Letter from Athens: Attack on Thessaloniki Mayor Shows Hate Rising in Greece

Man arrested on charges of beating Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris escorted by the police at the court, May 23, 2018. (MotionTeam/Vasilis Ververidis)

Let’s start with the obvious: the cretinous, subhuman sludge primordial ooze of extreme-right wing thugs who en masse – these cowards never confront you one-on-one – attacked and beat Thessaloniki’s Socialist Mayor Yiannis Boutaris at a rally commemorating those killed in the Pontic Genocide, a World War I-era attack on ethnic Greeks living in Anatolia, should be tossed in jail and the keys thrown away.

Of course, …

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  1. Right Wing? None wore masks like Rubicon or other motorcycle helmet wearing lazy Greek spoiled kids, But a few were arrested unlike Rubicon or left wing thugs as you would say. Yes the Astynomia as usual are to blame..not providing protection, as I disagree with the mayor he has done nothing but get his ears pierced, I do not want violence or attacks against any Greek politician as that shows what a 3rd world country greece really is, Yes arrest prosecute jail whatever the law says…Just now apply it to everyone in greece not just to opposition to whatever political party or theology is in power at the moment, left, right, center. Break the law go to jail…Syriza Encourages Lawlessness, as do other Greek parties GD for example.. Arrest them all.

  2. He is correct that the law should apply to all but unless you think the attackers were anarchists – they wear hoods, not fanny packs like one of the thugs here – the bile they were spouting shows their sentiments

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