Archbishop Demetrios with Patriarch Bartholomew in a previous meeting at the Theological School of Halki. (Photo by GOA/Dimitrios Panagos)

If there was ever any doubt that the ecclesiastical leadership we have is at this point unworthy of the Greek community, it was confirmed this past week in a tragic way. He put his selfishness and his interest above the interest of his flock and the people who chose him to lead our church almost 20 years ago.

Unfortunately – and we write this with regret – that is what Archbishop Demetrios has done at least since The National Herald broke …

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  1. Perhaps the Patriarch is trying to be respectful of the Archbishop’s age and past interactions… It’s harsh to fire a 90 year old, grandfatherly figure who is well liked, despite the obvious problems here.

    1. ggeorgou – I agree with you, it is “harsh” to fire the primate and geronta of the Greek Orthodox church of America – we do not need anymore negative headlines in the New York Post. However, he should accept responsibility and apologize to the Greek American faithful for the horrendous predicament our beloved Orthodox Church is in (afterall it is he that micro-managed every aspect of the day to day operations of the Archdiocese and HCHC for twenty years). Then he should resign with the humility of a Christian man and allow the recovery process to begin. We will thrive in the future.

    2. Michael I agree with most of what you say. But the EP shares responsibility for this mess. It deliberately creates an ungovernable structure to ensure there would never be another Archbishop Iakovos. Combine the more powerful roles of the Metropolitans with the weak men put in the jobs and you had a recipe from day one.

  2. Before His Eminence resigns or retires, he should set the record straight regarding the statements made by the Archdiocesan Executive board and the Bishop accusing dedicated individuals of wrong doing. The Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the Archdiocesan Council should be removed for their lies,. accusations and the path of destruction they caused our church.

    The Bishop should be reprimanded for NOT following the rules regulations regarding the GOA sexual misconduct policy. The CFO who also wears a collar should be removed for producing inaccurate, false financial reports. He along with the Executive board Treasurer distributed misinformation to the press which has caused this embarrassment and chaos to our Church.

    Let us converge on Boston with one common goals; to insist on the truth, to insist this board be removed, to insist the sexual misconduct rules be enforced and those clergy who are part of a cover up of the collar be defrocked, to insist they apologize for the damage they created and to band together as faithful Greek Orthodox Christians to move forward for our Church.

    1. Anonymous is completely correct…..removing his eminence….may provide a worthy scapegoat of “alleged” incompetence by those who contributed to the incompetence and who were responsible for managing the operations of the Archdiocese , but it does not eliminate those who will still be in position to manage the operations of the Archdiocese with a new leader in the future!

      Only corrupt organizations thru and thru….. allow inappropriate conduct and actions, if proven! Only gross negligence and dereliction of responsibilities of a corrupt and incompetent organization can tell us…if any of them ever fulfilled their obligations to advise and bring information to his eminence, that their were deviations and liabilities in the execution of the financial management and budget of the Archdiocese?

      Unfortunately, while TNH gloats over its breaking of this church scandal by his eminence….they should not gloat over their lack of transparency in providing a balanced look at who should also be held accountable for any alleged inappropriate actions of his Eminence!

      Thank you , Anonymous, it is refreshing to identify that the leaders of the vigilante group….may also have to answer some questions!

      Michael Gianakos

    2. I agree with what you say, about accountability, rules, etc., and especially about forcing the powers that be to listen to the laity at the CLC in Boston. But, don’t count on any of that happening because the bishops, from the EP on down appear not to care that the laity is scandalized, hurt, angry, disappointed, etc. Need I go on?.

  3. You all make good points but one thing I can say is that we are the last generation interested enough in fixing this problem. My 3 sons are all involved in the church and very concerned for its well being but if they get turned off by a swamp that is as deep as this one has become they will probably walk away rather than fight for changes. We as a community have to act now because I know for a fact that we have lost so many faithfull, I see it in the empty churches on sundays in my Metropolis in NJ. How will be able to sustain HCHC or St. Nicholas? Our own community of St. Andrews needs expensive infrastructure repairs. The big donors who gave without asking questions have passed away and the other ones are giving to other institutions outside our community.

  4. Where is the investigation and explanation regarding the Price Waterhouse audit; specifically the removal of $500,000 for St. Nicholas Shrine fundraising expenses? Was this deliberately rerouted out of concern for Father Karloutsos who is accountable for fundraising and their expenses? Why have we not heard from the Archdiocesan Executive Board? They continuously throughout this new administration declared we would have full transparency. Why are they not crying foul? Were these expenses rerouted in order to be spared from full disclosure? How can St. Nicholas expenses not be earmarked to St. Nicholas? Is this the new meaning of full transparency?
    Who made this decision to remove the expenses? Welcome to 2018 the new administration and their way of full disclosure. This is a serious matter that should not be overlooked and ignored.

    1. Fr. Alex Karloutsos raised millions of dollars for St. Nicholas. But he had nothing to do with spending the money. That came from the Archdiocese. Money didn’t move around by itself. There has to be either hard copy or electronic records of who transferred what to where. If that is not part of the Price Waterhouse investigation then the company just didn’t do its job. The money was used by the Archdiocese. It is highly doubtful that Fr. Karloutsos allowed money to move from the St. Nicholas fund to the Archdiocese, much less do it himself.

    2. Raised millions and spent hundreds of thousands on fundraising with sole authority to do so. The point above as I read it is another level of collar control. The lay people give, the collar takes.
      Time to put an end to all these farces.

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