9th Athens’ Avant-Garde Cinema Festival Returns

ATHENS – The Athens’ Avant-Garde Cinema Festival, the favorite institution of the Greek Film Archive, is returning after four years of absence.

The 9th Athens’ Avant-Garde Cinema Festival will take place from October 18 to October 28 at the Film Archive, offering many surprises and aspiring to bring out what is the freshest and most pioneering of today’s world cinema.

The festival is preparing an extensive tribute to the work of leading American filmmaker Mark Rappaport, known mainly for his unconventional film essays “Rock Hudson’s Home Movies” (1992) and “From the Journals of Jean Seberg” (1995).

On the occasion of the election of Eleusis as a cultural capital for 2021, the Greek Film Archive is also organising a tribute to initiation ceremonies within the framework of the festival.