Edgemont School Festival of Nations Features Greece in Scarsdale

Dr. Dimitra Robokos at the Edgemont School Festival of Nations. Photo by Tina Robokos

SCARSDALE, NY – Edgemont School held its Festival of Nations on May 18 with children from two elementary schools and the high school participating and their families and friends in attendance. The event included presentations about the various countries, including Greece, highlighted by objects and artifacts. Prizes were also presented to the children.

Dr. Dimitra Robokos told The National Herald, “I must say that Greece was the biggest hit for the children and families. We had all sorts of donations for Greek goods and the children had pretend passports that they were getting stamped that said ‘Admitted to Greece.’ They loved it.”

“We felt very proud to show the community in Scarsdale, NY how important Greece is to us,” she noted, adding that “Bill Livanos from the Molyvos restaurant group was kind enough to donate Greek food for the event.”

Robokos was one of the coordinators for the Greece presentation along with Eleni Angelos.

The Festival of Nations included the presentation on Greece. Photo by Tina Robokos

The National Herald was also featured in the presentation on Greece with copies of the Greek and English editions displayed prominently for attendees to peruse.

Among the 23 countries also presented were Albania, Argentina, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Georgia, India, Ireland, Israel, and Italy.

The mission statement read: “Our country is built on the strength of its numerous cultures and ethnicities. The Committee’s mission is to promote respect, awareness, and understanding of the many countries in our world. Our goal is to unveil the beauty of how our backgrounds, traditions, and differences unite to form our community and our country at large.”

The Festival Committee Chairs were Yasmin Pacia, Juliet Coulthard, and Winnie Cheng.

Dr. Dimitra Robokos at the Edgemont School Festival of Nations. Photo by Tina Robokos
The children at Edgemont School having their “passports” stamped for Greece at the Festival of Nations. Photo by Tina Robokos